Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Promotion Block

Why is it I'm still just a Captain?

I've had this position for a number of years, yet Starfleet don't promote me to Admiral.

I've asked them a number of times, and I always get the same answer, as if they've been instructed to give it to be on every occasion.

"I'm sure your time will come, Captain Picard. You're doing a great job on the Enterprise. Just keep it up and you'll get noticed eventually."

What a response.

It seems that if one does a great job, they want to keep you there; why move anybody is their logic?

Over the years, I saved the Enterprise, the Federation, humanity and the universe.

Still, here I am; same as ever.

I've spoken to Riker & Deanna about it. They both agree, and are very keen that I get promoted as soon as possible. It's good that they're on my side, isn't it?

The weirdest logic is that if a person makes a mess of their job, then their superiors find somewhere else to put them. As a result, they have vast experience in lots of areas after a while and they get promoted to Admiral.

While here I am, still saving humanity.


Angel of Music said...

Cheer up captain - it'll come soon. And remember, be careful what you wish for.

After all - Kirk wanted Admiral too, and when he got it, wasn't too happy with it. Spock knew.

nobody said...

They need someone to stay on the Enterprise and save the universe and humanity as we know it.

*sigh* Well, I wanted a hovercraft when I was 8, but I never got one. I keep hoping I get one.

War Eagle said...

Yeah, Didn't Kirk tell you to never let Starfleet promote u?

Superhero Bob said...

Captain. Would you really truly want RIKER to be responsible for saving humanity and life as we know it? Could it be that by keeping you a Captain, HQ is really trying to keep Riker from being a captain himself???? {{{bats eyelashes innocently}}} I'd much rather have you come waltzing...ah...I mean, riding in to the rescue than him. {{{continues to bat eyelashes and smiling oh so very cutely..}}}

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

well, if you need a personal reference, i'd be happy to give you a glowing recommendation

Heather said...

I personally feel much safer knwoing you are up there saving humanity on a daily basis :)

puremood said...

Hey, atleast your Captain! That's more than most ;)

Michelle said...

I feel your pain, Captain. being good at your job sometimes means you're stuck there forever :(

Jamie said...

What is up with all the spam! I'm starting to feel left out, NOT!

Yeah, I prefer YOU to ole dreamy eyes running the show!

Trinity13 said...

No one can replace you Capt!!!

Btw, down with spam!

The Fool said...

Stay on the Enterprise Jean-Luc. You'd be miserable anywhere else. Now, did you tell Beverly about those whiz-bang pills I needed back here in the 21st century? A dog's life is hanging in the balance!

-xtessa- said...

ah... bitter that Janeway became Admiral first?! LOL!

but can Janeway say that she got to star in movies?! nope. even if you're "just" Captain, more people know you... that's the point, right? ahahaha!!!

Shelley said...

You poor, bitter spammed up individual. I think you've had one too many replicated meals! Cheer up man! You still look damn fine in that uniform!

War Eagle said...

there is a new string of spammer a$$h***$ that are attacking blogs. blogger has new controls for limiting this. I just turned them "on" on my blog.

Anonymous said...

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