Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Stringworld (Part Two)

What kind of a place is this Stringworld?

All of the inhabitants walk strangely , guided by tiny ropes that vanish into nothingness, and they are carbon/wood based.

Commander Shore tells me they are guided by the Anderson Spirit.

With me in the Star City/Marineville complex is Steve Zodiac, Commander Sam Shore (who is in a hoverchair), plus two women; Shore's daughter Atlanta and her rival for Troy Tempest, Marina.

A call is coming in from Lord Titan, who lives at the bottom of the sea in Titanica.

Deanna, Data and Riker are with me looking on....


The videoscreen flickers into life.

A green figure appears in front of a throne that looks like a giant oyster. Riker and I maintain a supressed giggle; even Deanna looks like she's going to burst out laughing any moment. Data looks rather perplexed and confused.

"I am Lord Titan!" booms the image; actually he looks more like how the father of an Orion Slave Girl might look. We continue listening to him.

"There are invaders to this planet." he goes on, "They will surely invade Titanica; one of my Terror Fish will send out a cobalt destructive missile. It will easily pierce their shields."

Our smiles vanish instantly, as I use my Com to alert Worf, who instantly sends a photon torpedo to meet the missile. The blast rocks the picture, and Titan looks a little bedraggled, as if he has been in a fishtank and it's been pushed around.

The picture of Titan goes off and Marineville communications tell us Stingray is on it's way; we look at the video.


A few moments later, Troy Tempest and Phones are in the office. I've noticed that everybody seems to have massive eyebrows; it must be a genetic trait of those who live on this world.

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"Hello Commander, Marina, Steve, Atlanta" Troy says to them all.

Commander Shore explains the situation to them and who we are; Atlanta sharply interrupts.

"I noticed you greeted me last of all, Troy!" she tells him angrily, "You can't string me around like this; I'm a woman, and you can't two-time me with a fish."

"Atlanta!" the Commander says angrily, "This isn't the time for that."

"Why not?" she replies, "To Troy, I'm just his puppet who will do what he says."

I empathise with him, though. I had the same trouble with Deanna and Jadzia when they were fighting over Worf.

"The fact that we are carbon/wood based has been a problem." Troy continues, "My friend Mike Mercury, who piloted Supercar had a nasty accident while he was juggling chainsaws at the party he went to."

"What about the Anderson Spirit?" I ask Commander Shore, "Do you think you might be manipulated by aliens?"

"That's a good question, Captain." he says, "One man who might be able to help us is Hiram J Hackenbacker, who is also known as 'Brains'. He works for a friend of mine, Jeff Tracy. I'll call him.

The videomonitor comes alive again. What a place!

"Hi Sam." says the figure, "This is Jeff; what's the problem?"

Shore tells him what is happening, and who we are.

"That is ambitious" replies Tracy, "If it goes wrong, we could all fall on our faces instead of our feet. I'll send Brains with the boys; it looks like he and this Data guy might come up with something."

Atlanta is taunting Marina again. I hope we can get going soon. Riker is sympathising with Marina while Deanna is angry with him and says she thinks Atlanta is being overlooked.

Troy Tempest and myself are both staying out of the way.

To be continued...


The Curmudgeon said...

I 'wood' not bet on a happy ending to this saga, Captain.

And what if those bushy eyebrows are really cellulose-eating caterpillars?

Ellee said...

Atlanta sounds very upset, it must be very difficult to let off steam on a space ship.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the eyebrows are quite large, but they are offset by the curiously large bottom lips.

Ciera said...

Hmm, just what do you know about what the father of an Orion Slave Girl looks like? Did you have some run-ins when you were younger Jean-Luc? :)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

So if Lord Triton and his people live under the sea and are a wood-based lifeform, who's in charge of keeping them from rotting away? Do they use paint or stain or something?

Squirrel said...

Captain, if you can some how get control of those strings and put some on Bev...

Professor Xavier said...

Do your phazers have a "termite" setting? That's probably all you would need.

Private Hudson said...

What if you start rubbing two of them together?

Darth Nepharia said...

What happens when they get old? Does their paint fade and their wood turn grey?

Vegeta said...

I think all you need is a match

Erifia Apoc said...

You can barrow my lightsaber. I bet that is good for cutting strings.

jax said...

lord titan seems a bit shiny really... someone oughtta clue him in about those excess-oil-removing wipes.

rub which two together? hmm...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You're all making me laugh with your wood ideas! Your sense of humour is spot on! Titan does look like he's had a bit too much wood polish.

Anonymous said...

huh? sigh, i am sorry i am just way to dumb to get any of this, but, once again, i'll defend your right to say it with my very life!!! (smile) bee

Mother Jones RN said...

I remember watching this show when I was a kid. The show was
considered so "high tech" back then.

Where do you come up with the ideas for these great posts?


Anonymous said...

well jon, i came up with a whole new category on my sidebar to link you honey. go and see..... bee

Carmi said...

Damn, they are seriously stylish! Why can't I look like that, bushy eyebrows and all?

Anonymous said...

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