Saturday, September 02, 2006

TWQ: Funny Book Titles & Authors

This weekend, TWQ (The Weekend Question) looks to see if you can make up some good book combinations:

Can you make up or do you know some book titles and authors that go together well:

Examples are:

The Clifftop Accident by Eileen Dover

Elegant Cars by Iona Ferrari

Map Making by Easton West

Litigation Techniques by Sue Yu

Which ones do you know?


Professor Xavier said...

The Cap' in the Chair, by Dr. Suess.

melinama said...

Let me get back to you. Hi, from Michele's place...

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

no i don't, but i love that litigation one!

Anonymous said...

-'A Risky Way To Earn Money' by Robin Banks
-'Caught Short' by I. P. Freely
-'A Life In Blue Movies' by Ivor Biggun
-'The Long Journey To Paris' by Francis Faraway
-'Hostile To Culture' by Phyllis Tyne
-'The Reluctant Jockey' by Willie Winnarace
-'Singing In Pubs' by Carrie Okey
-'On The Beach' by C. Shaw
-'The Mechanic' by Jack A. Carup
-'Golf For Beginners' by T. Ingoff

Terri said...

Hi from Michele's....
What a great question...and my well is dry at the moment.
I'm not sure I could beat Adams! Those are really

panthergirl said...

"Bladder Health" by I.P. Daly
"Great Breakfast Recipes" by Hammond Eggs
"The End of an Error" by E. Racer
"The Basics of Proctology" by Ben Dover

Hey... this is fun. I could do this all day!

Here via michele!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

"Under the Bleachers" by Seymore Butts.

Darth Nepharia said...

"The Open Kimono" by Seymore Hare

Anonymous said...

Some more for you...

-'A Refined Way To Travel' by Orson Carriage
-'The Sheep With No Wool' by Shaun Allover
-'How I Became The Karaoke Champion Of India' by Gerrupta Singh
-'Sweets Of Our Time' by Candi Kane
-'Weapons Of War' by Art Illeree
-'More Weapons Of War' by Miss I. L. Launcher
-'The Letters We Use' by Alf Arbett
-'Ten-Pin' by Bo Lingalley
-'A Study Of Mathematics' by D. Vision & Ad Ishun
-'Rice Growing Made Simple' by Paddy Fields
-'How To Make Honey' by B. Keeping
-'Constructing Skyscrapers' by Bill Dingsite

Nic said...

I am CRACKING UP over Adam's titles. Those are great! Just howling over here with laughter. I'll try to come up with some for this, but I don't know if I can beat his.

dragonflyfilly said...

TWQ; thank you....

....ah ha ha ahhah, i leaned over....took me awhile...hmmm, i will have to give this some thought, the brain is a bit slow right now, maybe i just need some protein?

dragonflyfilly said...

ah HAH HAH HAH HAH AHHH HAH - "Open Kimona" hah hah hah very funny i like that one!

dragonflyfilly said...

"See More Teeth" by O.Penmouth maybe not?

Nic said...

The Contingency Plan by Justin Case
My Crazy Life by Batsin D. Belfry
All About Occam by Ray Zorzedge
Anger Managment by Flip U. DeByrd
The New Existentialism by Toby Ornottoby
Inside The Bunny Ranch by Amanda Licknblow
Making Money by Bill Fold
Handling Sibling Rivalry by Sharon Sharalike
1001 Laughs A Minute by Joe Kerr
Your Heart And You by Angie O. Graham
How To Get Ahead In Life by Watt A. Nass
Trannylicious by Adam Sapple
The Wisdom of Baghdad Bob by Major Lee D. Feated
The Hollywood Diet by Annie Rexia
Superficial by Faye Slift
The Breakfast In Bed Cookbook by Hammond Eggs
Praise Him! by Hal E. Luya
The Art of Self-Defense by Holden McGroin
The Book of Party Etiquitte by Kay Ken Kofee

Captain, I could do these all day! Maybe I'll be back to do more later. I'm having a blast thinking of these!

Anonymous said...

Some great ones there Nic. Particularly like Flip U. DeByrd & Batsin D. Belfry!

