Saturday, August 27, 2005

TWQ: Island Essentials

This week's TWQ is inspired by the tv series 'Lost'.

You have crashed on a desert island. What are the five essential things you need to sustain yourself?

Be as imaginative or as weird as you like!

Here are my five items:

1: Swiss Army Knife: This will help in a lot of awkward cutting to do.

2: A working lavatory: There are certain things we all need!

3: A tent: Essential to protect yourself from tropical storms.

4: A book: "What to do when you crash on a desert island".

5: A tribe of natives. The chief has a beautiful daughter aged 20 whom he wants you to marry. The two of us can live in idyllic paradise for the rest of our days.

Now it's up to you...


J Anderson said...

I haven't watched Lost.

Michele sent me.

melinama said...

Good morning, I'm here via Michele. Heh, I loved your show, and we still talk about your "Manoeuver" (yanking down your little velour shirt)

kenju said...

Good morning, Jean-Luc, it is too early for my brain to work so hard! I guess I would need:
1. a large supply of dry matches
2. loads of fresh, clean water
3. a knife (preferably carbon steel)
4. a book on surviving in the wild
5. a tent

Michele sent me.

nobody said...

1. Matches
2. A knife (a very sharp one at that)
3. A bathing suit.
4. An endless supply of rope.
5. A volleyball/basketball/soccer ball (ever seen Castaway??)

Cheryl said...

Michelle sent me. I'd swap the toilet for the toilet paper.
Have a nice day!

Trinity13 said...

1. The big knife of course
2. Sunblock-I tend to burn if I spend more than 5 min out under the sun
3. Insect repellent-I also git bit to easily
4. Flares-To start up a fires, scare away preditors, signal any boats or airplanes, etc.
5. A nice warm, waterproof sleeping bag-to zipper myself into for sleeping or for when storms hit.

Minerva said...

Can I just be completely impractical rather than repeating the big knife thing again? *grin*

1. A huge fridge, working, of course stuffed with goodies.
2. My computer with connection.
3. A mosquito net - (I could see myself typing away under one of these and I really think they are romantic)
4. Hugh Grant
5. An endless supply of white wine (chilled, of course in fridge above)

Now THAT might get my book written... Actually, better scratch Hugh Grant if I have work to do...


Michelle said...

Hello. Michele sent me. I'm going totally impractical also.
1. My laptop
2. Espresso machine with all the fixins
3. Luxurious sleeping bag
4. Big fluffy pillow
5. Ipod

Last Girl On Earth said...

1. My violin. I could entertain myself for hours with this.
2. A piano.
3. A notebook to write.
4. A confortable bed.
5. A bottle of tequila!

Michele sent me today. Hope you are having a great weekend.

schnoodlepooh said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll take a crack at your five goodies.
1- my dogs (do they count as one or two? I'm counting them as one, since I can get them on the same line.)
2- ditigal camera
3- chuck it thing & tennis balls (for the dogs, of course)
4- espresso machine w/lots of espresso
5- my computer

Superhero Bob said...

Practical: Knife, tent, canteen, change of clothes, matches

Impractical: computer, armchair, coffee pot, frig, chocolate

Superhero Bob said...

OH - - - I forgot - - - - this would make it six things, but the Cap't will forgive me. On the off chance that there is no tribe of natives with a handsome young stud...I'd hope to have Jean-Luc {I can call you Jean-Luc can't I?}along for the duration. He seems to handle being stranded pretty well...he's done it several times...{{{smiles innocently}}}

puremood said...

1-directions to a nearby place to eat, get clean water, and dry clothes

2-my husband
3-hammock to sleep im
4-reservation on a place ride home

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

1. knife
2. matches
3. candles
4. tarp
5. harrison ford

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

1. seaplane
2. seaplane fuel
3. working radio on the seaplane
4. working compass on seaplane
5. Book: How to Fly a Seaplane

Raehan said...

Computer with wireless access to on-line books, etc.
Cell phone to talk to my girls and husband
Hot Shower and Running Shoes
Comfortable bedding set
"Survivor" survival kit (If it's not sold already I'll sell it)

(Wait a minute. This sounds like vacation. Can I go NOW!)

Star said...

Being "stranded" for about a week woulb be great. Since I would really have no say in what washed up with me I will go with the imoractical answers.
!. My laptop because of course my island has a power supply and wireless acess.

2. book

3.sunscreen of island music

5. all the makings of tropical island drinks. I want to be happy when I am rescued.

Muchele sent ,e.

Yaeli said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thought I'd return the favour and check yours out. Have to agree with you on the working lavatory thing... digging holes doesn't quite cut the mustard.

Martine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
My 5:

1) a guy named Friday ( any other day will do btw)who is handy with survival stuff and is cute
2) my son
3) laptop with connection
4) toolbox ( with tools!)
5) first aid kit with anti-mosquito spray

K Jones said...

Well, I'll bite.

2. Conjugal visits
3. A beach chair
4. A library
5. A Laptop computer with connection.

I think that just about does it. Visiting from Michele's

Angie said...

Tom Hanks already living on the island with all the skills needed to survive. :)

Michele sent me, sort of.

Pieces of Me said...

A hotel
A nice drink
My family
My bikini
good food

oh wait you said a desert island hahah I was dreamin for a sec there...

Angie said...

Here I am again from Michele's. It's fun reading everyone's answers to this question. :)

J Anderson said...

Deja vu. Michele sent me.

J Anderson said...

Michele sent me - again!

MommaK said...

1 a survival guide
2 cell phone
3 lots of matches
4 my husband
5 cast & crew of the show "Survivor : All Stars"

Suburban Turmoil said...

1. A fully stocked bar
2. A computer with Internet access
3. An Ipod, stocked with all my favorites and future favorites.
4. A travel kit of all the essentials (shampoo, deoderant, toothpaste, etc).
5. Agreed with mommak: Matches. Trying to start fires always seems to be the downfall of those survivors, doesn't it?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

All of you have wonderfully vivid imaginations! Thanks for making the TWQ so much fun!

Bernard said...

Don't we all need a working lavatory!! :-)

Anonymous said...

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