Thursday, March 19, 2009

Queen Diana's Visit (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Karena

Things are in a near panic right now.

My mother, Queen Diana is visiting the Rhode Island, but has come with my mischievous sister Nexa.

She has grabbed Commander Hathaway and is taking him for a ship tour. As both of them hive high hormones it might not belong before a scandal happens.

My mother looks rather concerned.

"Captain Hernandez." she says diplomatically, "My daughter Nexa can be a little difficult and headstrong. Could you please keep track of her."

I see this as a sign. I've known my sister too long. She and I never got on when we grew up on Wondawowman.

"Captain." I say quietly, "Is it all right for Wes and I to handle this?"

"Yes." she replies, "You have my permission to do anything to stop an incident happening."

With a statement like that, the Captain is clearly worried that the Commander break any Royal protocols, so to speak. His record with princesses is not good. He was caught in a compromising position with Princess Talia just a short time ago. We don't want another one to be a conquest.

"Computer." I say, when touching my Com badge, "Tell me the location of Commander Hathaway."

"Commander Hathaway is in his quarters."

"He didn't waste much time, did he?" Was comments.

"No." I say, "Let's go."

I grab my spear and drag Wes along to where the Commander is. We don't want the tour he is giving to include one of his body, although knowing my sister, she'd be quite willing.

The door is locked, but I use the secret Royal Diplomatic Entrance Code, and get through.

"What are you doing here, Ensign." asks Hathaway, who looks like he was about to remove his uniform top.

"Sorry sir." I stay, "I have my orders from the Captain to escort the Princess back to the Queen."

Nexa looks annoyed.

"Always wanting to spoil the fun, aren't you, sister." Nexa says with a sneer, "You never want me to enjoy myself....just because you never do."

She looks at Wes when saying this, just to enrage me.

"Don't let her get to you, pumpkin." Wes tells me, "She's just mad because she didn't get someone to add to her long, long, list."

Nexa doesn't like that, and we escort the two of them back.

The Captain personally thanks me, and says she'll have 'one or two words to say to the Commander tonight'

I can envisage they will be loud and very choice ones as well!


The Curmudgeon said...

I must say I'm stunned at these plot twists. I thought Nexa might flay Hathaway alive the moment he started getting any of his usual ideas into his head... but Nexa seems to have the same ideas.

Nexa... willing, even eager.

Karena... diplomatic.


Jaime said...

This isn't the end, is it?

Linda said...

Okay ... but they're still on the ship and no good can still happen. Hope Karena doesn't let her guard down!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

tee hee...I agree..those words will be very loud. some probably with 4 letters too.

Michael Manning said...

An interesting plot where no one outcome is guranteed!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Jaime, actually, yes, it is the end for now, but you can never tell what Nexa will be up to next!