Saturday, January 03, 2009

TWQ: New Year Ambitions

With the New Year celebrations over, TWQ (The Weekend Question) asks what your plans are for 2009.

What do you have planned for 2009? Do you intend to quit something, go somewhere or do anything? List as many as you wish.

My answers are:

*As 14th January is my 50th birthday, I'll be hanging the portrait of myself that I had commissioned to be done. It's a super painting, and was a pleasure to do the sittings.

* In October, I'll be going for the third time to see Mamma Mia! in London's West End.

Now it's over to you....


craziequeen said...

Hey Jean-Luc, NetChick sent me here this forenoon :-)

I think you should blog the painting too :-) As part of your birthday celebrations!

OK, what am I planning? As my friend Simon put it, to '...spend a good chunk of 2009 pretending it's 1370.' Now that sounds like a superb resolution!

I am planning to be a seamstress and cook this year - I haven't tried medieval cooking before! Cooking on an open fire should be a grand challenge!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

I planning to get my health in order.

I'd love to see Mamma Mia on stage...I've missed it every time the touring companies pass through Pittsburgh :(

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

no resolutions but i hope to keep a good attitude and a smile and maybe try to be healthier a bit, of course cruise more, eat cake, and love life!!!

have a lovely 2009 my friend!

smiles, bee

Fab said...

Look for a new job. I got promoted but my salary is still the same, due to the crisis(maybe, but I'm not buying that). Besides, next to my job I have taken over (temporarily, yeah right) the function of someone who quit and now that another colleague has been fired, I've gotten her tasks as well... I am looking for a new job in 2009, and a little more appreciation for what I do. Which is bending myself in all sorts of shapes to get the job done...

Sorry, frustrated.

Linda said...

Nothing set in stone at this point but I do hope to get my self in better shape physically and maybe not work quite as many hours as I have in the past.

A vacation of some sort would be lovely, too, but it all depends on how my finances shape up (especially if I work less hours!).

I do hope you'll post a picture of your portrait for us!!

rashbre said...

You are far more organized than me. I'm still reeling from the new year.

I know you are very plugged in to the Star Trek universe, but not sure if you have seen the (almost topical) Doctor Who meets Star Trek?

Gyrobo said...

I resolve to finalize my budget for 2008. It should be easy to estimate the expenses.

Anonymous said...

Early congratulations for your birthday, and we'd all love to see your portrait.

Planning going to Whitby for a few days for my husbands 50th birthday, and a special meal being pulled by a steam engine on the North York Moors railway.

Loose weight, then I can RUN in the Race for Life to raise lots of money for Cancer Research UK, in memory of my brother in law who died from cancer last summer.

I think those are the only two things that are on the radar for now.

Leon said...

Hey Jean-Luc! Happy New Year to you and the crew of the Enterprise. Don't make resolutions myself. Don't believe in them. But I will try to improve myself.

Bob-kat said...

Really, it's just to get my health sorted out adn to go on a really superb holiday to celebrate my birthday later in the year.

Netchick sent me to wish you a Happy New Year.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Those on Facebook will have seen my portrait as it's in the photo section.

I'll try and figure how to downsize it to fit the blog.

You all have somegood ambitions this year!

Jaime said...

My goal is just to get through graduate school!

Michael Manning said...

Planning on basically continuing on with Physical Therapy with the hopes of losing another 10 pounds to the 42 already taken off. A condo is on my list too. I have a good start on the New Year with writing projects and we are sprucing up the website! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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