Sunday, February 15, 2009

Q's Valentine Date (Part One)

Guest Poster: Q

I'm really nervous.

Even though I'm a superbeing from the Q Continuum, where everybody lives indefinately, I'm still nervous. The butterflies in my stomach are reaching a crescendo.

Why? I'm about to ask Q out for a date.

Yes, I know it's confusing when every being in the Continuum has the same name, but I assure you, I'm crazy about the woman! When she wears that Essence of Andromeda perfume, I'm hers.

I know what you're thinking. We can both adapt ourselves to look like any creature in the universe, so how can I be attracted to just one female Q?

Well, both she and I have a penchant for looking like humans. They are both our favourite creatures. After all, what other sort can you get maximum satisfaction from playing gags on?

Hold on. Here she comes...

Isn't she a stunner? Even far away, I can tell she's wearing that perfume again. I can tell what Jean-Luc sees in redheads.

"Hiya, Q" she says cheerily, "Great to see you again. Did you say on the Continuum Phone that you wanted to ask me something?"

I start gibbering, like a young human about to ask a girl on his first ever date.

"Err...ahhh" I start, "Well, err, I was kind of wondering, if you err, like wanted to go on a date with me?"

This is ridiculous! What a relief Jean-Luc can't see this. I'd never live it down.

"Sure I would, Q" she replies, "I've always wanted to. You seem such an attractive being in the Continuum. Much more bravado than the other beings."

I can hardly believe it.

"Shall we go to the Enterprise Valentine Party?" I ask.

"I'd love to!"


We both appear on the Enterprise. All the crew are there in besy evening outfits. Jean-Luc sees me and looks in horror.

"Q!" he exclaims, "We don't want any trouble from you."

"Jean-Luc." I answer, "I'm just here to attend the party. See, Q here is my date."

"Well I feel sorry for her." the Captain answers sarcastically, "Why don't you find another place to go. Just not here."

"Come on, Q" my date tells me, "We are clearly not wanted here. Let's go somewhere else."

We are about to vanish when my date snaps her fingers. The Captain's clothes vanish just as all the senior staff are coming in.

Ah, my date is a Q after my own heart!

To be continued...


Jaime said...

Ah, Q! I didn't go to a V Party, so I'm going to live vicariously through yours!

Anonymous said...

She is indeed a stunner. No wonder Q is stuttering.

Amanda said...

LOL! A perfect match. I can't imagine Q gibbering though.

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The Mistress of the Dark said...

LOL! Anytime Q's around hilarity ensues :)

Linda said...

Oh dear ... two Q's cut of the same cloth! The universe may never be the same again - or at least not the part of the universe the Enterprise is in!

The Curmudgeon said...

Could a member of the Continuum be found who would not want to torment our brave Captain?

Batgirl said...

Dating'snotscary...fighting Hulk..and Thing that's scary.

Michael Manning said...

I am seeing a new side of the Captain here! A bottle of The Essence of I have a novel gift idea! :D)

Randolph said...

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