Saturday, May 08, 2010

One Thousandth Post!!

It looks like I'll have to miss the TWQ this week as it clashes with a very special milestone. This is my One Thousandth Post, which has recounted in the past invasions, disasters plus the lives and loves of those on the Enterprise and beyond.

I recall when..

"Hi, Jean-Luc." says Bev as she sweeps into the room, "How are you doing with the post?"

I show her the result so far.

"Is that it?" she says, "I must say, the whole thing doesn't look up to much."

"I've only just started." I point out.

"Hey." she says, "Do you remember when we went to Romantica for your 50th birthday? That was a lot of fun."

I groan. "If you call invading Sea Devils fun, Bev." I comment.

She laughs and leaves me to carry on. Now where was I?

"Greetings, Captain." says Data, "Are you progressing well with your post?"

"I'm trying to, Mr Data." I reply, with a hint of sarcasm that he wouldn't have noticed.

"My girlfriend still talks time about the time she and I went out to dinner with Ensign Britney and T'Pol. It still makes her giggle."

"I know the restaurant banned you all afterwards." I point out.

As Data leaves, I get back to my post. I remember when...

"Hello, Captain." Jadzia Dax popes up, "Hope you're doing well with that post. Don't forget to remind them of the time Worfie and I went to Bentlins Holiday Camp. It was really funny to have Worf there."

This is getting ridiculous. Everytime I get to start, someone bursts in and wants me to recall something that happened in the past. Don't they realise...

"Hi Captain!!" shout a duet of voices at high decibel level.

T'Pol and Ensign Britney come in, the latter wearing a ridiculous outfit and hat, plus an eyemask. Whyever did we agree to that deal with Britney's home planet of Delta to wear what she likes?

"Don't forget to tell the story about when the two of us went out with Data and Jennifer." T'Pol says to me.

"I've already done that." I reply with a smile.

"Oh." Britney muses, "Don't forget when T'Pol, Karena and I went undercover amongst the Virago female tribe. We made a lot of enemies that day.

The two of them stroll out, singing away, when Seven walks in.

"I suppose you have some story you want me to tell as well?" I ask.

She puts a list of papers in front of me.

"These are requests some people wish you to recall." she states. "You will do so."

Without further mention she strides out and I start to examine the papers.

Firstly Riker and Deanna want to mention the time a hypnotic sleeper message turned them into criminals and they took over the shep. They would remember that!

Wesley and Karena want me to talk about their wedding day.

This is like a request show on galactic radio!

Seven of Nine reminds me of the time she was accused of a crime she did not commit and was put on Death Row.

Ro Laren rcalls her trip to a dating agency.

Geordi mentions his entering a DJ competition.

The Borg Queen sends a message via Seven recalling when the Borg went bankrupt and she had to go bargain hunting.

Another message appears magically in my hand. It's printed on Q Continuum notepaper. It says "Mon Capitano, tell them what happened when the Continuum punished me by sending me to stay on the Enterprise."

What about me? No one asks what I recall. It's so unfair.

When filming took place on the Enterprise, it let to me getting annoyed with the director, Steven Spolberg.

The time I was turned into a criminal by a machine is something I'd rather forget!

The subsequent trial was an ordeal as well. Thankfully it all ended happily.

My relationshop with Bev Crusher is always paramount. I wrote her a romantic letter once.

Well I guess I'd better get this published. I have a date with Bev coming up, or I have to save the universe, whatever comes first.


Editor's Note:

Thank you so much for being here for this special post, and reading the Journal over the years. It gives me immense pleasure in writing them. I hope you've enjoyed reading them.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

is there cake? i mean congratulations capt!

smiles, bee

... Paige said...

weeeeee! how exciting to make the 1000 mark. high fives and air kisses with cheek hugs

Bilbo said...

A thousand posts! What a grand milestone and a goal to which the rest of us can aspire. Congratulations, and we'll be looking forward to the next thousand. Best wishes from The Colonies, Bilbo.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Congrats on your milestone!

Susan said...


It's been good to read up on past adventures.

I'd forgotten some of those.

Here is to the next 1000!

Oracle said...

Congratulations Jean Luc

Fly Girl said...

Ahh the memories! Congratulations to a huge achievement.

The Curmudgeon said...

"I hope you've enjoyed reading them."

And indeed I have.

Looking forward to the next 1,000.

Amanda said...

1000! WOW! That is an accomplishment! Congratulations.

Footsteps said...

Congrats and may we read many many more in the years to come!

Linda said...

Whew! I made it over in time to say congratulations on your 1,000th post to say that I hope you're working on the next 1,000 and not lollygagging around resting on your laurels! After all, I've no doubt there are all sorts of stories just waiting to be told and who better to tell them than the Captain of the Enterprise? Once you've done with your date with Bev that is!

Ellee Seymour said...

That is a terrific achievement captain. Congratulations of this wonderful milestone.

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