Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Borg Queen's Romance (Part Two)

The Borg Queen and I walk along the beach, leaving Bev sunbathing and sleeping, unaware that the two of us have met. She wants to tell me about the time she and I had a romance when I was assimilated. As I recovered, I had no memory of this.

Queenie get's a choc ice from the ice cream van as we commence our walk. I carry on eating my lime flavoured ice cream.

"It was quite natural, Jean-Luc" Queenie informs me gently. The Borg were going to invade the earth, I was the Queen on the Cube. I was attracted to the newly assimilated person who was going to act as a spokesperson for the Borg in our meeting."

"So you're saying our relation was errr....physical?" I struggle to say.

"Very much so." she says with a smile, "I have fond memories of our time together."

I'm beginning to wish this ice cream had a stress pill in it.

"What happened then?" I ask.

"I was most disappointed when those in the Enterprise rescued you." Queenie says, "Soon after then I realised that we were not going to win, and so escaped in a small craft just before the Cube was blown up."

"Queenie." I in a slightly grovelling way, "I can't let anyone know what happened on the Cube between us. It must remain our secret. No one in Starfleet must know."

"...Especially the redhead." Queenie coments drily, "Very well, Jean-Luc, it will be a secret just between us.. In return, though, I want a kiss now."

My arms hold the Borg Queen's shoulders, and the two of us embrace in a long, long passionate kiss.

A small price to pay for her silence.

Queenie leaves in another direction, and I return back to Bev.

"Did you have an interesting walk, Jean-Luc?" she asks.

"Very much so." I reply with a smile.


Editor's Note:

This is the 999th post. Look out for the 1000th coming next at the time the TWQ usually does.


The Curmudgeon said...

I still think Bev knows more than she lets on. But I'm suspicious by nature.

Looking forward to post 1,000.

Linda said...

Hmmm, let's hope that Queenie wasn't wearing any Borg cologne that Bev might get suspicious of as hell hath no fury like a redhead!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I get the feeling the Captain is in for a stormy ride! Congrats on your impending 1000th post!

Fly Girl said...

I don't know that I'd trust the Borg Queen with such an incriminating secret. Bev probably does know more than she lets on and that means trouble for the captain...

pilgrimchick said...

Yes for the Borg Queen. I missed her terribly.