Monday, October 03, 2005

Whatever Happened To Doctor Pulaski?


A lot of people keep asking me "Whatever happened to Doctor Katherine Pulaski?"

She was the woman who replaced me on the Enterprise for a year while I went to Starfleet Medical on Earth.

It was assumed that this was a position I eagerly wanted, but that's not the way it was. After all, I was very fond of the Enterprise; my son Wesley was serving on it, and I like the company of certain people, although we keep a professional distance from each other.

This is the truth of what happened that year...

All of a sudden, this directive came from Starfleet Headquarters that I had successfully obtained the new position at the Medical Council. I was puzzled, as I had made no such application.

The Admiral who informed me said there was no chance of changing my mind, and that I had to go there.

I was most distraught, and there was a tearful farewell from my friends on the Enterprise.

When I arrived in San Francisco, there was a message from Wes on the monitor. He said there was a new woman, a Doctor Katherine Pulaski, and she was now doing my job.

Jean-Luc also sent a message, saying that Dr Pulaski was rather annoying, getting on his fraying nerves and that the two of them had got into a lot of arguements. He said he was missing me.

That cheered me up no end.

While I was at Starfleet Medical, I did a lot of detective work; I was determined to find out how I had ended up here, rather than on the flagship of the fleet.

I tracked down my application form, sent in by computer. By doing this, I was able to find out the location of where it came from.

It was from the office of Doctor Katherine Pulaski.

That woman had got me posted to that job so she could take the job that any doctor in the Federation would dearly want.

What was I going to do to get my job back? Sneak on the Enterprise and put her body in a Jeffries Tube? Though it did seem rather appealing, I knew I had to do something a lot more subtle.

Three weeks later, there was a call on the monitor from Wes on the Enterprise.

"Mom, you'll never guess what happened? Dr Pulaski has been summoned take to part in a long-range scientific survey around the galaxy on the New Frontier vessel. It's a voyage that involves suspended animation, as it involves long distances. They could be away for over 100 years."

"What did Dr Pulaski say, Wes?"

"Well, she protested, saying she never wanted to go, and also said "It's HER, I know it is". I don't know what that means, Mom."

"Strange, isn't it, Wes?"

"Well, the Captain is pleased to have her along, as the doctor they were going to have suddenly fell ill through stomach poisoning. I think she worked at Starfleet Medical with you, Mom."

"What a coincidence." I said.

"I'll have to go, Mom; by the way, I saved the ship again last week."

"That's nice of you, Wes."

Jean-Luc came on a little later. He explained that Dr Pulaski had been called away, and pleaded with me to come back to the Enterprise.

Naturally, I was there, and have been the doctor ever since.

Aren't we women sneaky?


Jen said...

I never liked that Dr. Pulaski. I'm not surprised to find out she's so underhanded... :-)

Free to Be said...

Sneaky...naaaa, that was smart.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

And all along I thought that Dr. Pulaski fell down the turbolift shaft.

Also, Good Captain, you have been tagged.

MommaK said...

Sneaky....but intelligent!

Angel of Music said...

I wouldn't call it sneaky - I call resourceful.

And I never liked Pulaski either. But then, I never liked anything Diane Muldar did. Definitely not my favorite actress.

Zee said...

I really DISLIKED her. I had many other names for her, but I won't share them here.

nobody said...

dangit, wesley the boy saved the ship again. I think Worf needs to eat him.

congrats for you, dr. crusher on getting pulaski to go away ;)

Professor Xavier said...

That's defintely some old school justice. Nicely played!

Craig @ work said...

she is hot!!!

may the force be with you!!! LOL...

Shelley said...

We are a sly bunch. And that comment comes with no excuses. It's just the way it is!

Trinity13 said...

Nice job Bev! But I'm surprised that Wes didn't save you...heehee!

Master Yoda said...

Good job, Dr. Crusher.

To distant parts of the galaxy I keep assigning Kenobi, but like a boomerang he is. Back he keeps coming.

Ciera said...

I was wondering how that all came about.

MommaK said...

back to report that I have completed my meme mission captian ;)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think we are all relieved that Kate Pulaski is out of my hair(!)

MommaK, I'll take a look now.

dddragon said...

Way to go, Beverly!

Jaime H. said...

Yay! And may she never come back!!! I mean, anyone who treats Data the way she does doesn't deserve even to swab the decks of Starfleet's flagship.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious why the "Dr. Pulaski" character was brought in. Ratings were sagging, and the producers started going to the well of Original Trek to try and invigorate fans. Dr. Pulaski was obviously an incarnation of the Dr. McCoy character from the original series. He provided much needed contrast to the genial getting along of the rest of the main cast. It fit with the re-introduction of old villains like the Romulans.

Anonymous said...



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