Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enterprise Infiltration By Section 31 (Part Five)

Editor' Note:

Luther Sloan, Director of the secret unit Section 31 is sending two of his newest and most beautiful agents to infiltrate the USS Enterprise. Agents J and K will pose as Ensigns Jayne Jackson and Kay Kassandra, and will report on whether the ship is run properly and if Captain Picard is up to the job, otherwise he will be replaced by a Section 31 operative. The two agents are now on the Enterprise, and are causing a stir. They got in a fight with Ensign Britney & T'Pol, who were then taken to the brig until they released information about the new Ensigns to Bev and Deanna.


So here I am in my Ready Room, relaxing as much as I can. With no aliens to fight, everything seems so trouble free.

That can't last long, can it?

Suddenly there is a ruckus and I drop my earl grey tea into my lap. Why is it most of the tea I am about to consume ends there rather than me?

Four women barge into the room. Bev, Deanna, T'Pol & Ensign Britney. What a quartet!

"What's going on?" I struggle to say through my poured tea, "I thought these two were in the brig?"

"They were, but I got them out." Bev answers, "They know vital information about Kay Kassandra and Jayne Jackson...or whoever their names are."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that they are Section 31 operatives, Jean-Luc." Bev answers.

I go white, as if I've been working in the chalk mines.

"Are you sure?"

They all tell me the story, which makes me groan more with every telling. I decide to get all the senior staff in to discuss it.


"I should think Seven would be keen on assimilating them." Riker comments in that humour that he has.

"She can have them, Number One." I reply.

"The collective would not want them." Seven states sharply, "There are some individuals the Borg would not want to add into the hive mind, and human spies such are these are two examples. It would give the Borg a bad name."

I try to keep my face straight at what Seven says and talk to the group.

"All right." I tell them, "In short, if we know they are Section 31 operatives, can we just remove them."

"They will just deny it ever happened and what T'Pol & Britney said." Deanna tells me.

"So we've got to catch them at it?" I ask.

"That's it." she answers, "Get someone to be friendly to them and act as a spy for us."

To be continued...


Jen said...

I thought the Borg wanted to assimilate absolutely everyone? Hmmmmm, these must be very bad people indeed!

The Curmudgeon said...

"Friendly" with them, eh? And Britney & Alt. T'Pol's overtures were spurned... violently.

No, this looks like a job for Riker.

Troi -- look the other way -- this is in the line of duty! (And, Riker, stop grinning like an idiot at the prospect, OK?)

Linda said...

Hmmm, I'm wondering who you are going to send in for the 'get friendly' mission ... ???

Mimi Lenox said...

There's a brig??! Is that anything like a dungeon?

You are in my post today.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

The plot thickens :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You'll see which two get to go in Part Six....it's not Riker, though he probably would have voluteered!

Michael Manning said...

Captain: If they are Stacy Keebler beautiful, perhaps...just perhaps I ould have a hand at reforming them! :D)

Phoenix said...

waiting for the next episode..

zingtrial said...

Yes!Capt,will come for more wanting to know the next part.:).

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