Thursday, May 11, 2006

Shopping With Seven

Time to sneak on to the Cappy's Journal to recount the latest incident. Keep quiet about it. Don't want to end up in the soup! giggle!


Bev and I are all ready to go off on our latest shopping spree; well it is time to go looking for some summer clothes and we both need new bikinis.

We head off to the Transporter Room, ready to beam down to the Starfleet Mall so that we can stock our wardrobes to the hilt.

A voice stops us in our tracks. It's Seven of Nine.

"Where are you two females going!" she demands to know.

"Err..Deanna and I are just going shopping" says Bev, with a nervous voice.

"Why haven't you invited me?" Seven asks, "I wish to learn about human behaviour, and I have it in my database that shopping is a very human experience."

That's true! giggle!

"Well, Seven, we didn't think you'd want to come." I say, "After all, it is such a boring experience..isn't it, Bev?" The lies I tell!

"Err..oh, yes, Deanna, we dislike it intensely."

"Then why do you go?" asks Seven.

"'s a job that the I mean Captain Picard tells us we have to do. You wouldn't like it, Seven." I tell her.

"I shall come along and find out for myself!" she says.

We have no say in all this.

The three of us beam down to the Starfleet Mall. Everybody looks at us, and in particular at Seven. Then they run away.

Shopping with a Borg drone does drive the crowds away! giggle!

We go into L'singa's Lingerie to check out the latest underwear fashions. Bev and I see some items that we both like and go to buy them.

"Err...they're on the house, ladies" says L'singa nervously looking at Seven, "You've been such good regular customers."

We leave and go to Ferengi Footwear and find some very sexy shoes that we both like. Seven finds a pair that she likes as well.

"It's err..all free, ladies!" says the Ferengi shopowner, as he takes a look at Seven, "We like to be generous...making a profit isn't everything."

I never thought I'd hear a Ferengi say that! giggle!

The three of us go around the shops; everywhere it's the same. We don't get charged for anything.

"This is most strange." says Seven, "Why are shops prepared to give their goods away for no reason? I do not understand it."

"It is odd, isn't it Bev?" I say with a wink to her. giggle!

We beam back to the Enterprise, loaded with goods from shops.

"I think we'll have to take Seven with us on future shopping trips, Deanna" Bev tells me with a smile as we walk back.


That's it for this entry in the Cappy's Journal. Just in time before he returns. Now time to go back and try on my new items! giggle!


Miss Cellania said...

It was all the giggles that made me giggle!

My website is frozen. I can't do a thing with it. So I moved to my own domain, with a new hosting service. Check it out at Miss Cellania And you might want to update your blogroll. Sorry for the inconvenience, but you DO send me quite a few visitors!

Trinity13 said...

So, you finally have use for Seven, huh?! Sounds like she would be good on away missions as well.

Ciera said...

Seven----you can come shopping with me any time!

Nic said...

Hey, I agree Ciera, you and I can share her every other day for shopping adventures! Or heck, just to even get the dealership to GET MY CAR FIXED after having it for 3 days and not even looking at it yet. SIGH!

Jaime H. said...

Can you assign Seven to me? I need to find a nice pair of dressy shoes.

Vampirella said...

okay can I borrow 7 when I go shopping

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

What's with all those giggles? Was Deanna taking a few nips here and there of the Romulan Ale?

Professor Xavier said...

Star Trek babes in bikinis and lingerie? I'm setting my Tivo!

-xtessa- said...

i didn't know that hanging out with a borg could have its perks! must do that next time i shop... can you give me the borg queen's mobile number?;)

Lori said...

And to think they didn't want her to go at first!!!

200th post party at my place!!!

Have a great day!!!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Is this the early 7 OF 9 with all the wire and stuff or the later 7 OF 9 with just all the stuff?

Captain Berk said...

I hapen to be an expert in handling Bikini fitment. I did a special course at starfleet academy.

I will happily offer consultation, albeit for a small fee.


Wow, shopping spree. That's fun. Wish could go too.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Everybody was giving Seven derogatory jobs, now you all want to take her shopping!!

M. C. Pearson said...

Oh Deanna! I think you were guffawing at one point when you wrote giggle! Chortle, snort!

Okay, so Seven is good for something, eh?

Jabafatboy said...

Ya missed the part where they try on the Bikini's !!

Man , talk about misleadin the story line !

Lady Wyntir said...

YEAH! that was hilarious! hee hee hee who would have thought Seven was a walking discount generator.

great outlook.


Anonymous said...

Interesting story. Have a nice W/E.

Loki said...

So all we need to do to get everything we want to buy for free is to bring a borg along(unless you're one yourself), thanks for the tip :) Just got to make sure it's either Seven or Hugh :P

Anonymous said...

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