Saturday, March 07, 2009

TWQ: Odd Changes

TWQ (The Weekend Question) looks at pointless changes that companies around us have made.

Have you come across any changes in shops you've been in or companies that you might have worked for that are completely pointless and serve no benefit? Sometimes a person with common sense might see it makes things worse! List as many as you know.

My answers are:

* Norwich Union Insurance Company changing it's name to Aviva (just what is that?)

* My company moving part of it's phone centre to India. They see it as a good idea while it is clearly paying them peanuts. What do they do with the phone company previously here? In these days of financial problems, it doesn't bear well for them.

Now it's over to you...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

my bank has been gobbled up so many times since i opened my account in 1981 that my checks never have the right bank name printed on them. most recently wells fargo bought it. it was wachovia among many others...

have a great weekend!

smiles, bee

Carmi said...

Great question! I'm so happy that Tanya sent me over on this lovely weekend.

Dumbest move I've ever seen? I worked for a newspaper way back when. They bought new word processing software - off the shelf, Microsoft Word - then hired programmers to spend months removing features so that writers couldn't save or store their work. You had to write it in real-time - no saving as you worked, so you'd lose your work if your computer crashed - and when you "saved" it, it went directly to the editor, never to be seen again.

Six months. Tens of thousands of dollars of programming effort that never worked properly. All because the editor was a power-monger.


Nepharia said...

Working at a company who "manufactured" a particular UNIX-type OS, everyone in the dept had machines that used this particular OS on their desktops.

After acquiring a new department head (who did not know how or want to learn how to use UNIX at all in a desktop environment) moved us all to Windows machines.

Which meant if we needed to do any OS testing, we had to go to the lab two floors down rather than being able to test on our local machines.


rashbre said...

The high profile advertising of some financial institutions at the moment is also intriguing. Is it necessary to advertise insurance with Bruce Willis, Ringo Starr and others all in the same advert? I'm sure the senior execs of the company enjoyed meeting them all.

And I wonder if the institutions being baled out by taxpayers should really be Olympics sponsors? By all means still have the money donated, but make it clear its from taxpayers rather than Bankers.

craziequeen said...

Hey Jean-Luc, here from Tanya's this afternoon :-)

This TWQ is a bit more difficult than usual, and I don't know any examples.

I'm pretty sure in these difficult days most changes are based in improvement of business or service - although I never see the benefit to the customer.


EastCoastLife said...

Quite a number of companies in Singapore also outsource their services to China and India. The salaries of Singaporeans are quite high. But such moves cause many Singapore citizens to lose their jobs.

Dorothy said...

I have little idea of what lurks in the minds of fortune hundred companies except for greet and corruption which makes me think if they do the change it's because they believe it will benefit them monetarily.

Thanks for visiting our blog..

Dorothy from grammology

Ellee Seymour said...

Oil of Olay for some reason changed to Ulay, for some reason...

Anonymous said...
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Michael Manning said...

Captain: Lou Dobbs' television series "The Outsourcng of America" (while spot-on) has sadly done little to stop this insane practice. It sounds as if you share this malaise "across the pond" and I shake my head again. Sad.

Anonymous said...

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