Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Q In The Continuum (Part Two)

Guest Poster : Q

Now that we are all assembled in the Hall of Q in the Continuum, we all have to listen to whatever our leader has to drone on about.

The trouble is, as there is no concept of time and space in this enviroment, a speech can last the equivilant of several eons in human terms. Imagine that? It's not an endearing thought, is it?

Still, it hasn't been bad so far, while we've been waiting, I did manage to get the phone number of a female Q that I fancied. Pretty good going!

Hold on...the Head Q is here.....

Naturally, I can't show you his face. I hope you understand.

"Fellow Q's" he starts, "I think it is necessary to gather you all together in this Assembly, as I have something important to say."

This sounds ominous. Are we getting a pay cut?

"It has come to my attention." the Head Q continues, "That many of you are spending too much time outside the Continuum and interfering in the running of the universe outside it."

I start to feel looked at by him. Is Q referring to me by any chance? Just because I pay a few friendly visits to Jean-Luc and Kathryn occasionally can't consitute as interfering. All right I DID play pool with a star system last week, but was that really so bad?

"Penalties will be incurred if Qs persist in this action." our leader says, "And you must not ...."

"What about me?" says the voice of a young female Q.

"If it had not been for that Q there" she says, pointing to me, "My Q potential would not have been recognised when I served on the Enterprise. Q bought me here to the Continuum."

The Head Q looks a little embarrased at this.

"Well." he says, "There are occasions when we have to go out into the universe to seek individuals with potential. That does NOT involve playing pranks on them."

He looks at me again at the mention of this.

"You are all dismissed." our leader says, and we file away.

"You'll have to watch what you do." one Q says to me.

"Nonsense." I reply, "He says that sort of thing every so often as an indicator that he's still in his job. He then retires to the Ivory Tower and we don't see him for an Age."

I go back to my Quarters.

Now what's the phone number of that female Q I saw earlier on?


Linda said...

Some Q's never learn, do they? I have a feeling, Jean-Luc, that you shall be seeing a familiar face on the bridge in the not-too-distant future once Q gets bored with his new Q!

The Curmudgeon said...

Meetings can last eons in the Continuum, too, eh? I thought that was just here on Earth....

Jaime said...

Don't let that Q get to you, Q!

Amanda said...

I'm sure nothing will hold Q back from his usual pranks!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You know Q well!

Barb said...

I'm waiting for someone to tell Q to F off.

Tristan said...

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