Thursday, November 30, 2006

Party Preparations

I'm worried about the Christmas Party that is starting next week.

It could well have been a mistake having the Borg do the catering and playing the music; however, as the Borg Queen threatened to assimilate us if we don't comply, we didn't have much of a choice.

The senior staff are having a meeting in my Ready Room so that we can discus the final preparation before it goes ahead.

"How are things with the Borg, Seven?" I ask her.

"I have received a communication from Unimatrix o1, Locutus." she replies, "The Borg Queen tells me that The Strolling Bones have been rehearsing, and will be ready to perform; there are back up drones standing by in case one of the band members becomes faulty and needs repairing."

"And the Catering?" inquires Riker.

"That is also taken care of" she tells him, "There are drones who have been trained in carrying cocktails, cheesy snacks and vol-au-vants."

"Good." I tell them, "Now what about the invitations? How are we going there, Data?"

"We are getting quite a few replies, Captain." he answers, "Many are saying that they cannot wait to enjoy the occasion. For a few, I have had to assure them that they will not be assimilated by one of the waiters."

Seven looks the other way when this is mentioned, but she assures me there will be a truce while the party is going on.

"Where will the Enterprise be, Captain, while the party takes place?" asks Geordi.

"Hopefully in a very quiet part of the universe, Mr La Forge." I reply, "The party will go on for five days, and none of us will be in too good a condition to ward off alien invaders."

"They should know it's Christmas!" chimes in Deanna, and the others agree.

"How about the Christmas tree, Jadzia?" I ask, "Is that coming along?"

"I've got a team of 12 crewmembers working through the day and night on the decorations." she says with irritation, "If we'd have had the party in the holodeck, we could have created one instantly."

"It's not the same, Jadzia." Beverly tells her, "People like to see a real tree."

"Does that mean you'll join the volunteers, Beverly?" replies Jadzia drily.

"Now finally," I state, "Security. What is happening there, Mr Worf?"

" I will have a team of my best officers standing at the door, making sure we don't get anybody we don't want in, Captain." Worf states firmly, "The brig will be all ready so that we can throw any troublemakers in there right away."

"No need to be too heavy-handed, Mr Worf" I advise him, "Be discreet; after all, the crew are enjoying themselves and letting their hair down, like I will be doing."

I hear many try to suppress a slight giggle at this remark. I wonder why?

"Klingons are not known for discretion, Captain." Worf comments, "However, I shall think carefully before I throw anyone in the brig."

"All right, everybody." I tell them, "That's the meeting over. Now let's get ready for the party starting on Monday."

What are we all in for?


Author's note: Your last chance to submit an entry for the Christmas Party is Friday night 1st November! See previous posts for details!


squirrel said...

You know it's pretty great that with all those different races of personnel you have on the Enterprise that you haven't had to be politally correct and make your Christmas party a "Holiday Party". Glad to see everyone getting along and respecting each others traditions!

Hot Stuff the little devil said...

sounds like fun

Anonymous said...

This party sounds like a lot of fun...but I hope we really don't have to wait till november...


by the way... is this party casual or dressy?

TNChick said...

Any party held here is going to be fun, no worries =)

pads said...

really looking forward to the party captain.

Love pads

pads said...

Just had a thought captain I hope that the borg dont go to borger king for the food, they might get offended if someone asks them to borg there whopper lol

Love pads

Tara said...

Capt., I'm so sorry I can't make the party this year. My earthly deadlines are keeping me so busy, I barely have time to sleep! I hope to catch the big event next year, though. :-)

Barbara said...

It sounds like it's going to be a wonderful party!

Jaime H. said...

Can't wait, Captain!!

samuru999 said...

Hi Captain
Hope it will be a fabulous party!
Sure sounds like it will be!
Thanks for the lovely visit today!


Bob-kat said...

Sounds like everything has been planned for the party. What could possibly go wrong? :-)

Mind you I seem to have missed your deadline by about a month!

Claire said...

Sounds like it's going to be a great Christmas party!

Ellee said...

Will Santa and his helpers be there?

I've really been caught up with endless hours of studying that I am far behind with and partying has to take second place right now, unfortunately, but I know with you at the helm, it will be a soaraway success.

Bob-kat said...

Hi, I have my party piece all ready to send to you but my email is playing up. Grrrr. Stand by for transmission. Hopefully.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Squirrel, you can be sure 'political correctness' isn't going to exist anywhere I am. Remember what the occasion is.

Glad to hear you're all looking forward to it. I've enjoyed reading those entries.

Mitch McDad said...

How do you have time towrite with all that starship trave??? I think I like Shatner better because of his sweet rug.

Travel her from planet Michele.

UngaMan said...

can't wait Captain!!!

Hope you don't mind if I get my son with me...

iamnasra said...

Wow this is different planet I was thinking earth and poetry..Are you having poetry upthere...Thanks for visiting my blog truely Im honored..I was a bit lost in whch one was your blog

Carmi said...

I always wondered what Borg cooking would taste like. Now I'll finally have my chance.

Hi from Michele's today, Captain!


I think you don't have to worry about the catering of food. Who knows it would turn out good. Anyway, I've submitted my entry already and sent it to your email. Hope you got it. I haven't opened my email yet so I don't really know if you responded to it.
BTW, I think you typographically made an error on your deadline. It says November 1.
Thanks for dropping by.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I'm sur ehte party will be just fine :)

Anonymous said...

Make it so (sorry, couldn't resist that one! :P)

Anonymous said...

Hope Worf doesn't get too drunk. I'd hate to see Klingon vomit, with all the raw meat they eat.

Anonymous said...

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