Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Captain's Holiday (Part 1)

Today is a great day! I've got the tickets for my vacation.

At last I'll be able to get away from an android who likes dressing up as Sherlock Holmes, a 600 year old bartender, a First Officer who like trying out my Chair whenever I'm not around, a Counselor who keeps trying to analyse me and a teenager who saves the ship every day.

On Saturday 18th, I'll beam down to the Earth country known as Portugal and spend 10 days there, in a small boat on the River Duomo. The Enterprise will be in dock for that time, so the Journal will be unattended until the first weekend of July.

It wasn't easy getting those tickets. I poured over all the brochures from the Intergalactic Travel Agents. At first, Rigel IV was the obvious choice, as it was a pleasure resort where a could relax and enjoy myself; until LaForge casually mentioned he was going there.

In the end, I settled for my home planet, where everything looked more familiar.

"It doesn't have a holodeck." the Agent sniffed.

"I don't want one." I insisted, "Just a place to relax."

"There are no shuttlecrafts for touring." he added.

"I don't want one!"

"There are no replicators"

"I want REAL food."

"There are no sonic showers"

"I just want water!"

"You seem easily pleased." said the Agent, "Don't you want to go anywhere beyond Eart, where you might see a few more interesting sights?"

"I'm a Starship Captain!"

"Oh, really?". He looked pityingly at me as if I was applying for a cheap and cheerful trip to the Jupiter Station, "Do you want two tickets?"

"No, it's just me"

Then I thought for a moment. Beverly. I wonder what she will be doing? She might be able to come.

"Make it two, in separate rooms"

I understand perfectly, sir." he said, with a sly wink.

This might turn out to be a very eventful vacation. I wonder if she'll go?


Trinity13 said...

Oh, how exciting for you! I hope Beverly plans on joining you(and maybe she will wear that short top to once again show off her pierced belly button)!

Nic said...

My dear Captain Picard, I am thrilled that you are going to be taking some time for yourself and get away from the ship and (most of) its inhabitants. I do hope that the charming Dr. Crusher joins you. And that she wears maybe a little less than the belly-button baring shirt. ;) You absence shall be felt in the blogspere by those of us who read your journal on a daily basis. Have fun!

I see you have chosen the WeatherPixie that looks most like Dr. Crusher. How nice!

Robin said...

Very exciting indeed! I hope she goes with. :)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Have a nice holiday. Earth is nice this time of year.

xtessa said...

we will be needing pictures of said vacation... i've been stuck in the delta quadrant for some time now, so a nice reminder of earth would be much appreciated!;)

j00|{z said...

Have fun in Portugal, captain. You really should post pictures. And as long as you're here, check out America as well. We're the only place on Earth that has the Detroit Institute of Arts!

Free to Be said...

If you're coming down here, can I come up there then? Like a exchange student or something?


BTW, don't come to Akron, you'll hate it!

Diego said...

Have fun on your holiday, Captain. I also hope that Beverly joins you, and that it's slightly less stressful than your holiday on Risa.

Jamie said...

Sure do wish I was Beverly right now...

Didn't she sing some song in the 70's?

Tee/Tracy said...

LOL. What a creative blog.

Have fun in Portugal. I'm so jealous!

True Jersey Girl said...

Please post pictures of Portugal - its one place I have always wanted to go, and haven't yet gone.

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your vacation! Sounds like you'll have lots of fun. ;) Pictures would be nice to see.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Trinity, I hope Beverly does, though I fear something will happen. Wait and see...

Nic, thanks for those wonderful words. I shall miss your sparkling words also. You are a good psychologist. I never realised my WeatherPixie looked like Beverly!

Xtessa, how can anybody get stuck in the Delta Quadrant? Even Kathryn Janeway couldn't do that...could she?

WookieHobbit, wish I could post pictures, but I do not have a digital camera or laptop.

Free To Be, an exchange student idea is a great idea. Thanks for the advice about Akron. It looked good in the Galactic Holiday Brochure.

Jamie, I know Beverly tap dances a lot.

Tee, thanks for your comments. Welcome to the Enterprise.

JerseyGirl, I'll get some pictures posted, but it might be a while as they are on film.

Queen, pictures are a great idea. I hadn't thought of it until you & JerseyGirl mentioned it.

Free to Be said...

Don't forget the strap and clips Jean-luc. Ya never know when you might need them!

Aayla Secura said...

Sounds exciting ;). I hope you have fun on your leave.

Anonymous said...

I've stayed on night in Lisbon and on week in Madeira, which I loved!! I recommend Madeira!

dddragon said...

Captain, just because you're going on an old-fashion, low-tech vacation doesn't mean that you can't upgrade your camera! And you can take pictures of more things than the landscape {wink}.

Have fun!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Free To Be, you have good advice there. I'll remember that.

Aayla, thanks for the good wishes.

Mrs Mogul, I stopped what Madiera while on a cruise liner. I went down the steep roads in those large baskets. I'm sure you've done that.

Ddragon, I like taking pictures of people as well.

Anonymous said...


But, well you made a good choice. It is quite nice. Try also the train from Regua to Porto.

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Anonymous said...

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