Saturday, October 06, 2007

TWQ: Three Things In Seven Days

TWQ (The Weekend Question) is now asking you to look on the last seven days to see what happened.

Can you name three (or more) incidents that happened to you in the last seven days. Remember that if you want to, list as many as you like.

My answers are:

1: On Wednesday night, I sat in the dark. The electricity had gone from the house, caused by a faulty meter. A new one was installed on Thursday lunchtime.

2: On Tuesday, I was informed that a colleague who had worked in a former section of mine for about eight years had passed away after a long illness. Many of us, including those who have since left the company, will be attending his funeral next Friday.

3: On Monday, while having a bad migraine, I had to try and digest all that a computer engineer was telling me at the office about a data migration and how it worked now it was on XP!

Now it's over to you...


yellojkt said...

1. I went on a 10 mile bike ride day before yesterday. I hope to do a 15 mile one today.

2. I got called by my mother so that she could test her new cell phone.

3. I had to keep my dog from eating 12 loaves of bread he found.

rashbre said...

This is a good weekender!

1) I finally posted a greetings card I have been carrying around for about four weeks. It has been to several countires with me and is now stuck ina postal strike. It will be around 2 months late by the time it arrives.
2) I introduced to each other, two far flung friends who live close together.
3) I ordered some curtains as part of the neverending lounge reconstruction.

Amanda said...

1. My brother has been cooking us delicious Thai food for 3 consecutive nights. Today, my still breastfeeding son is telling me that the food I'm taking is not agreeing with him. We've gone through 3 times the usual number of diapers!

2. I met up with my old piano teacher as she is about to enter a Carmelite Monastary in November.

3. I broke the TV remote control.

Fab said...
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craziequeen said...

I like this one.....


I arranged my birthday party - a medieval banquet and evening joust, with the stunt horse-riding company (Devil's Horsemen) we visited back in June.

I unarranged my birthday party - the stunt team are working on a film the weekend I was planning to do the banquet thing.

We migrated computer systems at work, and I walked out when I had no access to either the new or the old system.

So, a mix of good and bad...

Michele sent me to say hi :-) But you're know I'm never far away.


Fab said...

1. thursday evening we got a call at the door: a water leak had ocurred in the street and in 5 minutes the water would be shut off till friday noon. So had to fill the bath tub in 5 minutes, the coffee maker with water and every available bucket. Over-reaction? no, survival instinct kicking in

2. annoyed the IT guys at work: got a mail from them threatning me to hit me with my own shoes. IT guys are over sensitive!

3. I finally managed to get the hang of the copy machine, apparently you can scan and send to your mailbox. (main reason for annoying the above mentioned IT guys).

Bilbo said...

1. Our engineers added a new layer of security software to one of our networks, providing the ultimate in security: we were unable to use the network for three days, and work ground to a halt.

2. Last night at the dance party, one of the ladies told me that I had the best leading skills of anyone she'd ever danced with.

3. I started a new book: Bloodlines, by F. Paul Wilson.

craziequeen said...

hmm - Michele sent me back......

three more things?

Started wearing a coat and putting the heater on in my car.

Starting taking my Prozac and VitB again.

Received a surprise parcel from Canada with the most adorable necklace and earring set in the maple leaf design.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

1. Tuesday I spoke to my friend Jennifer on the phone. I usually talk to her once every week or so because she lives on the other side of the country.

2. Monday went shopping at Walmart, and reaffirmed the fact that I hate Walmart.

4. Took the car in the shop again...this time the brakes.

PI said...

Good post!
1.I lost it when Amazon who had had my order for a book since last March (My Boy friend is a Twat since you ask)after countless messages about when it would be dispatched said the card didn't match. Surprise surprise it was renewed in August!!!!
2.I received a book written by my friend Granny P
3. My husband brought me flowers - for no particular reason
Michele sends her best.

Shari said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

1. I had an "a-ha" moment with homework. It's making more sense to me. :)

2. Watching the delight on my kids' faces when I walked with the puppy to meet them on the way home from school.

3. I finally got my free hearing aid batteries in the mail. It was a promotion for a new kind of packaging so that you can rip out one battery in it's protective "casing" and carry it with you. Saves space.

Lapa said...


gautami tripathy said...

On monday, I found a lost shirt I had been looking for months now.

Tuesday, an old friend came over after a long time.

friday, I took a surprise test for my class!

Michele sent me over!

HollyGL said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your co-worker, jlp.

1. I went to see a documentary about a 33 yr old man battling ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Heartwrenching.

2. I received more of a payout on my last job than I had expected. (yea!)

3. I lost two pounds. (Again, yea!) ;)

-TNChick- said...

I checked on my grandmother - she had eye surgery on the 3rd.

One night my cable internet drop for about 3 minutes while I was doing things for work (I use my PC to work).

I left a CDR in my brothers mail box on Friday. He later called askin' me if I had it so he could pick it up - not knowing it was in his mailbox already =)

susan said...

1. On thursday my 16 year old daughter had her hair cut, she's gone from being a child to a young lady in the past few months, and the "grown up hair" just adds to it. She really is such a beautiful young lady, though I'm a tad biased.

2.Discovered that my pottery wheel had been slightly damaged in storage in the garage. Hubby fixed it, and it's all fine now. I had a play with some clay to test it. Looking forward to spring when we will be able to start converting the garage to a pottery studio.

3. Got good news from the Doctor on some routine tests.

Shiara said...

well three things huh let me get back to you on that

November Rain said...

Hubby is on Vacation this week so its now ending his vacation but we went to 3 movies this week

I also got a used pc that better than mine to hold me over until we get me a new one

and then I messed up and forgot I had sent Fires xmas present in with the order of DVDs he wanted and didnt take his things out before he got to them

slskenyon said...

