Thursday, October 18, 2007

Section 31 Career Interviews (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Sloan

Having come aboard the Enterprise to ask a few individuals if they would consider joining my group Section 31 hasn't been an easy task.

Naturally, I've come up against the predictable response from Captain Picard. His defensive blustering has always been a hazard, and a thorn in the side of Section 31. We always seem to come up against him in our honest subversive activities. It's all perfectly legal, as long as no one finds out about it.

I should have guessed that the Borg drone would give me trouble. After all, they are not real members of Starfleet, and it's the Borg who are on our list of people to eliminate.

"Let me see Lietentant Commander T'Pol." I dictate to Picard; he looks amazed.

"She is from the mirror universe of two hundred years ago!" he exclaims, "I don't see why you.."
"Just let me see her, Captain." I say with a sigh.

T'Pol enters, and views me with curiosity.

"Hello, T'Pol." I say, "My name is Sloan. Now I know you haven't been on the Enterprise long. I want you to know that there is another part of Starfleet that might appeal to you more, considering the tough environment that you've come from."

T'Pol leans forward. "Tell me more." she says.

I might have a recruit here. It'll mean a big bonus in my paycheck if I do.

"Well." I continue, "Section 31 is a group within Starfleet that pays little attention to standard rules. We have our own missions in which to destabilise certain alliances and create situations to suit ourselves."

"It sounds promising." T'Pol says, "Do I get to be in charge?"

"Er, not right away, T'Pol." I answer, "But after a while, if you are sneaky enough, you may attain that."

"In the Terran Empire." T'Pol says proudly, "We get promoted by using a dagger on our superiors when their use is over."

She is starting to worry me. I can imagine that dagger coming my way and her taking my place.

"Perhaps you aren't quite who we want in Section 31." I say hastily, "Thanks for coming in."

T'Pol issues a few Vulcan expletives and walks out. Picard laughs.

"Too worrying for you, Sloan?" he says, "Don't you think you can handle her?"

I glare at him. "There's still one more I want to see. Send in Ensign Britney."

Picard laughs again. Britney enters.

I'm glared at with suspicion again. Britney sits down, leans back and puts her Doc Marten booted feet on the table.

"Who are you?" she asks, as Britney takes the chewing up out of her mouth, "You look kinda suspicious."

Picard snorts with laughter.

"I'm Sloan, Britney." I tell her, "And I'm from Section 31. It's a part of Starfleet you can go to carry out skills to your potential. No more staying in the brig. We don't punish our operatives for minor transgressions like they do here on the Enterprise."

"Sounds cool." Britney answers, "When do we start?"

"Right away." I reply, "But what do you mean we?"

"Well, I'm not leaving the Enterprise without my sista!"

"You don't have any relatives on board, do you, Britney?" I ask with a puzzled look.

The Deltan sighs.

"Not my sister." she answers, "I mean my sista! My number one friend, T'Pol."

"I'm sorry, Britney." I tell her, "But she can't come."

"Then I ain't interested!" Britney says sharply, and puts the chewing gum back in, takes her boots off the desk and walks out.

"That was a failure, Sloan." laughs Picard.

"It may well be, Captain." I warn him, "But Section 31 is growing. Sooner or later it will dominate."

And with that, I vanish out of the Ready Room, just like a shadow, leaving Picard to clean up his Earl Grey soaked lap.


Author's note:
This is the 498th Post. Look out for the 500th Post commencing Sunday night!


Ellee said...

Britney is trouble - I would give her the boot if I was you.

The Curmudgeon said...

Dominate? When it wants to recruit Ensign Britney?

You shouldn't worry so much about Sloan, Captain -- he's a paper tiger at best.

Gordon said...

Hmm Section 31, the more I think about it, the more it seems like Q is behind all this you know, I wouldn't be surprised after all you know how trick a certain "Q" member can be.

Titania Starlight said...

I thought for sure Britney would take the offer. Oh well maybe there is a way to get rid of her in the future.

Justice said...

oooh 500 post is coming I cant wait...

So he had a chance and blew because he was afraid of TPol

Anonymous said...

that is it? What about the other peep on the enterprise, He isnt going to try to recruit them

Sorry just wanted to see worf put him through a bulk head

Shiara said...

HS! shame on you I am sure JP hates that man Sloan but would never let worf do it... Would spoil his fun of being to do it

TX said...

I'm back

Jana said...

That's too bad - Britney would have made a nice addition to the organization.

Linda said...

Two posts away from #500 - wow! I can't wait!

In the meantime, looks like you're stuck with Britney and her Doc Martens for awhile longer!


500 Posts! You've really gone that far. Congratulations and can't wait for that post.
Thanks for the visit.

Chris C said...

This post was in my blogrush widget on my site. Thought I would pass along the fyi. :)

And if I don't get the chance later just want to wish you congrats on 500 posts. This site is one of my daily reads in my feed reader. :)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Sect 31 is lucky they didn't get Britney or T'pol

Mr. Althouse said...

Congrats on your 498th! that is quite an accomplishment. I'll be looking forward to #500.

Michele sent me,


gautami tripathy said...

I will come for the 500th Episode.

Meanwhile I like the 498th post too.

Michele sent me here.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks all for the pre-500 congrats. Look forward to seeing you from Sunday night onwards, when it gets posted.

MOTD, Section 31 is lucky they didn't get T'Pol or Britney. They're too tough to handle.

Sky, good to know you're back.

Flik Sivrak said...

That Sloan guy looks suspicous - I don't trust him.

Ellee said...

Anothr milestone, 500 posts, that is definitely worth celebrating. Hope you push out the boat, or should I say, spaceship!

Smiler said...

Hi Jean-Luc, just wanted to say thanks for dropping by on my blog! Appreciated the comment. :-)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

T'Pol's empire and Section 31 seem to have a few things in common. Too bad it isn't quite the right fit.

Lavender said...

Too funny! Thanks for the laughs Captain, I thought for sure Brittney would be in if asked, but I forgot about her 'attachment' to T'Pol....too bad for Section 31 - (hope they all get lost in space!)

Hoto said...

Britney just cut her hair because she had a concert in east germany lol

Anonymous said...

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