Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wesley & Karena's Wedding (Part Two)

Queen Diana takes her place behind the Oracle of Wisdom in her white robes to start the wedding announcement.

Karena the amazon is standing at the front, in ther battledress with wings added on. Wesley has walked up to her with Bev, who now sits down besides me.

"Everything all right, Bev?" I ask.

"Well, fortunately I had some stress pills with me." she replies.

"You don't look nervous."

"They were not for me, Jean-Luc." Bev comments, "They were for Wes."

"Quiet!" Queen Diana speaks angrily in our direction, then carries on.

"We are gathered here today" she starts, "To unite this amazon with this err..male in matrimony. The two of you will stand before me and put your hands on the Oracle."

Wesley nervously puts his hand on the Oracle.

Karena does it proudly, and looks up into the eyes of her mother. You can see who had the nerves!

"Karena." her mother asks, "Do you promise to rule, take responsibilty and control whenever possible in your marriage, not letting others come between you and your Life Servant?"

"I do!" Karena states firmly.

"Wesley." Diana continues, "Do you promise to obey, listen to Karena and do what she says in your marriage, and not to let others come between you and her?"

"Err...I do." Wesley says, although he looks like he will pass out any moment.

"Then, by the power vested in me as Queen of the Amazons." Diana says with a smile, "I pronounce you Amazon and Life Servant. Karena, you may kiss your new acquisition."

Karena grabs Wesley and gives him a long, long passionate kiss lasting five minutes.

When it ends, he staggers away, a little dizzy.

"Hooray!" yells Ensign Britney, who has come in a totally unsuitable outfit, and proceeds to spray rice all over Karena and Wes.

As the pair get in their honeymoon shuttlecraft, with 'Just Married' painted on the back, an extra amont of rice drops out of nowhere all over it.

"Where did THAT come from?" exclaims Bev.

"Q!" I answer, with a slight smile.


Editor's Note:

My thanks to Mimi for this delightful Award below:

I'm really flattered by all the lovely things you said in your post.

Thanks again, Mimi!


Linda said...

That's it? That's the whole wedding? My goodness, I would have thought that Queen Diana would have had a lot more to say about obedience and subservience but I doubt that Wesley could have handled it! Sounds like he was ready to bolt from the room at any moment, though he might have gotten a spear in the back for his efforts!

Congratulations to the, er ... happy couple and a bigger congratulations to you for your award! Your blog does totally rock, Mon Capitan!

SQT said...

I bet Diana was a bit distracted by Britney's outfit.

Ciera said...

I wonder what the honeymoon will be like...oye!

The Curmudgeon said...

Wes may be smarter than we know. A five minute kiss that leaves him slightly staggered? An occasional spearing may be worth it... who knows?

Nepharia said...

Mazal tov, Wes and Karena!

And congratulations on your blog award, well as surviving this wedding. :D

Epiphany said...

A life of servitude to an amazon. No wonder Wes was rattled. Though it does sound like the chemistry between them could be his saving grace.

Great pic of Ensign Britney. I'm so proud to be from the same country. :P

Epiphany said...

...and a great big congratulations on your award, jlp! You and your blog rock!

Bobbi said...

Great story installment!

Congrats on your award!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

awwwww lovely!
Weddings are always so nice.

Vendetta said...

ow! stoiud gaint hat hurts my head, and neck

congrats on the award!

Vendetta said...

I meant stupid, the hat cut off circulation to my brain!!!

Amanda said...

No more backing out for Wesley!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Was that an outfit Brit had on! Yikes

Ellee Seymour said...

Congrats from me too on the award. I hope Wes and Karena will be blisfully happen. What is Britney wearing?

Jaime said...

Congrats to Wes and Karena... or, I should say, Karena and Wes!

And congrats to you, Captain! You blog does indeed rock!!

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Bob-kat said...

I fear Ensign Britney's fashion sense went off the rails with the rest of her!

Michele sent me over to congratulate the happy couple!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks for all those lovely praises today and congrats for the award.

Ciera, you're very will be the honeymoon next.

Ensign Britney's choice of dress was not exactly suitable.

Novy said...

what a great wedding!!!!

Jana said...

Well, kudos to Wes for not blowing chunks all over Queen Diana. Many happy returns to the lovely couple.

Titania Starlight said...

What a wedding that must have been! Congrats on the award. And oh the pic of Ensign Britney really cracked me up. :o)~

Anonymous said...

I love it love it!! ahhhhhhhhhhh.........

I didn't realize you got an award! Congratulations! I gave you one too... LOL It's award week!

But this one is for fun. :)

Love and Light,

BTW - my RSS Linky thingy broke when I moved to WP - it works now! :)

swirly girl said...

oh that Brittney... lol

Anonymous said...



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