Saturday, June 09, 2012

TWQ: Suspicions

Apologies for the inactivity here lately. Things are still going on in the real world that is cramping everything up that I could well do without. Anyway, today, TWQ (the Weekend Question) will be looking at what makes you suspicious.

What actions by others makes you suspicious of them. List as many as you wish.

My answers are:

* A book or TV programme at proclaims 'everybody in the country loves it'. Such a statement is never true.

* A building contractor who, when asked why he doersn't have any recognised badges of authority says, "Oh anyone can buy those."

Now it's over to you...


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

sales calls

smiles, bee

Linda said...

I'm with Miss Bee - sales calls and commercials with something that sounds too good to be true because you know it's definitely not going to live up to its hype!

Oh, and dating sites as no one is ever who they say they are!