Thursday, March 05, 2009

Enterprise Infiltration By Section 31 (Part Three)

Editor' Note:

Luther Sloan, Director of the secret unit Section 31 is sending two of his newest and most beautiful agents to infiltrate the USS Enterprise. Agents J and K will pose as Ensigns Jayne Jackson and Kay Kassandra, and will report on whether the ship is run properly and if Captain Picard is up to the job, otherwise he will be replaced by a Section 31 operative. The two agents are now on the Enterprise, and are causing a stir.


Guest Poster: Ensign Britney

These two new Ensigns have been turning a few heads. With the revealing outfits they wear and their hypnotic eyes, the crew are finding them hard to avoid.

"What say we make friends with them, Brit?" asks T'Pol to me, as we sit in Ten Forward, watching Jackson & Kassandra chat together in the corner.

"Maybe they like to keep to themselves the way we do, sistah." I ask.

"Of course." T'Pol comments, "On the other hand they might just be lonely, "We might make a considerable foursome."

Yeah, honey." I say after some thought, "You're right. Let's go over and introduce ourselves."

We casually walk over to where the two friends are whispering. They look even more secretive than T'Pol and I are. I decide to turn on the friendship switch.

"Hi!" I say cheerily, "I'm Ensign Britney, and this is my soulsistah T'Pol. You're Jayne and Kay? We thought you might want to get together with us for a drink or two later."

Kay Kassandra looks at us both with her smile switched of, and gives a look of pure hatred and malice, as if someone has taken her place in the queue to use the holodeck.

"Butt out, baldy!" she sneers, "Can't you see that Jayne and I are busy in matters that don't concern you two weirdos."

T'Pol gets very aggressive.

"My friend Britney is from Delta. All people are without hair there." she shouts, "You WILL apologise."

The next few moments are filled with lots of fisticuffs and table smashing. When Security comes, and the four of us are led away, T'Pol and I to the brig.

"Lieutenant Worf." I say, as we are dragged there, "Those two used fighting techniques I have not seen at the Academy. They are not who they seem to be!"

Let's hope that they see those two for what they are before it is too late!

To be continued after the TWQ...


Amanda said...

I KNEW ensign Britney would be in this story. Perhaps she'll even be the hero huh?

David said...

girl fight! woo hooo.

Thanks for this, cap. I will check back in for tqw, Netchick sent me.

Brit looks better since rehab, don't you think?

Gordon said...

Hey what you know I think you've just found a use for Britney n T'Pol - check out the new starts are who they SAY they are..

Amanda said...

Captain, you have to go watch this. Its a Picard Song :

It was Mike from Billions of Versions of Normal who found it.

Linda said...

How rude!

Perhaps getting into a fight with Britney and T'Pol will reveal the two infiltrates for who they really are!