Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Party

We are in the holodeck and walking through Parisian sewers.

"I don't know why I agreed to this." I complain to Bev, "Surely we could have had a better Halloween party than tramping through these sewers trying to find Riker and Deanna."

"Oh, it's fun, Jean-Luc." Beverly tells me as I slip in the water again, "It's certainly different."

The senior staff and I are making our way to the Phantom's Lair. We are all dressed in top hats, capes or ballgowns. Typical styles of dress for a opera in the 19th Century. The off-key music, played by Riker is giving us the wherabouts about the location the party.

"I'll be glad to get there." Jadzia comments, "So that interminable organ music will stop." Everyone agrees to this.

Suddenly we are there. Deanna is tied to a post, and Riker rises from the ground, still playing the organ, like someone who used to play at the cinemas in the early 2oth century.

We untie Deanna, who says, "Will has definately got into the spirit of the occasion."

He steps off the organ to face us.

"Welcome to the Phantom's Lair!" Riker says with a mad cackle. His mask is effective. It looks nothing like him.

"The mask looks a distinct improvement." Seven comments, although I'm not sure whether that was said lightly, as Seven hasn't exactly got a sense of humour.

"Err...Captain??" says a familiar voice from the other side of the room. I see that it is Riker in a Phantom outfit.

"What is going on, Number One?" I ask.

"Well, when I programmed the scene, I went a little too far and the scene included the Phantom as well!" he tells me.

I groan.

"Computer, eliminate Phantom!" I call out. Nothing happens.

"I think there must be an anomoly in the program." Riker tells me, stating the obvious.

"Computer, reboot the program and return to scene, leaving out Phantom." I command.


For a second, we are in the square holodeck room, then back in the sewer. The Phantom has disappeared.

"That's a relief." sighs Bev, "Now let's enjoy ourselves."

The orchestra starts playing away, and we all get dancing, when the video wall lights up.

Who put THAT in?

"You call this Halloween scary?" comments T'Pol, "In the Terran Empire we REALLY know how to terrify people."

"Yeah, sistah!, You tell 'em!" yells out Ensign Britney, who she is dancing with, and is the only one not to conform, as she is (barely) wearing a goth outfit.

Surely Ensign Britney is the scariest here; she worries me more than Seven of Nine!


After some hours, of consuming alcohol and dancing to creepy and romantic tunes, we all leave.

"I'm going to relax now." I tell Bev, "And I guarantee I won't be putting any opera on!


Gordon said...

Don't you just love it when you specify the parameters and well something almost like you were thinking off appears but not quite..
I think you should ship Ensign Britney off to Sector 31 - I know cruel on them but 2 birds one stone...

rashbre said...

Oops, it looks as if Ensign Britney nearly did it again.

The Curmudgeon said...

Seems scary enough to me, Captain.

Although, for once, the Holodeck seems to have actually obeyed a command.

Wouldn't that be nice if it starts a trend?

Someday maybe Ensign Britney will obey commands, too.

pads said...

I still think seven is scarier lol, though I have to admit ensign britney is scarey.

I enjoy reading your blog captain keep up the good work.

Love pads

Wolverine said...

yeh yer still havin' a better time than me.

Batman said...

I like the phantom's style. Britany's not so much

Amanda said...

I always feel sorry for the phantom. He's always eliminated.

Professor Xavier said...

Seems to me Ensign Britney might be a mutant. Better send you to my school, Jean-Luc, so I can, er, test her out.

Lavender said...

In the sewers, Beverly says "Its fun"....traisping thru sewers is FUN? Were the fumes getting to her or what??

Lavender said...

I mean, holodeck or no holodeck - sewers can not possibly be fun Iccky! :)

Monica said...

WOW that was a good one! But um, Brittney... well....

Great one!


Bilbo said...

Hmmm...Phantom...Ensign Britney...I don't know about everyone else, but I'M terrified.

Jaime said...

Happy Halloween, Captain!

Ellee said...

Happy Halloween Captain, it looks like you are ready for fun.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Seems like it's always Halloween with Ensign Britney around.

Jana said...

Happy Halloween, Captain!

Unfortunately, that's not Britney's costume, those are her normal clothes.

Anonymous said...

Trick or Treat Captain! Happy Halloween!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Lavender, Paris actually do tours through their sewers.

Jana, that's true about that outfit being normal for Britney.

Professor, you are being very helpful, wanting to er, test Britney out.

Amanda, I know what you mean, the Phantom doesn't last long.

To everybody...Happy Halloween!

Linda said...

Oh my goodness but it seems that Ensign Britney forgot to put her dress on over her undergarments!

I do believe that was the scariest thing I saw all day!!

Viamarie said...

Hello Captain! It's been quite a while and I'm glad I was able to find time to greet old freinds a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Serina Hope said...

Happy Halloween. I think Ensign Britney's costume is the scariest!

Titania Starlight said...

Happy Halloween! Bravo! Woo hoo! Standing ovation for a wonderful party. Loved the video. :o)

SQT said...

Holy crap! That's the scariest costume I have ever seen.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Oh dear...Ensign Britney forgot most of her costume.


TX said...

Seven is to be feared...

Anonymous said...

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