Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stringworld (Part One)

We've been sent to investigate a mysterious planet in the Sylvian Sector. The Gerry Probe that we sent out has revealed some strange facts about it's occupants.


The Enterprise approaches the planet; the sensor sweep proves what the probe confirmed. The inhabitants are a mixture of carbon and wooden lifeforms.

"Maybe it's Pinocchio's family?" suggests Riker in his usual jocular manner.

I roll my eyes at his suggestion, but I must admit, the thought had occured to me.

Suddenly a spaceship roars past at warp speed.

Oddly enough, it looks slightly as if it being manipulated by a rope or something; it must be my imagination.

"They are hailing us, Captain." Worf tells me, and an image appears on the screen.

"This is Steve Zodiac of Fireball XL5" says the figure, "Welcome to Stringworld. If you will beam down to the co-ordinates I give you, we will welcome you at the combined Space City-Marineville Headquarters."

The hail ends and we look blank at each other.

"That guy is attached to some kind of string, Captain." Riker observes.

"I agree, Number One." I reply, "Deanna, what do you see."

"It's hard to tell" she says, "There seems to be life within, but I see mainly trees."

I decide to gather an Away Team, and choose Deanna, Riker and Data to come with me.


When we beam down, we are greeted by Zodiac, together with a man in a hoverchair and a young woman. In the corner is another woman sitting in a fishtank. I decide not to ask about this.

"Welcome, Captain" says the man in the hoverchair, "I am Commander Sam Shore of Marineville; this is my daughter Atlanta. The woman you noticed in the corner is Marina, a woman Troy Tempest rescued from the clutches of the evil Lord Titan."

"Troy Tempest?" I ask.

"He is one of the pilots of the Stingray underwater craft. The other is Phones." the Commander tells us.

"What was that?" Riker says with a smile.

"Phones. We call him that because he always wears headphones. No one knows his real name. I don't think anybody has thought to ask."

Atlanta Shore is looking angily at Marina with gritted teeth.

"Commander." I say, "Marina hasn't said much."

"She doesn't speak." he replies, "Lord Titan has threatened to destroy her if she ever does. Still, she is really a whizz at charades. She and Atlanta don't get on as they both like Troy Tempest. I've seen her using a fishing road to taunt Marina."

"I do not!!" replies Atlanta, with a guilty face, "I just want a normal relationship with Troy, no strings attached, and not having to compete with a fish!"

Marina starts to cry.

"I'm lucky." Zodiac comments, "I have Venus as my love interest. Still, Captain Picard, your Commander Data looks more advanced than Robby the robot."

This is getting ridiculous.

"Commander" I try to say, "The reason why we came here is that we noticed that the lifeforms here are carbon/wood based. We haven't come across this before. Oddly enough, each of you seem to be guided somehow by some spiritual rope."

"That's exactly it!" replies Shore, "On Stringworld, we are all guided by the Anderson spirit. He tells us what to do, and takes us through life."

Deanna, Data, Riker and myself exchange glances.

"Commander" asks Deanna delicately, "Have you considered walking on your own two feet?"

Just before a reply can be issued, we are informed by Marineville communications that a message is coming in from Lord Titan.

"Get Stingray back here!" he calls out.

Why do we get caught up in these things?

To be continued...


Theo said...

noe THOSE images take me back to lazy Saturday afternoons! thanks for your creativiity.

Michele sent me, today.

Darth Nepharia said...

Yeah, they use to creep me out. I could never watch them as a kid.

Professor Xavier said...

Stringworld, eh? I wonder if they all feel like they are really just puppets dancing to some hidden master's commands? Of course that's just a theory. A string theory.

Summer Dawn O'Ciardha said...

Hey, the easiest way to defeat these puppet people is to have Atropos cut their strings.

Miss Cellania said...

I watched Fireball XL5 religiously when I was very very young. I didn't know it was ever available in color!

Erifia Apoc said...

Puppets... Rrrr-iii-ggghh-ttttt.

Rob Whatman said...

Be careful Captain,

I have a feeling that anything is possible in the next half hour... :)

"Boom-boom, Boom, Boom-boom-boom, Boom!"

TX said...

Those wodden men look like they need to be terminated

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

The Anderson Spirit must be stong. They'd be at the end of a rope if it wasn't.

Paperback Writer said...

So...could you possibly...cut the strings?

angela said...

Thanks for the visit to my site!
Yes, you have an amusing site here.

Wedge Antillies said...

So, let me get this right, this is a planet where every one is a politician?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great comments...or are you stringing me along?

Miss Cellina, I think they were colourised Fireball XL5 pictures.

Terminatrix, those puppets don't look very safe with you around.

Ellee said...

Poor Marina, I hope she is allowed to have her voice back soon.

mrsmogul said...

Do they sell yarn at Stringworld? Plus, do they have dollar or pound stores there?

Ciera said...

I'm somehow certain that if the ENTERPRISE crew were to cut the strings----it would somehow be a violation of the Prime Directive----like they've never broken that before....

Lahdeedah said...


never ever heard of the wooden puppet space show.

My first inclination would be to start waving lighters around, just in case.

Anonymous said...

OOk after trying to post a comment at least 5 times... I try again.

I read this post and could not help but think about the 200 episode of SG-1 whenthe stringed puppets went through the gate... well they did but the strings didn't... it was funny.
Well, at least this adventure is fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, Thunderbird 2 and Captain Scarlet will be along in a moment...

jax said...

Intriguing... what happens next?? I think I can check your journal while I'm at work.

BTW, I finally got a photo posted!

Ellee said...

Captain Picard, I wonder if your space ship is in sight of this space mission, they may need your assistance:,,3-2431358,00.html

Anonymous said...

Aaah...that made me very happy. I loved Fireball AND Thunderbirds...

Oh man.

And I just posted on SQT's blog about Space 1999..another Gerry Anderson production.

Anonymous said...

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