I think I can squeeze out a few more...

-'Famous Sayings' by Helen Highwater
-'A Form Of Praise' by Neil Downe
-'Xmas Songs In Church' by Carole Service
-'My Favourite Simon & Garfunkel Lyrics' by Rosemary N. Thyme
-'Which Meat To Choose?' by B. Forlamb
-'Help Required' by Len Dayhand
-'The Best Dish On The Menu' by Sir Loinsteak
-'Much Loved Pizza Toppings' by Pepe Roni & Ann Chovies
-'Cooking Food Quickly' by Mike Rowave
-'Bad Luck All Round' by Des Astor & Cal Amity
-'How To Greet A Stranger' by Sheik N. Hans
-'Bogart: A Life In Film' by Cassie Blanca

dragonflyfilly said...

Neil Downe, VERY good!

Nic said...

Ok, I can't let Adam beat me on this! ;) He's quite the creative bloke. Threw in a couple of titles for those across the pond.

Memorization Techniques by Drew A. Blanc
The Vicar's Life by Hugh Morless
Famous Mishaps In History by Dee Zaster
Proper Sleeping Techniques by Payne N. DeNeque
Life Inside Windsor Palace by Roy L. Ball
Travel Games for Kids by Ari Deryet
A Look Inside Sapphic Society by Les Beahan
Burps, Farts and Other Rude Noises by X.Q. Schmee
Surprising Things You Never Knew by Al B. Dammd
Housebreaking Your Pet by P. Oliver DeFleur
Medicine By Any Other Name... by Jen Erick
Ten Easy Steps to Becoming A Morning Person by Eurasmus B. Draggin
Queen of the Double Wide by Iona Trailer
The Easy Guide to Family Traveling by Cara Van
Pop Psychology by Norm Al Gai
Sinking Ships by Lou Slipps
Tender Expressions by Olive Yu
How to Get More Back On Your Taxes by Lou Pole
Home On The Range by Barb Dwyer
He Said What? by Shirley Eugeste
Timeless Love Songs by Sam & Janet Evening
Semper Fi - My Life As A Military Wife by Maureen Core

Gyrobo said...

Piracy on the High Seas - by Peg Legg.
A Brief History of Bricks - by Stone Mason
Recursion For Dummies - by Ray Cursion
The Surfer and the Tsumani - by Rip Tide
The Hunt - by Dick Cheney

Anonymous said...

The Secret Language of Birds by Nesta Robins

Catchphrases of Starfleet Captains by May Kitso

Frying Eggs by Sunny Sideup

How NOT to Write Scripts by Holly Oaks

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great responses, everyone! Keep them coming!

verniciousknids said...

"How to Cure the Blues"
by I Wearsum Red

Thanks for visiting me!

indigo said...

Wow!! These are all so good. I'm a bit brain-dead right now but will give this a think and be back.

*waves* here from Michelle!

Viamarie said...

I know I've come across some but I just can't seem to remember even one of them right now.

Btw, thanks for your message of sympathy.

sage said...

can't think of a good book and author--one of my favorite comics (Kudzu by Doug Marlette) has a favorite character who is the Baptist Preacher in the town of "Bypass" (there's a lot of such towns in the South of the US). His name is the Rev. Will B. Dunn!

Capt, I'm here from Michele's this morning.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd better have a break after this list!...

-'The Films of Macaulay Culkin' by Homer Lone
-'A Pennsylvanian City' by Phil Adelphia
-'A Log On My Head' by Ed Wood
-'Two Logs On My Head' by Edward Wood
-'Three Logs On My Head' by Edward Woodward
-'Coming Up With A Plan' by Ivan Idea
-'How To Educate Children' by T. Ching
-'Wrestling In The WWE' by Ivor Fixedfight
-'Popular British Comedy Movies' by Carrie N. Camping
-'Horatio Nelson: A Biography' by I. C. Noships
-'Oliver Hardy: A Biography' by Anne Otherfinemess
-'Three Parts Of The Body' by Tony Hart
-'A Life Down Under' by Oz Tralia
-'Sweets I've Never Tried' by Rhys S. Pieces
-The Man In The Mask & Mulitcoloured Suit' by Harley Quinn
-'The Films Of Peter Fonda & Dennis Hopper' by E. Zeeryder
-'Knocked Out' by C. Ingstars
-'Change From A Condom Machine' by Johnny Cash
-'How To Make Your White T-Shirt Red' by Dai Yorclothes
-'Film Quotes From The Governor Of California' by I. L. Beebak
-'Stealing Bottlecaps From A Russian Bottle Factory' by Whodya Nikka Popbottletopoff
-'The Making Of Jurassic Park' by Di Nosaws
-'Games For Children' by Hans Neeson Bumpsadaisy
-'Clutching At Straws While Writing This List' by N. E. Moresuggestions

