Saturday, September 30, 2006

TWQ: Christmas Too Early?

TWQ (The Weekend Question) asks about shopping for an event that is still nearly three months away...a quarter of the year!

How early or what signs did you think that Christmas was getting too early in the shops this year (or in earlier years)?

These are my answers:

There have been 'Christmas shops' set on department stores since August, but the funniest thing was a story I read in the paper about the town of St Albans in England putiing up their Christmas lights in early September. The reason for this was that the place they were kept had to be demolished, so it was claimed the sensible thing was to put them up early! They have yet to be 'switched on', though.

Now it's over to you...


Michele said...

Stopping by to say hello...

Late August I was in a store that is filled with home decor. One main aisle, very close to the door was filled with Halloween on one side and Christmas decorations on the other. In August? I do not wish to think about Halloween, let alone Christmas. Yet, I know it is simply maketing, it is wrong, yet, much of marketing is.

Great question.

Now, you must tell us, when does Christmas shopping begin in the 24th Century?

Ellee said...

I'm ashamed to say I bought some mince pies last week, my husband loves them. I did read about a town that has already put up its Christmas decorations, it had to because of work that had to be carried out to the building that stored them and there was nowhere else for them to go.

I will buy Christmas presents as and when I see them, otherwise the chances are you won't come across them when you want to and that is maddening. I usually leave my Xmas shopping till the first week of December, but I hate the crowds. I buy a lot from Amazon too, I find it is great for prices and delivery, though there is obviously no festive atmosphere which I also enjoy.

The Curmudgeon said...

Have you noticed? The signs say Christmas 2007....

Carol said...

Dear Captain,

I think the whole idea of Christmas in July (or whenever) is over the top. Completely Michele mentioned pretty soon holidays like St. Patrick's Day ( no pun intended - LOL ) and Easter will overlap with Christmas. I think Christmas shopping three months early is strictly a merchandising ploy to keep us all in the poorhouse....

I know that sounds somewhat SCROOGELIKE, but if Bush doesn't get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan fairly soon, we may not have to worry about Christmas by the 24th century, right?

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And BTW, there were three slices missing from my cake. I had one and Hubs liked it so much he came back for seconds.


TNChick said...

I haven't saw any Christmas things out, yet... just Halloween. I think it's OK to start shoppin' now but I think Christmas decor, etc should not come out till after Halloween.

Badoozie said...

all of our bitching is not going to change anything, might as well just bask in the christmassness of it all

Dear AL said...

No signs of Christmas yet, just Halloween since January! Guess where I live?

Hey, how do you decorate a Starship for Christmas? Doesn't make sense to hang christmas lights on the windows unless you're docked at a space station.

Jaime H. said...

When I was a kid, the stores where I lived used to have "Christmas in July" sales. Ick.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

even though i have already started, i think it's too early when it's still summer. i would actually prefer not to see a christmas tree up until after thanksgiving (which is next weekend where i live).

Susan said...

christmas cards on sale in the beginning of September, the children had not even gone back to school for the autumn term at the time!

Husband barely starts worrying about christmas even when it hits the 24th, December that is!

Guess who has not bought a Christmas present for years then? Yep not even mine!!

(Mind you I have sent him a list of knitting stuff that he can order on the net for this year)

Darth Nepharia said...

Ok, I saw the first signs of both Halloween and Christmas on Labor Day weekend. It was maddening. Halloween is becoming almost as merchandised as Christmas, it seems. Went to the store today (Sept 30) and saw the aisled stocked with 9/10 Halloween stuff, but there was one small area that was offering the Christmas stuff. *Sigh*

Raehan said...

Christmas catalogues started arriving at the end of summer.

I hate how when I start getting ready for a holiday, usually a week or two before the actual holiday, everything is sold out and they are on to the next. I once looked for Christmas cookie cutters a week before Christmas and I was already too late. Nobody had them anymore.

Anonymous said...

No sign of Christmas here...

I suspect that Christmas stuff doesn't really get going until 1st advent.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Christmas seems to start at various times. Last year, the day after Christmas, or the day itself, there was a tv advert for a book with items for Christmas 2007!

Michele, wonderful to have you visiting. Christmas in the 24th Century starts just like it does every year...too early.

Ellee, I buy a lot over the internet as well, as I see them; books and DVDs are great value there. Play.Com is another I shop with, as well as Amazon.

Carol, we would all welcome Christmas starting after Halloween, or something like that.

Al, a Starship is decorated just like anywhere else; a tree in the corner and lots of decorations everywhere!

Susan, I know what you mean about cards; actually, there are lots of half-price or cheaper cards sold right after Christmas or in January.

Raehan, it seems we are forced to shop early in case everything runs out.

Merlyn, you are lucky it doesn't start where you are.

Miss Cellania said...

Here in redneck country, Christmas lights stay up on porches all year long. Most of the people quit turning them on every night by Easter, though.

rashbre said...

We also have early signs of Christmas from late August, mainly in the supermarkets. I don't really start to think about it until after Beaujolais Noveau has passed us by ( I don't advise drinking it, but a sensible alternative would be all right).

We have enough with Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and then the (seldom celebrated BN day).

Quite often, office parties and suchlike are in early December now, in any case.

Of course, in your line of business, you'll have seen the NASA interview with Santa about how he travels the rest of the solar system.


Barbara said...

It goes from back to school straight to Christmas in the stores. The marketing folks must have found that it works because it keeps getting earlier and earlier.

Meow said...

I think as soon as they have Fathers Day out of the way here (which is early September), out come the Christmas things ... the next holiday !! It kind of freaks me out, though, as I don't like living Christmas for 3 or so months a year ... one month (December) is enough, I think.
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Lady Wyntir said...

christmas is always too early. :(

first it came out before thanksgiving, then before halloween... then before school started! ; _ ;

christmas is just another shopping holiday here in the states. no one is in the real spirit which makes me kind of sad. i love lights and all... but leave christmas to it's own week... sheesh!

~wyn ^_^

Anonymous said...

I ran into the same thing that michelle did. I was in Costco in mid to late August, and they had both Halloween and Christmas stuff. I was like "Okay, it's way too early for Halloween, forget Christmas."

Anonymous said...

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