Sunday, January 04, 2009

Q In The Continuum (Part One)

Guest Poster: Q

"All the Qs are having an assembly." I am suddenly informed, while having a peaceful doze in the Q Continuum.

"What." I reply, "When is it?"

"Now says the Q talking to me, "You'd better get out of that sleeping position and hurry along. You might miss the start."

There's not much chance of that happening. Those in charge at the Continuum always make sure I hear it.

Such a pity really. I was just going to go and wish Jean-Luc and his minions a Happy New Year then make their clothes vanish. I know that they always like that, although they pretend not to.

Not that we in the Continuum have any worries about time and space. Being who we are, we can appear anywhere, anytime and do anything. I kind of like the look I have when I torment Jean-Luc, though. Mainly because it annoys him.

I'm digressing again. Maybe I'm getting old?

I appear in the Hall of Q to appear while the big boss gets ready to make his speech.

"Hiya, Q. I was missing you." says a female voice from behind.

"Oh, hello Q" I say. "You look lovely. A new perfume?"

"Yes, Q" she replies, "It's Essence of Andromeda."

"Well it's beautiful." I tell her, "Hope I can see you after the speech."

"Sure, Q." she answers, "Here's my phone number."

Q definately has the hots for me!

Phone books are a little curious in the Continuum. With every being having the same name, it can be a problem looking for someone's number.

A good point is that a male and female Q can never accidentally say the name of a former admirer and arouse suspicion in the throes of passion. Whoever thought of giving all in the Continuum the same name must have thinking of this!

"Here's our leader!" whispers one Q to another, "I wonder what he's going to say?"


Linda said...

I'd say it was time for a little "Q & A" but it appears to be just "Q" at this point!

Jaime said...

Q!!!! Long time, no see!

Here's hoping they don't banish you again. Maybe.

Michael Manning said...

Little Black Books on The Enterprise, eh? ...HAPPY NEW YEAR Jean Luc!!!!

Batgirl said...

You're all named Q? ... confusing

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I always love Q posts :)

The Curmudgeon said...

Perhaps the Leader will tell the Continuum something on the Q.T. -- and then you won't be permitted to share it with the rest of us!

shnewt said...

Do beings in the continuum really need phones? Do they have phones? But more importantly, as they can move in and out of space and time, what would the long distant rates be for such a phone call?


Netchick sent me by the way...

Amanda said...

I love Q too!!

Monica said...

Q is the bestest!

Happy New Year Jean-Luc! ;)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

shnewt...I imagine the cost of a galactic phone call is quite high, but a Q can just create money, which is rather handy.