Thursday, March 12, 2009

Enterprise Infiltration By Section 31 (Part Six)

Editor' Note:

Luther Sloan, Director of the secret unit Section 31 is sending two of his newest and most beautiful agents to infiltrate the USS Enterprise. Agents J and K will pose as Ensigns Jayne Jackson and Kay Kassandra, and will report on whether the ship is run properly and if Captain Picard is up to the job, otherwise he will be replaced by a Section 31 operative. The two agents are now on the Enterprise, and are causing a stir. After a fight with Ensign Britney & T'Pol, who found they were agents, the Captain is sending someone in to gain their trust and catch them.


Guest Poster: Jennifer Baxter

Ro Laren and I walk carefully into Ten Forward, where we have been told that Kay Kassandra and Jayne Jackson are sitting together during a duty break.

"This is gonna be tough, Jen." Ro says to me, "These are are secret Section 31 agents, and we've got to get them to trust us."

"It's not easy." I answer, "I think we need to approach them for a girly chat."

Ro Looks a little puzzled, but I urge to play along when we talk to them.

We approach Kay & Jayne who are whispering slyly, just like the furtive agents that they are.

"Hiya girls!" I say cheerily, with a smile on my face so wide, it's almost going round the other side.

"Beat it, smiley!" replies Jayne. Her partner looks at us both with a glare.

"No need to take offence." I quickly say, "I heard how you two took out Britney and T'Pol. Frankly, they had it coming. They are a real couple of weird loudmouths who needed taking down a peg or two."

"Err..yeah." Ro joins in, "Those two were always causing trouble and getting put in the brig."

"Glad we could oblige." Kay tells me, "Want to join us? We're just having a Solarian Brandy?"

"Don't mind if we do." I say, "Call me Jenny."

Great! They first vital hurdle is crossed. The next problem will be to stay sober while talking to them while having a Solarian Brandy. Hopefully that will loosen their tongues a little.


A few hours later, the four of us are laughing and giggling together. I urge Guinan to get another four Solarian Brandies. She rolls her eyes at us. Now is the time for the important stuff.

"If you ask me." I say, "Picard isn't up to being a Captain anymore. After all, I've been an Ensign for years."

"It's been the same for me." Ro comments, "If something isn't done, the four of us will be Ensigns forever."

Ro's got the idea!

Jayne looks at Kay. They both nod their heads.

"Well it might not be like that for much longer, Jenny & Ro." Jayne tells me in a slightly drunken manner, "You see the two of us belong to a secret group within Starfleet that answers to no one, named Section 31. We are here to see how things are. From what we see, Picard will have to go, and a Section 31 operative put in place."

"Really?" Ro answers, looking at me, "That's fascinating."

I click my Com, "It's time."

All of the senior staff come in and grab Jayne and Kay.

"Your conversation was most interesting." says the Captain, "Thank you Ro and Jennifer for recording it."

The two agents look at us in fury, as if we've just had the last two tickets to a rock concert.

"You'll be sorry." says Kay, "And as for you, Picard, we are just wheels within wheels. If you think Section 31 won't get you replaced, you are mistaken."

They get dragged away, screaming.

"Do you think that is true?" I ask the Captain.

"Time will tell, Ensign Baxter" he answers, "Time will tell."


The Curmudgeon said...

Was that last picture taken in Ten Forward? I always thought there was a dress code.

Ah, well, a round of Solarian Brandies for everyone! Well done.

Gordon said...

Dress code in ten forward, ha..
Now can someone please get the nice Ms Baxter and Ms Laren some 24th century "Resolve" and the Captain a fresh cup of Earl Grey, no make it Darjeling.

EastCoastLife said...

Such beauties! I hope they succeed in their mission. :P

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think Jennifer had her 'off duty' outfit on, Curmudgeon.

Jen said...

If I buy an "off duty" outfit like that, will I look like that when I wear it?

mw said...

I was so completely in to the story that when I came to the line 'and grab Jayne and Kay' my heart stopped with the image. Mmmm, Mmmm, wonderful...

Here from Tanya

Linda said...

Based on the comments left her, I can see why you had to send in two more females, Captain. The men never would have gotten past staring and drooling and completely forgotten what they were there for!

Ellee Seymour said...

Capt Picard has his hands full again.

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