Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Seven Of Nine (Part Two)

The crew have been rather worried since we took Seven of Nine as a crewmember.

They're scared of turning their backs on her in case she decides to assimilate someone.

The children on the Enterprise hide behind corners when they see Seven march down the corridors; their mother's threaten to send them to the Borg woman if they are bad.

I must admit, she scares me a lot, despite the assurance from The Borg Queen that she will not assimilate anyone while she is on board.

We have set up an alcove in one of the Cargo Bays; there, she can regenerate when she needs to. At least when that happens, we are alright for the time being.

I talk to Admiral Stanson on the videoscreen about the problem.

"You really had a problem, there, Captain" he says, in a voice that makes him seem glad it wasn't him that had to make the decision, "Still, in order to prevent people getting assimilated, you had to do it."

"That's true, Sir" I reply, "But what about all the information the Borg will learn about us? Some of it could be top secret"

"Most of it they already know, Captain." Stanson tells me, "Just keep classified material encrypted. Besides, this might be a good opportunity to learn more about the Borg."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Captain" Stanson continues, "While the Borg learn about us, we can sneakily learn about them." It might give us more information when they next attack us."

"It could be the other way around, Sir"

"That's a chance we'll have to take; good luck with your new crewmember, Picard. Stanson out."
I groan. That's about as much help as I'm going to get with Starfleet. They're letting me look after Seven and if something goes wrong, it'll be me to blame.

Time for a conference with the senior staff. I call them all in.

"Everybody" I say to them, "What are we going to do with Seven?"

"Can we put her in a small out-of-the-way job where she won't be any trouble?" suggests Riker.

"It's what I would like to do, Number One" I say, "But I think her curiosity to learn as much as possible will prevent that."

"We shall have to be on our guard" declares Worf, "Otherwise she could have to be killed."

"Hey" Geordi says, "If that happens, it's Asssimilation City, Arizona for all of us; you remember what The Borg Queen said."

"Should we allow ourselves to be blackmailed by this creature?" asks Beverly.

"Unfortunately, Doctor" I reply, "We had no choice; we'll give her a few tasks around the ship so that she can familiarise herself with it. Hopefully by that time, The Borg Queen will come and collect her again."

"Well I think it's appalling that we should have a Borg drone on board" starts Deanna, "For all we know, she could assimilate us in our slee..."

The door suddenly slides open and Seven of Nine enters.

"Please continue" says Seven, "I missed what you were saying."

"Errr..." says Deanna, "I was just saying how the Enterprise needed err...cleaning up."

"Yes," I confirm it, "We'll do that right away, Counselor."

"Captain Picard" Seven tells me, "This is a meeting of senior staff; I expect to be invited to all such meetings as I am a member of this staff."

"Now see here, Seven of Nine" I nervously say to her, "You have just arrived on the ship, and are hardly a member of the senior staff."

"We are Borg!" she talks down to me, "I am now a member of the senior staff!"

"Err...if you wish, Seven; this meeting happens to be over anyway."

"Very well" she replies, "I shall go and regenerate."

As Seven leaves, I take a stress pill.

"I'll order you a few more" says Beverly, "I think you might need them."


Nic said...

Plus a few casks of fine wine or even a 50 year old scotch to wash them down with. You have a handful there dear friend! I don't envy you one bit. Best of luck!

Ciera said...

Tough luck there Jean-Luc...couldn't you promote her and transfer her to HQ or something?

Viamarie said...

Happy Wednesday! Hope you find a solution to that soon.

Professor Xavier said...

My suggestion is, get her out of that metal gear and put her into a skin tight cat suit. She'll be a lot easier to take then.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

How easy can it be to become a member of the senior staff!

Enchanting as usual.

Jabafatboy said...

Jeri Ryan Is hot even as a Borg !!

Well Capitan , maybe you should act like you have some interest in her, Ill bet crusher wont let her out of her sight then !

Barbara said...

Seven of Nine, I think she was my husband's favorite star Trk character.

Gyrobo said...

Just take the ship into fluidic space. That'll solve your Borg problems.

Trinity13 said...

Sounds like Seven needs a chill pill!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You all have some great solutions to the problem!

TX said...

*looks around.... looks at Seven*


The nerve! Thanks for dropping by.
Just passing by.

M. C. Pearson said...

Assign her some senior staff clean-up detail...or better yet, make her crew man number six...the one who always dies on an away mission!

Anonymous said...

Captain while you're taking a stress pill maybe you should give her a submission pill...LOL

Have a great day!!!

-xtessa- said...

ah, i liked seven when she was growing her blonde hair... she was so much easier to talk to.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Darn it, my comment didn't take.

I was going to agree with the Professor and suggest maybe some of the other crew members should wear similar outfits so 7 doesn't feel bad about it.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

More great ideas; the trouble is, I can't see Seven being to keen on doing what she's told.

Mick Pup said...

Happy Wednesday! Hope you find a solution to that soon.

Anonymous said...

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