Saturday, February 14, 2009

TWQ: Cross-Fictional Romances

As it's Valentine's Day weekend, TWQ (The Weekend Question) is looking at potential romances between fictional characters from different areas.

Can you name some romances between fictional characters from different places that might either be a success or a guaranteed disaster. They can come from books, film, tv or wherever. Be as imaginative as you wish!

My answers are:


Elizabeth Bennett (Pride & Prejudice) & Sherlock Holmes...definately a disaster! Holmes was way too starchy, and only admired Irene Adler. As Elizabeth seemed to like men who came out of lakes, perhaps she should go for Aquaman instead?


Kara Thrace (AKA Starbuck (above) of Battlestar Galactica) & James Ford (AKA Sawyer of Lost)....a great match! The pair are both rebels who buck the system.

Now it's over to you...


craziequeen said...

How about Wolverine and Supergirl...?

I would want to see the kids from THAT union! :-)

Hey Jean-Luc, netchick sent me this morning.


kayla said...

Love your blog cant wait to read more as time allows me.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

First one that comes to mind as a disaster

Adrian Monk from Monk
and Roseanne!!

craziequeen said...

Hey Jean-Luc, Netchick sent me back.

Different worlds? hmm....

How about Man from Atlantis,Mark Harris, being in a relationship with The Firestarter, Charlie McGee?

Perhaps that would result in a damp squib.......?


David said...

this is hard, but less so than matching real humans. Are we looking to come up with a new, better breed?
Perhaps Thomas the Tank Engine, and the trolley from Mr. rogers neighborhood. we would get a hybrid electric steam work/ commuter train.
I fear it is too early for serious thought, Captain. much redness still in my eyes. forgive my lack of effort on this. I shall try harder next visit

Saul said...

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