Thursday, August 14, 2008

Karena's Hen Night

Guest Poster: Karena

As I'm getting married next week to my pumpkin, Wesley Crusher, Ensign Crusher and her friend T'Pol has taken open themselves to organise something called a 'Hen Night', also known as a Bachelorette Party.

It is a ceremony where female friends take to woman out for one last evening before she weds. The event all seems very pointless, but decide to go along with it. After all, nothing will change when I get married. I'll still be ruling over Wesley.

All of the group, which comprises of myself, Britney, T'Pol, Seven of Nine, Deanna Troi, Jadzia Dax, Ro Laren, Jennifer Baxter, and Guinan. Beverly thought it best not to come, as she was Wesley's mother.

We are in the Starfleet Mall.

"Where are we going, Britney?" I ask.

"To one of T'Pol & myself's favourite hang-outs." she replies, "It's one of the few places that let us in. It's called the Cafe Sordid."

Some of the women shiver slightly. I hope it's the weather and not that they could have heard of it before.

"It's a groovy place." T'Pol adds, "Brit and I tried to get in two nights ago, as our favourite act, Joy Delight was playing. It turns out some people had booked before we did. We'll have to settle for the male act tonight."

"The male act?" I say in puzzlement.

"You'll see!" Britney answers with a laugh. Some of the other women are looking at each other as if they're not sure it's been a good idea to come.


Inside, the room is all dark, the occupants are mostly women, and looking very eager for the show to start. However, they take a look at the spear I am holding, and decide to move their chairs a little further away.

"I'm not too sure that this was a good idea, Jadzia." Ro whispers to her.

"Don't be sure." Guinan interrupts, "Let's see the show first."

"If the show fails to come up to expectations." declares Seven, "I shall assimilate those responsible."

The stage lights come up, and a voice announces that Rex Platinum is on the stage.

The other women in the audience rush forward, screaming "Rex!"

He then procedes to remove his clothing by starting with his shirt.

Rampant screaming ensues all around. The Enterprise women maintain a dignified stance, until Guinan shouts and rushes forward.

"Oh yeah, honey!!" she shout, and starts throwing Credits on the stage.

After that, we all proceed to do the same thing. The place goes crazy, as Rex is forced to flee the stage as the surge of women increases.


A little later, we leave the Cafe Sordid. Deanna takes me aside.

"Listen, Karena." she starts, "I've talked with the other women, and they've decided that the show we saw there should be forgotten about. Don't tell Wesley. I don't intend to tell Will. They might not quite understand why we went there."

"Sure, Deanna." I answer with a smile, "We went for a very quiet night out."

"Absolutely!" she answers with a smile, "That's what all Hen Nights are like."


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Wow, that Rex Platinum sure can dance.

Amanda said...

LOL! They both end up going to the same place! There mustn't be many places around.

Linda said...

Leave it to Guinan to lead the charge to the stage! Rex is probably lucky he didn't get speared in all of the excitement!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think Rex needs to be paid danger money if the Enterprise women are attending!

The Curmudgeon said...

All these secrets! I fear some will leak out at an inopportune moment.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Now that was one heck of a hen night!

Epiphany said...

Poor Rex! I'll bet he didn't know what hit him whem the Enterprise gals had him in their sites!

Lahdeedah said...

Brilliant Hen Night...

I need an anniversary one... I wonder if I can get in to the Cafe Sordid?

Superman said...

I hope Rex has medical insurance

The Real Mother Hen said...

That cafe is surely the place I would love to hang out :)

DD said...

Hillarious. When I get married I want a hens night rather than the customery stag do! ;)

Nepharia said...

So why do they only do that the night before someone gets married?

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