Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Doctor Zimmerman's Visit

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Today is a very exciting day for me. We're at the Jupiter Station.

Doctor Lewis Zimmerman, the creator of holograms is visiting the Enterprise. For the first time, I will be able to meet my 'father' and tell him how well I've done.

Those on this ship have naturally tried to hold me back, but us holograms are superior. Perhaps he will saying I'm a much better doctor, and that I can replace Crusher?

That would make her quiver. Beverly Crusher has never liked me and always has me doing the most meniel medical tasks. Though I'm tempted to day something and report her to HUD (the Holographic Union of Doctors), I've thought to bide my time until I can come forward.

Well, that time is now!

Doctor Crusher and I are waiting in the Sick Bay. Captain Picard is giving Doctor Zimmerman the usual ship tour before coming here to show me off.

I hear them coming...

"...And this is the Sick Bay, Doctor Zimmerman" says the Captain, "No doubt you'll recognise an occupant there, as he look like you."

Doctor Zimmerman stares at me; I smile at him.

"Hello!" I say, "I'm so pleased to meet you and show you how well I've done since I was programmed into the Enterprise. I've learnt how to.."

"It's not very good, is it?" says the Doctor to Picard, "I've seen a toaster with more intelligence!"
Is he talking about me?

"Where did I go wrong?" says Zimmerman, "There are so many troubles with this one, I don't know where to start. Never mind. The Mark Two will be much better."

Mark Two?

"I assure you, Doctor" I tell him, "I've been running perfectly, and have exceeded my programming to learn all sorts of functions."

Zimmerman continues talking to Picard as if I am not there. Beverly has a big grin on her face.

"This one is useless" continues Zimmerman, "I suppose the Mark One here could just be considered a prototype. What we'll do is download it and have it cleaning plasma conduits or some other job no one would want to do."

I continue to protest

"HUD will never allow it!" I tell him, "I've got holographic rights!"

"It's attitude is really irritating, Captain" Zimmerman whispers to Picard, "I don't know how you've stood it, "I'll give it a few tweaks and erase it's memory. As it's creator, HUD can't say anything"

"Excellent, Doctor Zimmerman" says Picard, "When can we have a look at the Mark Two?"

"Right now, Captain" he states, "We can beam it directly here to Sick Bay and you can see what it is like."

In a few seconds, a different looking figure beams on; it doesn't look like Doctor Zimmerman or myself. Already I don't like him.

"This is the Mark Two" Zimmerman proudly annouces, "Watch and see it in action.

I sneer as we all watch the Mark Two rush around the Sick Bay doing complex medical functions, smiling and talking to patients at a fantastic speed."

"Isn't it brilliant?" Zimmerman asks, "The Mark Two has far more speed, can make judgements, and is much more friendly than the bad tempered Mark One."

"Yes" says Picard, "It will change everything."

"It certainly will." agrees Zimmerman, "When we have holographic projectors fitted around the ship, the Mark Two can walk around. It can replace the human doctors like Beverly Crusher. She can then lecture at Starfleet Academy, or something like that."

Dr Crusher goes pale; so does Picard.

"Now see here, Doctor Zimmerman" Picard protests, "We've got to have human doctors."

"Why?" asks Zimmerman, "The Mark Two will be a better doctor."

"Err...I don't think we want the Mark Two, Doctor" says Picard hurriedly, "We've been quite happy with the Mark One, haven't we, Beverly?"

"Erm...oh yes, the Mark One is excellent."

"We like things just the way they are" Picard agrees.

"Very strange." says Zimmerman. He beams the Mark Two off and leaves.

I watch Picard and Crusher hold hands as they leave a few seconds later.

Human emotion saved me from the plasma conduits!


Professor Xavier said...

See Doctor, you had nothing to worry about. Picard cares about you as if you were his very own son.

Ciera said...

For such a happy ending, you sure do look like you've swallowed a lemon...

Nic said...

Awwww, that's so sweet. I think you'll be less of a jackass to Dr. Crusher from now on won't you?

Hey there dear Captian, would you mind popping by and posting a question for the HDQ? I'm trying to gather some questions from other blogfriends regarding questions you ask other people that you would like to get to know better.

Vampirella said...

Aww poor mark one... you know I could use a dr around the house

how are you with zombies, devil babies, and alien babiesbtw meant to email you this and I know its late

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

How ironic that the one thing that saved you is most likely the one thing that you'll never understand.

It's almost as ironic as if I were saved by the one thing that I didn't understand, like a grumpy holographic doctor or something.


Just dropping by to say hello.

M. C. Pearson said...

Oh, I am so glad! The Doctor was my absolute favorite character on Voyager. Phew!

Viamarie said...

Hello! Hope you have a nice day.

Trinity13 said...

Well, I hope you start appreciating Dr. Crusher more!

Master Yoda said...

Capt. Picard,

Have a chance to congratulate you on your Blogoversary, I did not! Congratulations!

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Well, maybe you could remove the vocalization componet of the Mark 1 annoying holoprojector doc, that might make him less annoying

Jen said...

That actually made me kind of sad. I think the episode where he had to ask for the ability to shut himself off, so that if everyone died he wouldn't be alone forever in space, just sort of hit me funny and now I worry about him...even though I know it's just a character, and not even a "living" character.

Sorry, let one of the issues out! Normally I'm OK ;-)

craziequeen said...

Poor Doc....

I like the Doc........not Crusher, the Doc with no name :-)

Does he know what his alter ego has been doing in the Delta Quadrant - huge strides for holokind....?


craziequeen said...

oops - Michele sent me this time..

[slaps wrist]

margalit said...

Nice to see that sibling rivalry transcends time and space!

Here via Michele

johnny utah said...

Hey Capy here's something you may like to embed into your Journal.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I guess we're stuck with the Mark One!

Like the video, Johnny.

Carlos Thor said...

I'm Vader speaking, general of the imperial fleet of Lord Sidious! you had finished to enter in the radar field of ours federation! Please identify readily or we will not hesitate in opening hostilities!

Anonymous said...

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