Monday, August 01, 2005

Out Shopping


Keep guard while I type this on the Cappy's Journal, won't you. Can't have him coming in while I type away what happened today, can I? Aren't I a bad girl? Giggle.


Yeah! When the Enterprise is back at Earth, there's nothing like some serious shopping with the girls to enjoy yourself.

Bev, Guinan & I have ganged up together, and we're going to take a look at the Starfleet Shopping Mall.

Look out world!

Bev loves looking at the antique Manalo Blahnik & Jimmy Choo styles; she keeps falling off those high heels, though, and has to settle for those bo-ring flatties that Starfleet seem to like so much.

"I was an advisor to Manalo" boasts Guinan. She always keeps saying she met all these people in the past, as she is over 600 years old. What a name-dropper!

First port of call is 'T'Pol's Secret', the Vulcan underwear designers. We all have a great laugh picking cetain designs. Guinan has a real dirty laugh, and the customers start talking about us. The salesmen look disgusted.

Eventually, we go out with our bags, and head off to the next shop.

I see 'Kahless's Coats' have opened a branch here. There are the Klingon outfitters for men. Worf isn't too keen on them as he says they have no honour in using a great name from his race in trading.

I buy two coats, one for Will and one for Worf; I'll have to swap the labels for another outfitter in the coat for Worf, otherwise he won't wear it.

By the way, don't tell Will, I see Worf as well, will you? It's our little secret. Hush, hush!

I have to tell the girls this; they both giggle.

Bev heads into 'Ferengi Fishnets'. I think she's been keen on wearing those fishnets ever since that 'Dixon Hill' program. She blushes when coming out.

Another little girly secret! No telling, now!

After lunch, we head to 'Federation HairPort' to have our hair done. It's a chance to read the latest gossip in the magazines and hear from the hairdressers about all the scandal going on around Starfleet Headquartes. I'd write it down here, but it's so wicked! Giggle!!

A couple of hours later, Guinan's hair is all a very weird pattern. She says that Nicky Clarke in London in the 20th Century did a much better job.

Name dropping again! I think Bev and I will go on our own next time. Don't tell her, will you?

Bev's hair is deep red and curly, while mine is long and black curls.

We're just about to head to the Ferengi Bar to sink a few Bajoran Brandies when we hear a familiar sound.

It's the com signal; the Enterprise calling. Yuk!

Cappy wants us back; he knows how to spoil a good day out for the girls!


That's it. I've just managed to type it in before the Cappy returns. I can here the thump thump of his approaching stride. I'll put my serious face on and pretend I wanted to see him about something.

Aren't I sneaky?


Free to Be said...

Shopping, Yes!

Superhero Bob said...


Natsthename said...

But what about you and Riker and that cleavage? I suspect that you sneak around more than just to the Cappy's Journal!

Trinity13 said...

Poor Riker! He is supposed to be your imzadi! Let Worf go! Or better yet, I could find someone for Worf myself. I know a beautiful science officer named Jadzia Dax that would be perfect for Worf!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

finally, something i can relate too!!!!!!!!!!

MommaK said...

I want to see the new shoes!!

dddragon said...

okay, I'm the odd girl out here - I'd rather visit the holodeck for a good fantasy!

Angel of Music said...

I'm with dddragon - I always feel guilty after shopping - I spend too much and never get what I need! A good fantasy though... could definitly go for that!!!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Shopping's overrated. Now sitting on a couch, drinking beers and watching football, now that's the stuff.

mrsmogul said...

I would love to get some Manolos. Needed to comment on that. Maybe you can send some my way via alien mail?

-xtessa- said...

ah... and they didn't invite me along? i'm hurt. sob, sob. and i needed some fishnet stockings...

Deanna Troi said...

Free, us girls love shopping. it's very healthy.

Natalie, telling!

Trinity, Worf is just a little diversion to keep my life spicy. Anyway, Jadzia is a Trill. What would he see in her?

Better Safe, another shopper after my own heart.

MommaK, I have a great collection of Blahniks.

Dddragon,Angel, we all like those.

Jon, that's what Will likes to do.

Mrs Mogul, I'll see if I can beam you some.

Xtessa, you can come with Bev & I next time. We won't bring Guinan. Dont tell her!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

just name the mall, i'll be there!

Superhero Bob said...

COunselor! I'm a bit offended! You didn't even ask me if I needed the Heimlich!

Shelley said...

Oh my gosh your site is hilarious! I am a neighbour of Alison (the Wallowing Housewife) and Gnorm just visited her! Any ideas when he will be coming to your place Captain? If only my grandmother was technologically educated...she would love your site...she loves Worf in fact! Have a great day! I really enjoyed reading your posts.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Better Safe, it seems my shopping -mad Counsellor goes to the Starfleet Mall.

Ciera, apologies there.

Shelley, he's in the brig, if you look.

Shelley said... he is!!!! Good ol' Gnorm. He's quite the character. Would he be classified as a Ferengi? Nice spelling hey. Thanks for visiting my blog. LOVE Phillipa Gregory. Shelley out.

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Anonymous said...

Deanna you amaze me....... Let's go shopping!