Saturday, August 13, 2005

TWQ: Blog Wishes

The TWQ this weekend has been used with the kind permission of MommoaK, who runs the Petroville blog.

You have stumbled upon a magic lamp and are hereby granted 3 wishes.However, there is one condition...
These are blog wishes and are not intended for use in the real world. Your wishes will only come true if you use them for your blog, blogging in general or about another blogger. Not the... "I'd wish for world peace" kind of deal, get it? Ready? The Genie is waiting....

Here are my wishes:

1: I would love to have a perfect template that would go with the theme of the blog.

2:Lots of time to read all the wonderful blogs that I discover out there.

3: Inspiration to write good posts.

Now it's over to you...


nobody said...

1: To find a secret of this tricky and confusing blogger templates.

2: Having something witty to say in my posts.

3: To have many friends on blogger (or any other blog)

mercuryfern said...

Hello, Michele sent me.
Three blog wishes, eh?
1.To be blessed with such spelling and grammar proficiency as to make a spell checker totally unnecessary.
2.To wake up in time for leisurely blog posting everyday.
3.To find satisfaction and improvement in my writing through my blog.

Indigo said...

Michele sent me ..... here are my wishes:

1. That I'd have a following like Michele (ahahahahahahaha!!! you can stop laughing now)
2. That the words just drip out of my fingertips without trying, and I write The Perfect Blog.
3. To have time stand still so I have more time to blog.

Paul said...

Mornin' Captain. Coming from Michele's today.
1. All visitors identify themselves.
2. Pictures and graphics do what I ask--the first time.
3. More creative energy--from me.

Have a great weekend.

-xtessa- said...

well, wouldn't you know it, i have the same wishes as you!

chatty said...

1. more time
2. learn to create themes myself
3. mega readers with positive attitudes like like *me*!


Michele sent me

J Anderson said...

What captain, you're a technophobe?

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

1. that i could learn how to design my custom template
2. that i could learn how to get that blog rolling thing going
3. that i could learn how to stop that spam thing that seems to be overtaking everyone's blog

TrueJerseyGirl said...

It might be good luck to make these wishes, because when I made them on MommaK's blog, one of them has already come true!
1. Learn to post video on my blog (I DID IT! I guess I wished hard enough!)
2. Learn more HTML so I could make ongoing changes to my template more than I can now.
3. Have time to visit my whole blogroll every day.

Danielle said...

1.constant inspiration
3.can i wish for more wishes, oh captain my captain?

i guess i should go check out michele's blog. seems like the place to be!

Superhero Bob said...

Three wishes?

#1 - To find only friends here in bloggerland, and not enemies

#2 - More time

#3 - More colors

mike said...

1. To be a more consistant blogger.
2. to have more time to read other's blogs.
3. To have a third good wish

Michelle sent me.

Dave said...

Hello, Michele sent me!

1. More time for blogging -- not just posting, but visiting great sites like this one and, well you get the idea.

2. An end to spam!

3. Oh, I'll say it... WORLD PEACE!! :)

lisa said...

Michele sent me to tell you my blog wishes:

1. That I knew enough about computers to be able to put stuff into my sidebar besides just links

2. That I could figure out how to put that counter thing that tells you the computer id of your vistors.

3. I want a graphic for the top of my blog.

That's not all, but you said 3. I guess learning html would "grant" all of my wishes, huh?

Pearl said...

1. to be sure my comment spam filters are not filtering anyone "real"

2. to see in a flash just one day's worth of lurkers, their IP address, name and city

3. to .. to...(is there a time or patience limit on this genie...?) get better at structuring my entries to leave room for response.

Michele's meet and greet, doncha know.

Shannin said...

Here via Michele...

1) To design my own templates to change with my mood.

2) To have enough time to actually read all the great blogs I stumble across.

3) To meet several of my regular reads in real life.

deputyswife said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Hummm... what do I wish most for my blog...

1) A snappy template (that I understand)
2) Wow 'em posts
3) More time to read other blogs

dddragon said...

1. More time to spend on blogs
2. To be clever in writing my blogs
3. To be able to blog directly FROM the Enterprise.

Trinity13 said...

1. A great template to match my personality.
2. Freedom to write whatever I want (I can't now since my hubby and his family reads my blog).
3. And, to be able to get my thoughts out clearly.

Raehan said...

I want time to read everyone's posts and archives very slowly.

Your template looks just fine to me.

puremood said...

no typos!

no errors when messin' with template!

have good content, daily!

InterstellarLass said...

1) A good template
2) Excellent posts every day
3) All the free time in the world to blog and read blogs.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You all have some great answers, many of which I could add on to my list of wishes quite easily!

Carol said...

First I was pleased to have a Captain of the Starfleet visit my blog!

My blog wishes would be:
1. To have over 30 comments a post. Well over 10 would do. Do I hear 5?
2. To be able to design my own template without all that effort stuff.
3. To improve my writing skills.

Great idea,BTW.

Cylithria™ said...

Captain Picard, permission to speak sir? My name is Cyli and I am a Q. (From the continum) And since you have thrilled me to no end with your humanly desires disguised as wishes, I thought I might share this one link with you that could help grant Wish #1 that you made.

Is it perfect? Well, as you humans like to think, nothing is perfect. But it might suit your tastes....


Seriously Jean-Luc. I love you blog. I do a super bad impression of Q. (There is only one Q and I can't help but love his arrogant ass) and When I saw your first wish I had to share that link to that template!!!

I've been reading your blog for a while and i am currently working on a project called Summer of compliments (The Complimenting Commentor challenged her readers to this) And because I love your blog, I am blogmarking it and adding it to my 100 Blogs complimented list. As soon as I reach 100 blogs, I'll be makingabig Grand Finale post in which I will include a link to your blog.

Thanks for such a great blog and an excellent read!!!! Hope the template works for you!!

Anonymous said...

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