Saturday, August 04, 2007

TWQ: Your Eccentric Superstar Requests

As we all know, stars like Mariah Carey and Barbra Streisand make absurd requests for things in their hotel rooms and dressing rooms. This week, TWQ (The Weekend Question) looks into that.

What eccentric requests would you demand in your dressing room and/or hotel before you arrived for an appearance? List as mamy as you wish, and be as absurd as you like!

My answers are (if I had an over inflated superstar ego):

1: Red carpet to hotel with adoring fans placed on either side.

2: Marble raised bath.

3: A DVD player with all my favourite films available in both hotel and dressing room.

4: Dressing room with posters of me on all the walls.

5: Security at the door to keep everybody out.

Now it's over to you...


PI said...

1 A direct line to all my family.
2 A skylight
3 Scottish Spring water in fridge
plus Laurent Perrier Champagne and crystal glasses.
4 snacks - cheeses, fresh bread, salads and loads of fresh fruit, Greek yoghourt and honey
5 Music for the soul.
6 Daily Telegraph Crossword
7 A selection of books including poetry.
8 A masseuse.

That should serve as an emergency pack:)
Michele sends her best.

Ciera said...

1. chocolate, preferably ice cream and m&ms
2. CD player to play my music
3. a nice comfy lounge chair to read in
4. a hunk to give me a foot massage
5. the captain of the enterprise
6. did I mention chocolate?

PI said...

How could I forget my own private bath and shower and no straight edges on the bath - must be all curved and white fluffy towels and robes and access to fresh air. Here from Michele again.

Fab said...

- a big screen tv with dvd player and of course a wide sellection of dvd's
- cd player with all my favourite albums
- a wide assortment of gummy bears
- m&m's sorted by colour and all the blue ones would be left out
- a masseuse, a handsome young man preferably
- the best damn capuccino machine available

I think that covers it for me

Anonymous said...

1. Pizza. Lots of pizza.

2. Dodo & Chips, my favourite.

3. Complete box sets of all three seasons of the new Dr Who.

4. A pretty personal assistant.

5. An internet connection so fast it makes a bullet train look sluggish.

6. A digital music library of every song ever released.

7. A swimming pool with NO chlorine, heated to bath temperature.

8. A private jet in case I want to nip out for five minutes.

Picky? Moi?

Random Magus said...

1. My own Jacuzzi
2. A beautiful bath filled with [like the spa they have in Indonesia]
3. A library filled with books
4. Internet of course
5. A hammock lined with furs
6. Lots and lots of flowers

Duchess-General Amelia Cartwright said...

1. A personal massage therapist.
2. My favorite foods.
3. A surfeit of lampreys.
4. Casablanca.
5. A... Rooster.
6. Five bottles of wine.
7. A weaponry case.
8. A six mattress bed with a feather bed on top.

Kunzang Palyul said...

Hmm. I guess I'd just have to say "attentiveness" and leave it at that - if I wanted hot tea or lemonade, I could decide at that moment and it would be brought. Same with a foot massage or nap, books or music or something to watch on the screen. We quarians like to keep our options open! And Michele agrees.

Bilbo said...

1. Alyssa Milano.
2. 1.75 liter bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin, a gallon of tonic water, and a bag of limes.
3. Alyssa Milano.
4. Flat-screen HDTV with DVD player (I'll bring my own DVDs).
5. Did I mention Alyssa Milano?

Ernie said...

Well naturally the first thing would be unlimited Blue Beaver Beer, chilled to precisely 2 degrees Celsius. Hot pepperoni sticks, exactly 16 centimetres in length. And a brand new freshly laundered and pressed medium sized black t-shirt with a very clever saying on it (i.e. +1 t-shirt of pwn-age).

aka_Monty said...

I think everyone's already mentioned the things I'd like...what IS it about marble baths and hot tubs and whirlpool jets?? Because I would definitely demand that.
And I'd also choose attentiveness, so that my every want could be fulfilled almost before I wanted it.
And Dove bars.
And books.
A present every day. :)

Hello, Jean-Luc, Michele sent me today!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

1. Lambic beer in all varieties.
2. tiramisu
3. A "Pickled Herring" to feed it to me.

susan said...

1. chocolate
2. personal swimming pool
3. a bug zapper at the door way that meant I did not get a cold (the last time hubby and I got a few days to ourselves I had an awful cold!)
4. lots of fluffy pillows and a blanket to curl up with
5. fantastic weather, for when I ventured outside, not too hot, not too cold, just right
6. a chef that cooked all my favourite food to perfection
7. my darling hubby of course

Lansy said...

Gemmme, that's easy. I can sit here and type a whole day. Anyone wanna that. :D

Here comes the list!

