Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Lurkers (Part Three)

At the moment, we have been caught by the Lurkers.

They are a shadowy race who live in the darkness, and have been observing our moves and our secrets so they can plot an invasion.

When Riker, Beverly, Geordi, Deanna, Worf, Data and myself went down to the suspected planet, where where was hardly any sunlight, a cloaked figure by the name of Anonymous had thrown us in a darkened prison.

However, we have got our lightbeams ready....


"Are you ready?" I tell them, "I think I can hear one of the Lurkers coming down now."

We hear the creak of the steps, like an old style radio show as his footsteps grow louder.

The Lurker comes up to us. It's not the Anonymous, the one who imprisoned us earlier, but he does tell us that they are ALL called Anonymous.

"It could amount to a lot of confusion at Christmas and birthdays." says Riker.

"You'll be spending a lot Christmasses and birthdays here!" sneers the Lurker.

I look at the others and exclaim "NOW!!"

The senior staff all point strong lightbeams at the Lurker. He screams out and disintegrates. His cloak if left lying on the floor. Fortunately, the keys are nearby. Data manages to stretch out and retrieve them. We are out.

I manage to get my Com Badge before the other Lurkers find we are out and order us to beam out.


"It seems that strong light will eliminate or scare them off, sir" I say to Admiral Jensen.

"That's all very well, Picard" replies Jensen, "But we can't have all lights in the Federation at eye-watering density in order to frighten off these creatures. We would all have to talk around in eyeshades or visors like your Geordi La Forge."

"I think Commander Data has helped there, sir." I tell him, "He has perfected a light variant that we can fit in all illumination. It is perfectly normal, yet is harmful to Lurkers. Once they are fitted, they will retreat to the darker areas they come from."

"Let's hope so." Jensen tells me, "We can't have Lurkers reading classified documents and looking at our conversations. It would turn everything chaotic"

"Indeed, sir." I say, and close the conversation, knowing that the Lurkers have received a heavy defeat.

A good day for Starfleet. We can only hope that the Lurkers don't get specially adapted eyeshades.


The Curmudgeon said...

Do you really think we've solved the problem of lurkers? But then you'll be having so many more comments, won't you?

Anonymous said...

Drats! You can't hold us back forever Picard!

Nancy Wu said...

The lurkers have been defeated! Cheers to Captain Picard! Cheers to Starfleet!

susan said...

Lurkers with sun glasses, Oh my!

Lavender said...

Hooray! Go Starfleet!
Lurkers Beware!

Amanda said...

These lurkers sound a bit like mosquitos. Always hiding in dark areas but when you turn the lights on they fly around like crazy. You can get rid of them temporarily but they keep coming back!

Unknown said...

Cheers and a raised glass of Space Champagne to you Captain Picard! :D!

Tawnya Shields said...

I knew the light would work. I just knew it. Cheers. Will the Enterprise be celebrating?

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well i caught the meloncutter lurking today and i smoted him!

smiles, bee

Fab said...

So it's advised to carry a torchlight at all times? Seeing these Lurkers lurk everywhere... How big a torchlight are we speaking?

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Yay for defeating the lurkers!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You can't trust those Lurkers and you just don't know what they're up to. Good thing you figured out how to bring them into the light.

Michele sent me.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The light was always going to help defeat the lurkers.

Fab, it is advisaable to carry a torchlight. How big? Enough to whack them over the head if the light fails!

Good for you, Bee.

Thanks Lansy, Lavender, Titania & Michael; drinks all round!

Susan, it's quite possible they could start wearing sun glasses!

Amanda, if Lurkers are like mosquitoes, then perhaps we need some Lurker-spray?

What's this? A Lurker commenting?

kenju said...

HA! Can you aim those lights at the anonymous people who are making Michele's life a hell right now? She sent me to ask you!

Tiffany said...

WTG Starfleet! Michele sent me here to read your story :)

Tiffany (if you visit my blog, check out Leons Great Adventure...its a story I wrote)

Anonymous said...

Light is good. :)


Anonymous said...

I suppose there was a light at the end of a dark tunnel when Data designed that light thingy :P

swirly girl said...

This is by far and away one of my favorites of your, j-l.

I've been thinking a lot about 'Anonymous'...

When I was younger I read a lot of books. Less than what I read today, but a lot for an 11-12 year-old. I soon had a list of favorite authors. At the top of the 1st was Anonymous.

I know! But I didn't know that wasn't someone's real name. I thought it was a one named author, much like there was in other areas of celebrity. Like Liberace, Midori, Rembrant, or Elvis.

It never occurred to me that sometimes identities would ever need or want to be kept secret. After all, they were doing exactly what I wanted to do when I was 11 or 12: they were writing and people were reading what they had to say.

Nowadays, I see the need for anonymity; understand a little better about something being too hard to talk about or to even acknowledge.

But I still find a lot of my favorite books written anonymously.

I wonder why it's only writer's who have this ability and coverage of anonymity. I mean, you'll never see a cd/record by Anonymous. Artwork is the same—there's that little signature winking at you from the bottom corner.

How is it their expression of creativity demands a name to be attached whereas the written word, and those who serve this mistress, has no such demand made on them?

Maybe it's because writing is the one place that can cut deepest to the human condition

Maybe they fear their own words—like something that is written is so much worse than being spoken or kept in a dream. Because once it's on paper you've made it real; and depending on the words, they could be devastating. Not only to the writer but to those who read them.

eastcoastlife said...

Victory! You defeated the lurkers! Yes!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Swirly Girl, good comment there. I, too thought when I was young that Anonymous was an individual and thought that he or she does a lot of work!

Tiffany, I'll take a look.

Kenju, if Michele needs my help, I'll send Data with his light.

Anonymous said...

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