Sunday, September 03, 2006

Obeying The Lore (Part One)

My latest hobby of building model aeroplanes hasn't been going very well.

It seems like 'construction' is a chip that was never fitted in me by Doctor Soong, my creator. After the failure of trying to build my android daughter Lal, I have rarely had the inclination to try again.

Even with model aircraft I am a complete failure; the cement goes all over my fingers, the paint goes everywhere and the transfers stick to my body.

How were people able to build them in the 20th century? They would probably have more luck in designing an android with a positronic brain. The last one I tried to just repeated "Mission accomplished" over and over until his Duracell battery ran out. I forgot to install an 'off' switch on him.


As I have just been called to the Bridge, I've put down my work. When I arrive there, Captain Picard looks at me.

"Mr Data, why do you have paint and a German aircraft transfer stuck to your hand?" he asks.

"I did not have time to wash them off" I explain, " I was..."

"Never mind" the Captain continues, "We have been summoned to Starbase 6; apparently there has been a series of murders."


Captain Picard, Deanna Troi, Lieutenant Worf and myself beam down to investigate; we are greeted by Balas, the Security Officer there.

"Captain" he says, "Dr Rou, the foremost authority on cybernetic research has been murdered; he was stabbed in the back and thrown out into space through an airlock. Two of my security officers suffered a similar fate. We recovered their bodies floating in space."

"What exactly was he studying?" I ask.

"I've no idea." replies Balas, "But the important thing is that the killer is still on this station; I have not allowed anybody to depart since."

"I don't seem to sense anybody with murderous intentions" Counselor Troi observes.

"All right, everybody" says the Captain, "We'll split up into four and search the station; be careful. "

Ten minutes later, I amo down a quiet part of the station, where no one is around; my ears pick up footsteps behind me; I hear a voice.

"Hello, brother."


"You should not be here." I tell him, "You were dissembled and..."

"You should always allow for the inquisitiveness of the human lifeform, brother." he gloats, "Dr Rou, who was so curious about how we work, couldn't help putting me together to see what happened. I guess he found out to his cost, as did the security officers."

"I will summon the Captain and Lieutenant Worf" I quickly say, "You will be dissembled and sent back."

"Have you learnt nothing, Data?" he asks, "We are self learning androids; that just won't happen. I am superior to you and all those Enterprise lifeforms. Look at the big picture, brother. You are either with me or against me."

"You know the answer to that one, Lore."

"Indeed I do; I'll have you dissembled and sent to a warehouse where everything is kept for eternity'. Just a nightwatchman guarding hundreds of crates, one which will have bits of you inside!"

"My absence will be noted, Lore"

"Not this time" he tells me, "I'll impersonate you and quietly wait for my chance."

Lore leaps towards me; we both toss and tumble, as I feel my 'off' switch being activated....

To be continued...


Susan said...

Poor Data will he ever learn about Lore?

Thanks for the comments on my cats, Jean-Luc

Professor Xavier said...

You know how you can tell Lore is a bad guy? He's wearing that evil black T-Shirt. I think it must be a union thing.

Darth Nepharia said...

Nothing worse than a droid gone bad....

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Oh Noes.... poor Data...and I agree with the Professor, Black wearing evild dudes...must be a union thing!!!

take care!

August said...

*bated breath*

The Curmudgeon said...

To be continued... but not by Data, not for awhile.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's like the cowbots in the old movies; the bad guy always wore a dark hat.

Ellee said...

We are all on tenterhooks....

slskenyon said...

Gotta love the introduction of Lore. How much we missed him from Descent. Eagerly awaiting the next installment.

dragonflyfilly said...

oh dear! .... i am so very fond of Data....

Erifia Apoc said...

Data... I am an expert at Droid slaying... I'd kill him for you... Just like... One hit, it would be like, Blam! and He's be like... Argh... You got me.

Osquer said...

*wipes tears from eyes* Oh, captain, 'just repeated "Mission accomplished" over and over until his Duracell battery ran out' had me rolling! I wonder if we could get "W" fitted with an off switch...or at least a mute button!

Speaking of off switches, I think Data needs an locked cover over his. It's quite a vulnerable spot.

And as sexy as a villian in black is, I have to hope that someone will come and rescue Data soon!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I agree, Osquer; that locked switch would solve a lot of problems.

Erifia, glad you're on hand to sort things out.

Siskenyon, as you will see, this is a three part story.

Anonymous said...

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