Saturday, August 23, 2008

TWQ: The Best Of Summer

Well, summer won't be too long with us. Just a few weeks and the autumn air will come. TWQ (The Weekend Question) is asking about summer this week.

What is it you like most about summer? List as many as you wish.

My answers are:

* The crisp summer breeze that stops it getting too warm.

* BBQs...although we rarely get invited!

* Blue skies...we seldom seem to see them in other seasons.

*Short skirts!

Now it's over to you...


rashbre said...

Sunshine, Smiles and Holidays are all pretty good. Like here right now. And Hiya, today Michele sent me!

ms ralph said...

and did I say beer?

michele sent me!

colleen said...

Warm sun, bare feet in the garden, swimming in the ocean or pool. Wonder what Michele would say.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

grandchildren out of school

cooking out on the grill

sitting on the porch in podunk

smiles, bee

Linda said...

Honestly, there isn't too much I like about summer other than the fact that I don't have to wear a jacket! Oh, and fresh tomatoes and other vegetables - those are fantastic, too!

Carmi said...

Love this question. Let me ponder...

1 - The ability to come and go as we please without having to get dressed up in winter gear and boots every time.
2 - Spending more time with my family while they're out of school. Precious moments like this are harder to come by when everyone goes back to school.
3 - Riding my bike. It's my ultimate getaway. Can't do that when the snow's three feet deep!

PI said...

Seeing the garden come to life. Wandering round the garden in my nightie(it's private). Having the French windows open. Not being chilled to the marrow. Listening to the birdsong and being energised to rise early, painlessly.

Titania Starlight said...

* sunny days



*fresh vegetables and fruits

* sitting outside with my husband watching the gorgeous sunsets.

Nepharia said...

Good movie season (this year especially!)

Running around barefoot.

Sleeping with the fan on.

Free outdoor concerns at the park.


pilgrimchick said...

Clam cakes, and other, similar summer fare.
The fact that I am not constantly sitting on the couch wrapped up in a blanket.
Everyone goes outside--you see everyone in your neighborhood or city.

Epiphany said...

- blue skies
- warm weather
- the sun relected on the water
- warm weather
- long sunny days
- warm weather
- spending time outside with friends.

Btw, jlp, you and yours would always be invited to my BBQs!

3 Magpies said...

*driving ~ top down ~ tunes up
*cute sandals
*beach novels
*casual work attire
*happy, happy kiddos
*vacation planning
*outdoor concerts
*arts n craft shows

Kon-El said...


The beach


Lahdeedah said...

Fresh summer produce

Barefeet on lush, green grass

Long days

Children playing outside

Nighttime badminton

Neighbor gatherings (with the neighbors you like, of course)

Lahdeedah said...

Fresh summer produce

Barefeet on lush, green grass

Long days

Children playing outside

Nighttime badminton

Neighbor gatherings (with the neighbors you like, of course)

Bob-kat said...

I don't beleive we've actually had a proper summer here in the UK for a couple of years now! I do like the blue skies (when we see them), longer days and ice-cream though :)

Michele sent me to play!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Bob'kat, as I'm in the UK as well, I know our summers haven't been too good.

Epiphany, I'd love to go to your BBQ, but can't go over to the US for it!

I share so many of the others answers...all fine summery things!

Miss Cellania said...

A bountiful garden of flowers and vegetables.

Letting the kids sleep late.

Going someplace new for a vacation getaway.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ohhhhh the warm weather has to come up #1.
I like seasons, but when it is cold for most of the year, summer is like a dream!

(Short skirts? Ha Captain, you should have a BBQ and insisting that your female guests wear only bikinis!)

eastcoastlife said...

sigh... we don't have 4 seasons in Singapore. It's Summer all year round for us.

We wear Tees and shorts daily. We can have ice-cream everyday. We go to the beach daily. We spend less on clothings. :)

swirly girl said...

-homemade ice cream
-cliff diving
-bare feet

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great answers, everyone!

Fab said...

to be able to put on summer dresses, which hasn't much been the case this year

reading books in a beach chair in the garden

barbecues with friends

trips to the seaside