Thursday, May 24, 2007

Data Comes To Dinner (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Data

The dinner seems to be going well in Ten Forward.

My girlfriend Jennifer Baxter and I are entertaining her parents George and Miriam. They have never met me before, and are a little doubtful about my suitability for Jennifer.

However, I believe I am starting to win them over.


We are seated at one of the best tables. Guinan has bought over the menu.

"Would any of you people like you to see the menu?" she asks.

"Aye, I would." replies Mr Baxter.

When it comes, he scans the pages and looks disappointed.

"Haven't you got any tripe?" he asks, "I could just do with some of that!"

Guinan smiles.

"Well, it's an unusual request, sir, "But we can get some if you wish."

"Aye, that would suit me fine."

"George!" whispers Mrs Baxter, "I thought we were going to have more modern dishes. After all, this is the 24th Century,"

"There's nothing like good, honest, Yorkshire tripe." George Baxter states proudly, "I'll have none of that Klingon food."

"There's a lot of tripe around in Yorkshire, Daddy." says Jennifer with a giggle. She and her mother both laugh. Her father looks disgusted.

Perhaps I should have had my emotion chip turned on?

As we wait for our meals, we start to talk. Mr Baxter turns to me.

"Now then, young man" he starts, "I want to know what your intentions are towards my daughter?"

"I am sorry, Mr Baxter, I do not understand."

"I mean are you going to make an honest woman of her?"

Jennifer starts to blush.

"Oh, Daddy!" she exclaims, "You're embarassing me and Data."

"Never mind that!" he continues, "What's your answer?"

My positrinic brain processes the question until I understand it's meaning.

"Are you asking if I wish to marry your daughter, sir?" I say.

"Aye, Data, that I am."

"Well, sir." I say carefully, "Jennifer and I have not discussed that in depth, but she is a wonderful woman."

"Oh Data!" sighs Jennifer, and kisses me on the cheek and holds my hand."

"Hey lass, be careful what you're doing there!" warns Mr Baxter.

"Oh, George!" says his wife, "They are only young. We used to do that once,"

"Aye." he replies, "But I wasn't a robot that needed oiling every week!"

"George!" continues his wife, "Give the couple a chance. Think of your daughter's happiness. She has a handsome Lieutenant Commander who loves her. Not many young girls could say that."

"Aye, you're right." he admits, "Very well Mr Data, you and Jennifer have our blessing to continue your relationship. However, you must try some of the tripe I get served."

"Very well, sir" I reply.

"Remember, Data." he says, "Call me George."

Behind him, Guinan is hovering, ready to serve our meals. She smiles and winks at me.

"Give Data some of my tripe!" Mr Baxter orders. It is placed in front of me and Jennifer laughs while I look confused.

I really should have bought my emotion chip with me.

Author's note: This is an additional part to the story. It was meant to be a two-part one, but when many comments said they were looking forward to Part Three, I decided to expand it. I'm glad that I did.


archivarian (an archival & library mistress) said...

And does this mean there's even more to follow with dinner? That would be so lovely to see if Data enjoys his tripe. I personally am not fond of it (rather chewy for my taste, just like abalone), but will have a nibble if the occasion merits it.

The Curmudgeon said...

I hope she's worth it....

Gopher said...

Tripe - interesting choice I can't say I'm a fan but a dog I once had, she loved it.

Karolee said...

Never had tripe and have no idea what it is, although if its anything like lutefisk it might be the end of a beautiful relationship.

Linda said...

In order for me to eat tripe, I would have to really, really, really, really love the person that I was eating it for!

Is there going to be a part four? You can't just leave us hanging here!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Never had tripe...not sure if I want to..but Awwww a sweet part three.

SQT said...

I hope she's worth it....

I'm sure most men would think a woman who looks like Kate Beckinsdale would be worth a little tripe. Besides, he can turn off his sense of taste, can't he?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sqt, you're right; turning off the taste chip might be the only way to eat tripe.

Archivarian, no, it doesn't go to four parts!

elleeseymour said...

I must day Data is very dishy, lucky Jennifer..

kenju said...

Jennifer's a knockout! Don't you think she may be too much for Data to handle? LOL

Michele sent me.

Titania Starlight said...

Tripe? Egads! This father is a very irritating bloke for sure. I guess he is just looking out for his lovely daughter. It is good for her she is dating a android otherwise no other man would be putting up with his crap. :o)

Lahdeedah said...

I have never eaten tripe.
I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing.

I'm surprised Data even exists. I mean, I'd think man's worst fear would be creating an anatomicaly correct male android that women can program... a male... that listens... responds...cares.... and comes with an emotion chip...

eastcoastlife said...

Jennifer is so gorgeous! Love that dress. Where did she get it from?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

ECL, maybe Kate Beckinsale could help you there.

Lahdeedah, you are right, if Datas were sold in the shops, they would run out overnight!

Titania, Mr Baxter is a tough man!

Kenju, glad you like Jennifer. I had a tough time choosing the right actress to represent her.

Jaime H. said...

It's not over, is it? I agree with the person above...part four! What happens next?

craziequeen said...

Data? Married? That I would have to see......

And with those parents in law, he needs all the help he can get :-)

Michele sent me back your way this morning, Jean-Luc.


Pearl said...

Will Data get hitched?

Wyn said...

Any post with Data is awesome by me! and a girlfriend at that... you've probably heard this a ton of times, but he IS fully functional. hee hee

Sorry i've been away so long. Thank you for your steady comments ^_^


Anonymous said...

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