Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Destinations (Part Two)

Now that I've had my cup of Earl Grey, I can resume my talk with the Senior Staff about what they will be doing over the Christmas vacation. We all reassemble in my Ready Room.

"What about you. Ro?" I ask, "Will you be visiting anyone on Bajor during the holidays?"

At this question, the young Bajoran becomes very shy, as if she is reluctant to say anything.

"Err...well..." she stutters, "I'm not sure. I might do, I'm not sure."

It's all very secretive. Prising anything out of Ro Laren is a very tough thing to do.

"Ro's got a boyfriend!" sings Ensign Britney over and over again. Ro goes red-faced, like a young schoolgirl. Has Britney hit upon the answer?

"Well, what about you, Ensign Britney?" Riker asks, "You've been teasing Ro. What about you?"

"Hey, I've got nothing to hide." answers the trouble-prone Ensign, "My soulsistah T'Pol and I will be heading to the new supernightclub Eternal on the planet Salavan. The are having a multi-night-all-you-can-eat and and dance spectacular. Days of non-stop jiving."

I raise my eyebrow, but not really surprised. It's just the sort of thing they would do.

"How about you, Geordi?" Deanna asks, "What will you be doing for Christmas?"

"Not much." he answers, "My girl Trisha and I are going skiing on the ice planet Chiili. I've always wanted to try it for real. It's not the same in the holodeck."

"Just remember that there are no safety protocols in place." I warn, "We want you back in one piece, not pieces."

We turn to Seven of Nine.

"What about you, Seven?" Bev asks, "How will you be enjoying Christmas?"

"Enjoyment is irrelevant!" says Seven, "We are the Borg, resistan..."

"Put a sock in it, Seven." Riker says, "You know the Borg Queen enjoyed her visit at the Party, and even her superior, the leader of the Borg race did, so loosen a few implants and have a good time."

"I will consider this." she says "When I visit the Borg Queen on Cube 01. I shall give her my report as to the current events."

"Then take her this Klingon bloodwine." I say, "I know it will go down well on the Cube."

She takes it.

"Well that was fun, finding out what you are doing."

"Hold on, Captain." Riker says, "You haven't mentioned what you and Doctor Crusher will be doing."

Bev and I start to go red, like Ro did earlier.

"Well, of course." starts Bev, "We will be visiting Wesley and Karena on Wondwowman, as they are staying with Queen Diana."

"That confirmation for the Bideaway Hotel must have been a mistake that I saw come in on the computer." Data states, "I shall cancel that."

"Don't do that!" Bev and I both say, "We'll sort it out."

I'll have Data's rewired for that!

Another voice pops up from behind.

"Hey! What about me?"


"You never ask what I'm doing, Mon Kapitano!" he exclaims, "Consider my feelings hurt."

I sigh.

"Very well, Q" I ask, "What ARE you doing this Christmas?"

"Oh, it's so BORING in the Continuum." he moans, "As there is no concept of time or space, everyday is the same. Here, pull this Christmas cracker."

He gives me a cracker to pull. He wins, and as the explosion goes off, all the clothes of the Senior Staff vanish.

"Now I've had a good Christmas, Jean-Luc." Q says as she vanishes, "Have a super time!"


And to all Journal readers......Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

have a lovely Christmas, Jean-Luc.

Linda said...

Ah, gotta love that Q - he's such a joker!

Have an out of this world Christmas, Captain. May you and Bev have the time of your lives at the Bideaway Hotel ... er, on Wondawowman!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Merry Christmas Captain!!!

The Curmudgeon said...

A very Happy Christmas to you, too, Captain... and I hope you get the Federation back from the Skeleton Staff after the holidays.....

eastcoastlife said...

Wishing Captain Picard and your family a Merry Xmas!! *hugs*

Gordon said...

Yes Q always was the joker, at least he left the ship and the rest of the universe intact..
Have a fun, safe and enjoyable christmas Jean-Luc..