Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lwaxana & Deanna Have A Mother / Daughter Chat

Guest Poster: Lwaxana Troi

I'm meeting my blessed daughter Deanna at Starbase 12. I'm relaxing in my my private Ambassador suite.

One has all these perks in my position!

"Hello, mother." says Deanna as she enters, "It is good to see you again."

"As it is to see you, daughter." I reply.

I sigh.

"What is it, mother?" Deanna asks.

"I'm looking at the third finger of your left hand, my darling daughter." I tell her, "As yet, it is bare."

"MOTHER!" exclaims Deanna in frustration.

"That Will Riker still hasn't given you an engagement ring." I continue, "I was hoping that you would be married soon, and you would present me with you first child."

"Eventually." she replies.

"Well, daughter," I lecture her, "You're not getting any younger, and if you don't start insisting to Will that you want to get married, he may look elsewhere."

"What are you suggesting?" says Deanna.

"There are plenty of young women on the Enterprise." I tell her honestly, "They would all like to be married to the handsome Commander of a galaxy-class starship. If you're not careful, before long, the only person who might be attracted to you is Boothby is Academy gardener."

"Is that all you want to talk to me about, mother?" Deanna asks with impatience.

"Of course not, my darling." I tell her, "I just want to tell you about the wedding arrangements."
"WHAT wedding arrangements?" she replies.

"You, of course, my sweetest." I continue, "I have spoken to Florzil the Florist, and she will provide the flowers at a good discount rate. Davak the Vulcan Caterer will do an excellent buffet if we book early enough. I happen to know his sister, so I know we could get a discount there as well. Not only that, I can get a discou..."

"Stop it mother!" shouts Deanna, "There will not be a wedding until Will and I agree."

"Does this mean I have to cancel the bookings with Florzil and Davak?" I ask.

"Yes!" Deanna replies flatly.

"....and the disco?"

"YES!" Deanna answers.

"I tell you what I'll do, my darling." I tell her, "I'll keep the bookings on standby, just in case you decide to get married. You never know when he'll ask."

"Goodbye for now, mother." Deanna says with a sigh, and leaves.

Ah, my darling daughter; when am I going to get a grandchild?


The Curmudgeon said...

Poor Lwaxana -- Deanna and Will should just bite the bullet and get it over with.

But Riker just can't commit to anything, can he? He can't quite bring himself to get married. He can't quite bring himself to take one of those Captain's jobs that you keeps finding for him, Captain.

And if Lwaxana's ambition to become a grandmother is fulfilled, maybe she'll leave you alone, too.

Perhaps you should give Riker a hint....

Linda said...

What if Lwaxana were to promise a reception table loaded down with donuts from all parts of the universe? Do you think that might entice Will to marry Deanna? Surely the thought of all those donuts would be too tempting to pass up!

Optimus Prime said...

I do not have a mother, though ALpha trion is like a father to me.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

if the wedding is cancelled, what will happen to the chocolate you were sure to be serving?

smiles, bee

Lansy said...
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Lansy said...

Let us have some fun to image that Monkey galaxy has captured the ship and made wedding arrangements that: Captain to marry Deanna while Riker to marry Crusher. That's based upon the genetic comparative theroy to produce better next generation.

That puts a good thought to seperate love & marriage. Maybe that leads to a new way of life?

Star Trek, Boldy leads the way.

Lavender said...

People still get married in this century? Who'dve thunk it? Deanna's mother should know that ultimatums make spinsters!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hey Jean-Luc, thanks for your visits to my blog, and huge apologies for not being a regular visitor over here. I will try to come over more often.
Take care, and have a great weekend ... Meow

Flik Sivrak said...

Fortunately, it is forbiddon for Jedi to marry, and we have no contact with our mothers...(accept Anakin, but he's the chosen one.) We don't have those problems...

Amanda said...

Parents! Actually, there are some friends out there who ask those nagging questions too.

No_Newz said...

Ahhh the infamous grandmother-to-be's favorite line. :P

Have a groovy weekend!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Lois, glad to have you dropping in.

Connie, always a pleasure to have you here.

Lavender, I guess that Lwaxana is a traditionalist.

Lansy, that scenario could lead to a lot of problems!

Bee, I'm sure you would volunteer to take stock of the cake.

Optimus, how sad for you!

Linda, a donut flavoured wedding cake would get Riker up the aisle faster than anything.

Curmudgeon, some useful points to consider, there.

kristen said...

michele says hello :)

and i think i have lived this story at one point in my life. i think my brother and almost SIL are living it right now!

susan said...

What she did not book the Co op like we did!

carli said...

I wonder if Vulcans return deposits?
I would doubt it.

Here from M's.

Anna said...

A mother is a mother no matter what century, huh? I say stop nagging and they will get married sooner. Otherwise they will drag their feet out of spite!

Hello, Michele sent me.

Professor Xavier said...

Poor Riker. That's a window into his future. I'll have to send him a sympathy bottle of Cognac.

Squirrel said...

*sigh* I know how she feels! I want a grandbaby too!

Michael Manning said...

jean-luc-picard: Lansy, I must admit merits some thought here on a potential plot!

Titania Starlight said...

These type of tactics never work as all mothers must learn. You could try reverse psychology and forbid her to marry Riker. Good luck.

vargas said...

But didn't Deanna get married to Worf. . . . . oh hold on, that was in a different universe! Never mind!

eastcoastlife said...

hehehe.... so like me. I'm bugging my son to get married. He's only 15. hahaha....

I gather if I start early, he would be weary of my nagging in a few years' time and would seriously consider shutting me up.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's mothers and children for you!

Dara said...

Really, some things never change no matter which century we are in! And why is it that mothers assume the marriage will be happy and that children are a part of a plan? There is much happiness from a single life as well - maybe it's more about the ceremonial aspect. Michele and I will attend once the date is set:)

Anonymous said...

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