Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Ambassador

An Ambassador from Karos is visiting us today; Starfleet haven't told me anything about him; all they are is 'Just take the Ambassador back to Karos.'

We seems to be forever ferrying these dull people like a glorified taxi service; perhaps the Enterprise ought to be painted yellow, and we get a tip at the end of the journey?

The senior staff are assembled, ready to receive him.

As the figure beams on, I see something very different.

The Ambassador is a breathakingly beautiful redhead, with a gorgeous figure.

"Errr, ummm" I say.

"Captain Picard." she says, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek, "I'm Ambassador Sylvia from Karos. I've heard so much about you and your brave exploits. You simply must tell me about them over dinner tonight. I'm sure we can do that privately."

"Err..umm...yes, Ambassador" I say hesitatingly.

"Oh, call me Sylvia." she replies softly in my ear, "I'm sure I can call you Jean-Luc."

"Err...yes Sylvia" I tell her, as I keel over due to Beverly kicking me in the foot.


A few hours later, I am knocking on the door to her Guest Quarters. It opens, but the light is very poor.

"It looks like the light needs fixing here, Ambassador." I say, "I'll send someone along to fix it."

Sylvia steps forward, wearing a diaphanous gown.

"The light is set just for us, Jean-Luc." she slowly tells me, :Sit down, and we can talk about things together."

Her perfume is overpowering, as Sylvia sits close to me. She kisses me as I go dizzy.

"What are the Enterprise shield defence codes, Jean-Luc?" is the last thing I remember.


I wake up in SickBay; Beverly is standing next to me.

"What am I doing here, Bev?" I ask.

"Fortunately for you and the Enterprise." she replies, "I can tell a bad lot when I see it. I certainly didn't like her the moment I saw her. Sylvia seemed so false. She was straying where she didn't belong."

I decide not to ask about that, but let her continue.

"The Karosians have been known to gain a lot of territory lately, and it seems to be after their Ambassadors have visited there. Data checked, and found she has perfume that dulls the senses and makes others tell the truth. Fortunately Worf and the Security team broke in and stopped herbefore she started asking you questions."

"Where is she now?"

"Enjoying a pleasant trip in the brig." smiles Beverly.

"Does that mean I should be careful of redheads from now on, Bev?" I quietly ask.

"Only of me if another one entices you in the future, Jean-Luc." she replies, as Bev kisses me.


The Curmudgeon said...

Beverly may not be a diplomat but her instincts are good. Lovely picture.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Sigh, why are all the lovely redheads evil? Wait, not all are evil, nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love that Bev, she's a smart one!

You need to watch out for those beautiful pre-raphaelite red heads!!!

that being said I have red hair as well...


SQT said...

Those redheads are tricky. Oh wait...

WW said...

If TNG had any down side to it, it is that Capt. Picard's love life wasn't discussed all that much. Oh, I know...Kamala and Vash. Yeah, but did we really see any action?

Come on John Luc, give me a little thrill. What really happened with Sylvia, Ambassador of Karos?


Darth Nepharia said...

Oh, do you think he's going to kiss and tell? He IS a gentleman, after all.

Professor Xavier said...

If this had occured a hundred years earlier, there would have been a fade to black on Captain Kirk and the ambassador before her true nature was revealed.

mrsmogul said...

She looks like Kate Winslet!! I once knew a redhead she was a vegetarian with freckles. She told me she knew Jean Luc. This was when I was in the fourth grade...SPOOKY!!!

mrsmogul said...

She looks like Kate Winslet!! I once knew a redhead she was a vegetarian with freckles. She told me she knew Jean Luc. This was when I was in the fourth grade...SPOOKY!!!

Mother Jones RN said...

The Ambassador has the gift of beauty and brain, and so does Bev. It seems to me that the Jean-Luc should be a very happy man.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I must admit that pre-raphaelite redheads always catch my eye.

Squirrel said...

She sounds like a starship Siren. Did she sing too?

Osquer said...

O Captain, My Captain! Not all red-heads are treacherous...well, maybe a little. ;-)

Ellee said...

She is certainly stunning, worth getting into trouble for.

Anonymous said...

well now captain, i actually understood this one. either i have been coming here too often or i a starting to get it. anyhow, you were right not to kiss and tell.....a true (southern?) gentleman. bee

Summer Dawn O'Ciardha said...

And, what, pray-tell is wrong with red heads?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It seems a redhead debate has started in my comments list!

Annelisa said...

I want some of that perfume! Except maybe one that sharpens the senses and tells the truth (how come it didn't work on the ambassador?)

Pearl said...

Yah, fade to black and stars. Did you swoon again?

Anonymous said...



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