Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guilty Conscience

I haven't been able to sleep.

Bev tells me to stop moving about, as it's disturbing her night as well.

"Jean-Luc." she says in irritation, and digs me in the ribs, "Do you want me to give you a sleeping pill? Both of us are going to look pretty tired in the morning.

I feel uneasy. In truth, I haven't slept well since my encounter with the Borg Queen when Bev and I visited a beach planet. While she was sleeping, Queenie and I met, and she said that she and I had been lovers during the time I was assimilated and turned into Locutus. I don't remember any of my time when that happened,

As I didn't want Bev or anyone to find out, Queenie agreed to keep quiet in return for a kiss. To be honest, it was rather a pleasant experience anyway!

After thinking long and hard, and taking in the possible consequences, I decide to tell Bev.

She listens calmly, while I try to read the reaction in her face. I'm not sure if she is shocked or not, and if the next movement is a giant slap on my face. I brace myself for the hurricane force anger that is about to come.

Bev bursts out laughing.

"Is that it, Jean-Luc." she says, "I thought it was something serious."

"Well I would call a love affair with the Borg Queen fairly serious, Beverly." I reply.

"Of course, it would be if you hadn't been assimilated and turned into a drone." Bev comments, "There are some things I never told you when we first rescued you from the Cube at the time."

I look puzzled.

"You were strapped down while I was trying to analyse how to turn you back into a human." she explains, "All the time you were droning pun intended."

"What was I saying." I ask.

"You kept saying how you were the Borg Queen's lover and wanted to go back to her." Bev tells me, "Naturally, when we healed you, I analysed you and took your recent memories of your experience out."

"You used short term memory loss?"

"Of course." she smiles, "I thought you would be better off being none the wiser. Trust Queenie to remind you of the incident, now!"

"What do we do now?" I ask, "Can you remove the memory again?"

"I could, Jean-Luc." Bev tells me, "But this time I think we'll keep it in. If Queenie starts threatening to reveal your secret to me, we can just say that I already know!"

"It sounds a good idea, " I conclude.

"Be careful with Queenie." Bev warns me, "Queenie may well be a Borg, but she's also a woman...of sorts. She likes you a lot, and I believe that's how we've managed to get this Borg truce. We don't want it to break up."

"I know what you mean." I say, "Queenie may well pursue me more. I've got to be careful she doesn't catch me!"

"Exactly!" Bev laughs, "Still, Jean-Luc, you've caught me, so let's enjoy it!"

With that, I conclude the writing.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Poor Captain :(

The Curmudgeon said...

I knew she knew!

'Droning' on, eh?

Oh, my.

Maybe sometime you can ask Bev what else she took out of your memory... but, no, you wouldn't want to do that... would you?

Linda said...

That Bev is one very smart woman, you need to hang onto her with both hands, Mon Capitane!

Fly Girl said...

Ahh the guilty conscience. I'm glad that he finally confessed.