Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tagged: 20 Random Facts

I have been tagged by the delightful Xtessa, who used her charm to evade the sensors and the shields. I am supposed to write 20 random facts about myself and tag the same amount of people that it takes minutes to complete it. Don't worry, this won't happen!

1: I have to have Earl Grey tea before I can start a staff meeting.

2: I have a artificial heart; Riker asked me the other day if it ever get rusty.

3: After being told by Deanna Troi that if she ever marries Will, there would have to be a nude ceremony on Betazed in which all attendees are unclothed, I had a stress pill.

4: I had another one when I was told I would have to be Best Man.

5: I bear an uncanny resemblance to Professor Charles Xavier

6: I tried to have Wesley Crusher put in the cargo hold of the airplane we travelled in to Portugal this year.

7: I pleaded with the head of Starfleet Academy to accept Wesley, otherwise he might end up in an airlock.

8: Whenever I am philosophical, I strut around quoting lines from Shakespeare plays.

9: I tried on Geordi's visor once; it gave me a headache that lasted a week.

10: I have the key to the restroom on the Enterprise.

11: It was me who wrote 'I Luv Bev' on the mirror.

12: I can't remember what 'The Picard Manouvre Is'.

13: Last week, I sent off six job applications for Riker to try.

14: I'm always listening to see if Data's programming goes awry and he uses a contraction.

15: Guinan poured a drink over me yesterday when I asked her how old she was.

16: Worf wasn't keen on seeing the ballet that was on the other night.

17: I've looked in the Starship manual parts catalogue and ordered a broadband system.

18: Guinan also said an actor in the 2oth & 21st Century also bore a resemblance to me.

19: Riker told me the first time I said "Make it so", he thought I said "Make it GO."

20: I'm still trying to figure out who the voice of the ship's computer reminds me of.

Well that's it. Shall I tag someone? Who said, "Yes, as long as it's not me"?

Sorry, but Tigerlily has drawn the short straw.


Trinity13 said...

Hmmmm...an actor in the 20th and 21st century that looks like you?! Really?! You don't say!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Must be Ben Kingsley.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i'm actually having an earl grey tea as i read this!!!

Professor Xavier said...

Did Riker follow through with any of the job applications? It's really time for that man to spread his wings and fly.

And I have heard others comment about our resemblence. Perhaps we are related. Do you have any mutant powers?

Nic said...

Love reading more about you dear Captain! Thanks for sharing. :)

M. C. Pearson said...

Earl Grey is my favorite too, Oh Captain My Captain! You tickled me so much tonight and I was giggling so stupidly that my dogs are now whining at me. I luv Bev on the mirror...I'm still chuckling! Ah, me! You are really a hoot! Stress pills about the nude ceremony...ROTFLOL! Great. Now the dogs are barking.

-xtessa- said...

thank you for doing the meme, captain. i knew it would be interesting!;)

btw, of course i know how to evade the shields and the sensors. i used the Delta Flyer!

Jana said...

I always listen for Data to use contractions, too.

And that computer voice is oddly familiar...

Nice picture of Lwaxana, BTW.

mar said...

you see I liked you, but after reading your nr. 1 random fact I really like you.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great comments;

Xtessa, I shall program the shields to watch out for the Delta Flyer and zap it.

Professor, I keep ordering Riker to go for these jobs, but he likes it on the Enterprise.

Marianne, glad I could get you giggling.

Shelley said...

I knew you wrote the "I Luv Bev" on the mirror! It just screamed you!!!!

InterstellarLass said...

Mmmm. I'm an English Breakfast fan. With real cream. A treat indeed!

puremood said...

You mean you didn't notice your restroom key was missing?! Muahahaha I got it. Neener neener.

Haris said...

Capetain Picard. I am rather interested in being tagged. After all it woudl only be fair as I have tagged you with one on my blog. Besides I was not aware what these things meant anyway , I love doing them and I think that they give more insight into teh soul of an individual. I think that someone so philosophical as you woudl understand that. Of course you do. Why is there only one bathroom on the Enterprise, and why is it that we only get to see the sink. If not one bathroom that it must be a master key and you must either spend all your time running to unlock different bathrooms or you must be one big voyouer. Maybe all you need is to transport teh um waist outside of teh ship. In that case you have a couple of really hight tech bathrooms.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

They have to come up and ask for the key, Haris. I may have another fitted; it might save a lot of trouble.

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