Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Letter From Picard To Bev

Dearest Bev,

We had a great time last night, didn't we? That date started well in Ten Forward, with Guinan placing us discreetly in the corner, out of the way from the prying eyes.

I know I love dressing up in my Dixon Hill outfit. I just love the 1940's outfit you use as well.

Why, oh why did Data have to march up though and inform us that the plasma warp conduits were malfunctioning just as I was about to pour the champagne? I must admit, I was so piqued, I could have stood up and used his 'off' button then and there. It was such a relief that Jennifer Baxter was with him so that she could rescue us and drag him off.

The dinner was beautiful, don't you think? I must admit that I've never had Bajoran oysters. They are supposed to be even more romantic than the ones we have on earth. I must apologise for kissing you right after the first one. It must have been an oyster, although you didn't seem to mind.

The movie at the
Enterprise cinema was a real romantic one. I'm glad we were in the back seat. Though I liked the movie, I preferred concentrating on you. I must admit that I lost interest in the film completely when I overheard Ensign Britney tell T'Pol, who were a couple of seats to the right of me that the girl actually falls for his brother at the end when the lead character gets killed. This was after just watching ten minutes! Remind me to tell them both about cinema etiquette.

Right afterwards, I was all set to escort you to your quarters when Riker told me we were under attack from the Vtarans. To be honest, I would have let them come and board the night if they had gone away then.

So I must apologise for the unromantic ending last night. Next time, Riker can sort it out himself, and it will be just us two!

Yours, as always,


PS: Fortunately, this is a private letter and I haven't programmed it to go on my log....I think.


The Curmudgeon said...

I think... NOT!

Yes, those pesky alien invaders, always arriving to shoot up the starship just when things are getting cozy....

Linda said...

It's not easy being the Captain and trying to have a love life, is it? Better luck with your next cozy setting!

Batman said...

hn.. Sweet.

Amanda said...

Only a romantic guy would think to write a letter apologizing for an unromantic ending....this Captain is so smitten!

The Mistress of the Dark said...


Jean-Luc Picard said...

A good analysis, Amanda.