Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Christmas Shopping With Deanna & Beverly

I'm here again, using the Cappy's Journal to write the events of the day, Aren't I wicked? Giggle.

Don't worry, you won't need to watch out for me. Bev is standing guard by the door. If the Cappy starts coming, she can delay him with a few sultry looks. It always throws him out of sync.

It was time to do some serious Christmas shopping with Bev. As Guinan was such a drag last time, we didn't want her along. She's such a namedropper, as she keeps mentioning all the people she's met over the last 600 years. Bor-ing!

Trisha Lewis and Jennifer Baxter wanted to come along, but Bev & I are both Commander rank. We can't be seen shopping with Ensigns. We do have our positions to consider, don't we?

We were going shopping mainly for presents for our men.

"That's what we want to do!" protested Trisha, "I want to get Geordi a cool new visor with flashing lights, and Jennifer wants to get a trendy new hairpiece for Data's head. It can grow into a ponytail when activated."

"Then you'll have to go by yourselves." said Bev flatly, "Us Commanders are off to the Starfleet Mall."

We arrive at D'Garth's Dresses.

"Let's in and get our dresses for the Enterprise Christmas Party." I suggest.

"I thought we were shopping for our men, Deanna?" replies Bev.

"We are; the dresses we buy will be appreciated by them." I say naughtily.

We break up in a fit of giggles. Aren't we just wicked?

After a couple of hours, we choose our dresses, and leave the exhausted salesman.

Bev goes into Ferengi Fishnets.

"I need something for the dress" she says, with a mischievous giggle.

That's my girl!

After sitting in the Starfleetbucks cafe, having some coffee, we carry on shopping; lots more to do yet!

We go into the Klingonborders bookshop. Bev gets 'The Bumper Book of Dramatic Quotes: a line for every occasion.'

"Jean-Luc will love this; he always wants to say something dramatic during those big occasions. This book will have a feast of over the top phrases."

Shh! Don't tell him she's bought that, will you? It's a surprise for the Cappy!

We next go in to Mbana's Music. There's something here that I want for Will.

I see a beautiful handcrafted trombone; it's gorgeous, and have it engraved, 'To Will, my one true love, Deanna.'

"What about Worf?" asks Bev quietly.

"He's our girly secret!" I sneakily say. Aren't I a naughty Counselor? Giggle!

We then head into Klingon Battlepower, the warfare shop.

The shopowner, Vborl, shows me a beautiful handcrafted bat'leth. I ask him to engrave in tiny writing, 'To Worf, my one true love, Deanna.'

Shhh! no telling now! Giggle!

After beaming our goods to the Enterprise, we go the Ferengi Bar. The only way to relax after intensive shopping is to drink quite a few Bajoran Brandies.

A few hours later, we stagger out, and beam up.


Bev is talking outside to the Cappy, giving him the charm, and saying how she looks forward to being at the party with him.

I finish this and will walk out to greet him. he won't notice after Bev has been chatting him up!

Ah, the power of us women!


Anonymous said...

all that giggling makes it seem like a trip to the mall with teenagers!

Master Yoda said...

Yes, wicked you are, Counselor.

Professor Xavier said...

Starfleetbucks! I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that there is one on every street corner and they serve various over-priced mocha flavored coffees. Am I right?

Vegeta said...

There all over the freakin'univere prof, Gah! One's in my Bathroom!

Ciera said...

Yeah - but there's none in my town! Must be I live in one of those corners farthest from the bright center of the universe. :P

Running2Ks said...

Oh, you bad bad girl! Bad girl!

And Bev, no better with the fishnets. Should make for an interesting party ;)

Private Hudson said...

Captain, I think that my invite got lost in the mail or something. You should see how good I look with my battle helmet and Dress Blue uniform. it would be game over -- for all the ladies!

Nic said...

Heehee, I've already had a sneak peak at the dresses. They're simply divine!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!

Trinity13 said...

Sorry, that last one was me!

M. C. Pearson said...

Starfleetbucks Cafe! LOL!

Lori said...

""Starfleetbucks cafe""

""Klingonborders bookshop""

That's pretty good!!!

Have a great day!!!

craziequeen said...

That cheered me up today, jl - but don't make a habit of leaving your office open..

[sneeze] got any cures for the common cold on Enterprise?

Shelley said...

Wow, how can I go on their next shopping trip! Sounds like a hoot! They are soooo sneaky those Commanders!

Jen said...

Shoot, I was going to wear MY fishnets and dress from D'Garths. Now I have to figure out another outfit...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Deanna and Beverly act like Officers usually, but on a shopping trip...

Starfleetbucks supply all the coffee for the Enterpise.

Ciera, they will soon set up in your town. The people will blame you for telling Starfleetbucks they were missed out.

CQ, the commom cold was cured long ago.

Jen, Beverly might be annoyed if you come in the same outfit. However, you can still wear fishnets. Hope you send an entry.

Private Hudson, you WERE invited. Thanks for your party entry with Jon.

Captain Berk said...

Shame on you Ms Troi!

You are going to break those mens hearts.

When you are done with them, come and see me.

You'll see how we used to do things in the old days....

Anonymous said...

Think you've really captured Deanna's voice here. lol. Naughty girl she is.

heather said...

apparently you made some changes to this, because this old post came up in my rss feed today. whatever the reason, HOT DAMN that was awesome. nice work, d!

Anonymous said...



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Elwyn said...

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