Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jennifer & Data Go Out With Britney & T'Pol (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Jennifer Baxter

Data, T'Pol, Britney and I have arrived at the entrance to Le Grande Restaurante, the most exclusive eaterie in San Francisco. As we all have Leave from the Enterprise, Data had the idea of taking T'Pol & Britney out, as they don't mix and keep to themselves.

Already I'm regretting that. I think I'll have Geordi give Data a Level One Diagnostic when we get back on board.

The female Maitre'D of the restaurant, named Kathy approaches Data and myself, as we are regular customers, but her smile disappears when she sees our guests, especially Britney's micro-black dress.

Kathy looks horrified at Britney. I can see that she is thinking the standard of clientele will plummet if she lets her in.

"I'm sorry, Miss Baxter." Kathy says to me, "But I cannot admit your guest. Her mode of apparel is not suitable for Le Grande Restauraunt."

"Watchamean?" blurts out Britney, "This is one of my favourite dresses."

"I'm afraid, young lady." replies Kathy, "That it unsuitable as it could show your underwear to other customers."

"But I'm not wearing any unde..." Britney answers as T'Pol tactfully puts her hand over her mouth.

Defeated, the four of us walk away.

"So what are we going to do now?" I ask

"I do not know." answers a bemused Data.

"We could always go to Joe's All-Night Bowlarama." T'Pol suggests, "Brit and I love to go there before we rock till dawn at the Galaxy Cavern Nightclub."

"Yeah!" says Britney, "That's more like it, sistah! Better than a stuffy restaurant. Come on. T'Pol and I will thrash you in the Bowlarama!"

I trudge off. What began as a cultured evening has changed.

Still, who knows? I'm a great dancer, and those two are in for a shock if they think they can beat the Bowlarama Queen!


The Curmudgeon said...

Yes, there's nothing like bowling in a microdress sans underwear for revealing your best assets for all to see.

Professor Xavier said...

That maitre d' dresses like an X-Men.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Professor, perhaps you have a potential new X Man?

Mr. Althouse said...

Should have known Britney would be trouble, but perhaps that was the idea.

As an aside, bowling in that dress should prove interesting...

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