Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Emergency Command Hologram (Part Two)

Guest Poster: The Doctor

Anyone seeing my picture above will note a distinct difference. The red in it means I am now an Emergency Command Hologram, and can start being in control.

What has happened is that Picard and the other solids have to pass through a poison gas cloud in the Enterprise so that they can deliver medical supplies to Vasilon IV. They will all have to be placed in stasis pods for the journey. Even the android Data has to go in one. I'll be running the ship when that happens!


"Well, that's it, Doctor." Picard tells me as he stands next to his stasis pod, "Once I get in, you'll be in charge of the Enterprise. I'll see you on the other side of the gas cloud."

He jumps in, and looks and Beverly Crusher's pod. I think he wishes the pods were made for two. As it slides shut, the mist goes over, and the Captain falls asleep.

"Right." I say to myself, "Now we have a decent person running the ship, I'll make sure it's running properly.

I go up to the Bridge, and find the Captain's seat already occupied.

"Hiya, Doc." Vic Fontaine says cheerily, "How are things?"

"You're in my seat, Mr Fontaine!" I point out sharply, "I'm the Emergency Command Hologram. See the red uniform? It means I'm in charge. You're around in case I need anything doing. Is that clear?"

"Whoah, Doc." Fontaine replies, "Keep your hair on...I mean stay calm. I was just keeping the place running until you got here."

"All right." I tell him, "As long as you understand that."

"Yeah, sure. Boy, this voyage in the cloud is gonna seem like an eternity." he says to himself sarcastically.


We have been travelling a while in the poison cloud. I'm in the Captain's Chair, and Fontaine is on the Com. He starts humming I've Got You Under My Skin before eventually singing it.

"Do you mind?" I tell him, "You are getting under MY skin singing that. Kindly keep quiet!"

"And I'm supposed to keep quiet while you sing out The Toreador Song?" Fontaine answers, "Frankly I find opera very boring."

"BORING?" I say aghast, "Clearly when you were programmed, taste wasn't included. Opera is one of the most beautiful forms of..."

"Hold on!" interrupts Fontaine, "There is something on the sensors. An alien ship is approaching us in the poison gas cloud."

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Is it a snow plough?!

eastcoastlife said...

I find opera boring too and prefer a good karaoke session. haha....

Amanda said...

This pairing is going to be interesting!

The Curmudgeon said...

I wonder if the other ship will be under the control of holograms.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Celadon, we could have done with a few snowploughs on Monday.

Gordon said...

Maybe that other ship is the whole cause of the gas cloud, have ships fly through it, knock 'em out cold borrow ship...

Jaime said...

Stick to your guns, doc!