Monday, July 18, 2011

Return Of The Dolittles (Part One)

Guest Poster: Sheena

I've been on Tarsus VI for two months now, ever since adapting the role of Queen of The Jungle here. Formerly the baby daughter of Wesley Crusher and Karena, my growth and intelligence was boosted to that of a sixteen year old when I entered a mysterious obelisk. When I emerged, I found I could talk to all the animals here. The obelisk was left here by a strange race called the Dolittles. The animals have accepted my as their Queen, and I decided to stay here.


"What's the situation today, Mac?" I ask my trusted lieutenant.


"The usual troubles." the chimpanzee complains, "The lions won't talk to the cheetahs, the elephants want more food, the giraffes want taller trees...need I go on?"

"I understand, Mac." I reply. Over the last two months, I've made some great advancements, and solved so many problems that have gone on through generations of jungle life here on Tarsus VI. There are still some that require the care of a top level Starfleet diplomat. The ringleaders behave like old 20th century union organisers, who are demanding more for their members. However, the one thing they can't do is go on strike!

I look wistfully at the obelisk that changed me.

"Just how long has that obelisk been here, Mac?" I ask.

"I've no idea, Queen Sheena." he replies, "Facts about it have been passed from generation to generation of the creatures. They only know it was a race called the Dolittles. Why it was put there, I don't know, but you were the first person ever to enter it...and also the first to come out."

A group of lions, tigers and cheetahs gather to hear my ruling on the latest border dispute. As Queen of the Jungle, they have learnt to accept my judgement as a final decision.

"We were on the border first!" say the lions.

"We've only got your word for it." say the tigers.

The clever cheetahs produce evidence of a cheetah graveyward that pre-dates the time the lions say they were there. I rule in favour of the cheetahs, sending the lions and tigers off in a mutual grumble..

Sky the giraffe, who is our early warning system comes quickly to where we are all assembled,. at the Queen's Courtroom, a flat piece of land, surrounded by trees.

"Queen Sheena." he calls out, "We have a problem. A spaceship has landed nearby."

"Is it a Starfleet shuttlecraft?" I askk, "Maybe my parents have come to visit?"

"No." he answers, "It has been described in folklore, though. The garb of those getting out is the same. The Dolittles, the race who assembled the obelisk, have returned."

To be continued......


The Curmudgeon said...

I just hope that the Doolittles don't look or sound like Anthony Newley.

Linda said...

Now why do I have "If I Could Talk to the Animals" stuck in my head? Hmmm, perhaps Rex Harrison will put in an appearance??

Unknown said...

Hard not to laugh about the Anthony Newley comment! I forgot now what I planned to say! :)