Ellee said...

I feel the same as Indigo, just popped by to check out the latest additions and I am really impressed, you have some very creative readers.I like the one about my hero Lord Nelson which Adam has mentioned. Just added you to my blogroll, btw.

Prego said...


'The Secret Life of a Trollop', by Sum Yung Ho.

good stuff. here via michele today

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Those are really funny! Off hand I don't know of any book titles and authors that fit together like these!!! Wondeful!

Thanks for the visit, Jean Luc!

David said...

I got nuthin'
by M. T. Pockets

Anonymous said...

I'll make this my last batch...

-'Extreme Weather Conditions' by Tor Naydoh
-'Help Me!' by May Day
-'A Breeze Is Blowing' by Wynne D. Weather
-'The First Thing To Do When Constructing A Swimming Pool' by Digger Hole
-'Sound Advice' by Luke B. Foryouleep
-'Identifying Fruits & Vegetables' by Tom Artoe & Art E. Chokes
-'Fun At The Swimming Baths' by Di Vingboard
-'Games From Your Youth' by Pat R. Cake
-'A Substitute For Butter' by Marge Areen
-'The Shortcut' by D. Tour
-'What Makes The Most Noise?' by M. T. Vessels
-Modern Aircraft' by Harry R. Jumpjet

Nic said...

SIGH, I'm going to make this one my last batch too. Enjoyed this a whole lot. Might take the answers and post them on my blog for a post later this week.

Handling Hemherroids by Arsen Fyre
Plumbing For Dummies by Dwayne Pipe
The Game's Afoot by Hugh Dunitt
Manners Matter by Huhgo First
Foot Fetishes by Iva Bunion
America, Land of Diversity by Mel Tingpot
The Life and Times of Snoop Dog and Willie Nelson by S. Moe Queed
Does Size Matter? by Ivor Biggwon
Courage In the Face of Fear by Azheet Midrawrz
Robotics in the 21st Century by Anne Droid
The New Wee Willy Winky by Oliver Towne
So You're Single...Get Over It! by N. D. Nyle
The World Is My Oyster by Meg Alomaniack
The Irreverent School Boy by S. A. Creligious
All For One by Hugh Nanimus
The Flood Heard 'Round the World by Noah Zark
The Problem With Truancy by Marcus Abcent
Traveling the Orient on a Budget by Rick Shaw
From Weed to Feed - The New Salad Greens by Dan D. Lyons
I Have A Headache And Other Excuses by Yu No Funn
Huggable You by Ted D. Bear
The History of America by Lana DeFree and Homer DeBrave
The Heroes of 9/11 by Les Twee Forgett
Good Intentions by Helena Handbasket

I'm going to stop now. This has been a great excercise in creativity! Thanks for the TWQ Captain!

Anonymous said...

Just one more...

More Captains, More Catchphrases by Ray Da Lert and Bette El Stations

Anonymous said...

I've just thought of one more, which is apt for this particular blog...

'How To Use The Transporters On A Galaxy Class Starship' by N. R. Jize

OK, that definitely it now!

MysteriousLady said...

I'm pouting by worked sucked this weekend

Meow said...

Hahaha, they are very funny, as are many of those in your comments. Hope you had a great weekend.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

Fina Wiza said...

Here's one from sunny Singapore:
The Gushing Waters of China by Wang Long Pe.

Anonymous said...

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