Wow. This is rather unique.

On Thursday I had a job interview in New Hampshire for a position as a director of education programs.

On Wednesday, I drove to the area of said job interview in order to ensure I would make it there on time.

Today, I cleaned one of two hamster cages, hopefully to continue that to the second hamster cage later.

slskenyon said...

Wow. This is rather unique.

On Thursday I had a job interview in New Hampshire for a position as a director of education programs.

On Wednesday, I drove to the area of said job interview in order to ensure I would make it there on time.

Today, I cleaned one of two hamster cages, hopefully to continue that to the second hamster cage later.

Ernie said...

Ummm...I vaguely remember drinking some Blue Beaver Beer. I must have gone to work one or twice. And I'm almost certain that I ate, sometime during the course of the last week.

Anonymous said...

well I found my horse but she is being attacked by worgens

Lavender said...

1) Besieged by bees!

2) A pedestal fan tried to kill me in the night as I made my way back to bed. Although my toe was spilt and bloody I managed to 'smote its ruin', and now the fans' shattered carcass is in the trash/recycling.

3) Had an electrician in to install a cieling I cant get either of my cats out from behind the dryer - they are petrified the cieling fan is going to get them......

LOL! Good question Captain :)

lala said...

Sounds like a sucky few days. But having the power out can be fun sometimes. It can be peaceful. I hope things start to look up. =)

Barbara said...

1. I went to a carnival at my son's school
2. I got rained on
3. My good knee started to hurt

Gyrobo said...

1) I learned why HTML and XHTML are headed for an unavoidable, all-out brawl. Whose side are you gonna be on?!

2) The line between creepy and suspicious is razor thin and very soft.

3) I finally understand why the 1987 Max Headroom pirating incident occurred-- lack of Vitamin C.

swirly girl said...

Monday went to the gym.

Wednesday talked to a friend who gave me a pep talk about the big interview on Friday.

Thursday was my birthday! Only 3 more years before I head off to a nunnery...just kidding...mostly.

Friday I was supposed to have an interview for a job, but the interview was canceled.

Chris C said...

1. This is my last week at my work, then I transfer to a location closer to home.

2. I took in a homeless man but he stole all my shit and ate my food. I had no choice but to beat the crap out of him and send him on his way.

3. I wrestled live animals including a squirrel and a small dog. I won every match.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a great collection so far! It shows the varied lives we all have, and what can happen to us all in just seven days.

craziequeen said...

Michele sent me here to give you three more.......


1. Went to the cinema to see Run Fatboy Run - brilliant film - well done Schwimmer/Pegg/Azaria!

2. Went to the cinema again to see Across the Universe - stunning and I want to go again!

3. MB has disassembled the garden shed and I was stunned at how big our garden really is!!


rashbre said...

I originally visited here under my own power yesterday and its great fun to read the extra items that have been added.

Today Michele sent me- Hello!

Since yesterday:
1) I went shopping for a replacement loo. The new one has a soft closing seat (!) - too much information?
2) I enjoyed the evening in a noisy Italian restaurant.
3) We had a sort of 'Black Books' fest and watched all of series 2 over some glasses of wine.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hmm. Let's see.

1. Took #1 to soccer and spent the entire practice walking around the field with some of the other moms.

2. Wrote a lot

3. Ate out too much.

Glad to see you stop by, Jean-Luc! I agree; it IS a weird time for a Christmas meme.

November Rain said...

michelle sent me again

Titania Starlight said...

It sounds like you had a bit of a stressful week. :o(

Monday :Took my mother to the the musuem and to see the Mississippi River.

Wednesday: Over ate at the Fox and Hound Pub. Totally blew my diet to pieces!

Saturday: Celebrated hubby's Birthday. Again blew my diet. I was such a bad girl all week. :o)

kenju said...

Nothing very interesting here, Jean-Luc:
I took mr. kenju to therapy twice, I worked on Thurs.,Fri., and Sat. and I went to see our accountant about taxes for 2006.
Michele hopes your week was better!

kenju said...

Nothing very interesting here, Jean-Luc:
I took mr. kenju to therapy twice, I worked on Thurs.,Fri., and Sat. and I went to see our accountant about taxes for 2006.
Michele hopes your week was better!

utenzi said...

Michele sent me over, Captain.

1. I went hiking in Eno Park yesterday and took a mite over 200 pictures.

2. Yesterday evening I had BBQ and Brunswick Stew at Bullocks, a great dive in Durham.

3. I spent much of this past week (and today) working on graphics for my boss in Photoshop and Prism.

Of the 3, I liked the eating and hiking more!

gautami tripathy said...

Well, my muse seems dead. Poetry not flowing. I kind of going crazy!

Got here from Michele as I couldn't see you missed!

Tim said...

1. My son got in a fight at school and had us all in a quandary
2. I work outside, and the first snowfall of the year made Wednesday pretty rough. It all melted away the next day to leave everything muddy.
3. I had a good visit with a couple of friends late into the morning on Friday.

Jaime said...

I sent in my application for graduate school on Saturday, along with nine letters for transcripts and recommendations.

I baked an apple pie on Tuesday for my Bible study group (I was dessert person this past week).

On Thursday, I went to the cheap theatre to see HP for the last time before it was removed.

Hmmm....rather dull....

Serina Hope said...

1) I went shopping and got everythingfor Princess H's upcoming birthday.
2) I spent the whole day in the company of other women.
3) I tagged you for a silly little meme over at my place.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks all of you for contributing. It gave me and everytone who read them a peek into your lives.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh drat! i am sorry to be late, i seem to be doing that more and more lately.

1. had a boil water order
2. returned to florida
3. found out son is back out (sigh)

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

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