1. A great excise clud with swimming pools, hot/cold spa, steaming sauna and personal messager while StarFleet members wearring bikini doing community services. :P {I wander what color captain may chose}

2. A garden like dinner place with swing, hammock to offer vast choices of exotic food/drink

3. A room with a great view.

4. Swing and Hammock on the top of the roof that one can stay over night there dreaming the stars.

5. Lots of Films, music and PC.

6. 24h room service.

7. A pink button to the romance chamber. :D

HollyGL said...

Well, even though most everything I would want has already been mentioned:

1. Hotel room and dressing room filled with white tulips.

2. Personal masseuse.

3. Complete box set of all X-File episodes on dvd to be viewed at my leisure on a huge flat screen tv.

4. Unlimited supply of SmartWater.

5. On-call room service that can provide me with anything from Little Debbie swiss cakes to escargot.

6. Free weights and fitball.

7. The love of my life - whom I have not yet discovered - but who has somehow discovered me and mysteriously manifests before my very eyes.

I think I'm being quite reasonable, really. :)

Professor Xavier said...

1. Complete compilation DVD of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

2. Chilled Double Stuff Oreos.

3. High-speed online connection.

4. Heated vibrating recliner.

5. 2 go-go dancers.

Flik Sivrak said...

I don't think those are unreasonable, Picard...

1: Amidala's Handmaidans - not sure why, but it just seemed good...

2: BBQ Nerf and Bantha burgers.

3: Copies of my favourtie holodramas.

4: More Nerf and Bantha meat...

5: Kenobi clones that I can slice with my lightsaber when I get bored with eating and Amidala's Handmaidens...

Linda said...

There are so many good ideas here but I especially like the jacuzzi/whirlpool and tiramisu! Not necessarily at the same time, mind you!

Oh, and my own personal secretary to type my blog posts as I dictate them to him or her!

Lavender said...

Im having alot of fun imagining what Id 'need' but the one thing that comes to mind is actually from the movie Gladiatress -

when Worthaboutapig is in the other world, the whole village sits at her feet and chants:
"Youre Great! Youre Brilliant! Youre Wonderful! Ahhhhh"

Doesnt that sound nice? :)

Titania Starlight said...

*Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

* On-site masseur

* Gordon Ramsey as my persoanl chef. I know it will get done right.

* A private pool where no one else has put their bodies in.

* A room with a huge skylight so I can fall asleep under the stars.

Awesome question. I could go on and on and on..... :o)

Amanda said...

I would like a babysitter for my son and then an international buffet for me and my entourage. Oh yes. I need KFC on the menu too. My single biggest indulgence.

Sarge Charlie said...

Empress Bee cannot understand a video on my site, would you mind stopping by and explaining it to her

Mr. Althouse said...

1) Hi-speed internet connection.
2) Fresh iced tea with organic ice.
3) 2007 Harley Davidson Road King

Mr. Althouse said...

Oh, Michele sent me,


PI said...

Over at Michele's I had to laugh - you obviously missed all the hoo ha where good triumphed over evil and Mike and Carmi proved they are super -heroes. Hooray!
Last minute request: body guards like Mike and Carmi.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a list of requests you have supplied. I must admit I'd choose a few of them myself! I know I forgot a female Swedish massage therapist, and Nicole Kidman as my personal assistant.

Pi, it seems there has been a right war going on over at Michele's. Sadly I was asleep when this was going on.

Bob-kat said...

Champagne on tap

A huge chocolate fountain with dips

Spa therapist

Marble jacuzzi

Oh yes!

Michele sent me to play while things are slow at the M&G :)

'B' said...

Umm... Chocolate, preferably dark with rum n raisins...

HEre from Michele's!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Great Question, Jean Luc...And before I get to the answer...I'm here from Michele's this A.M.

1- CASES of Bottled Water in both places.
2- A "special" ropm with DVD player, comfy chairs and couches right next to my dressing room, to MEET & GREET Visitors, with an Extensive Buffet for them.
3- A Hot Tun type thingy in the Hotel Room and The Dressing Room.
4- No M&M's. Just Dark Chocolate in both places.
5- A Meseuse, in both places, on call, 24/7.

Expat Mom said...

Oooh, fun one! Glad I came here from Michele´s!

1. Red Twizzlers.

2. Hot bubble bath in one of those tubs that overflows and reheats the water, big fluffy white towels that smell good for afterwards.

3. A massive, fluffy bathrobe.

4. Full buffet with a wide variety of ethnical cuisines.

5. A small playground for my sons, plus their favorite dvds.

6. Wireless internet for my laptop.

7. Playstation III and my favorite games.

I think that would do for now. Oh, no, wait. Jensen Ackles would be a nice addition to the room! :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Apologies for being late with my current post due to the ISP cutoff. Fortunately I'm back on now. You all responded with brilliant answers here.

Anonymous said...

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