Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Party Planning

The senior staff have been called in for an urgent conference.

The subject: Update Reports on the Enterprise Christmas Party.

"How are we doing with booking the band, Number One?"

"Sid Starr and The Starrlighters have agreed to be with us for the evening." Riker informs us, "However the nursing home staff tell us that Sid will have to have an oxygen cylinder nearby."

"See to that, will you, Beverly." I ask, "We can't have the band dropping dead during the party."

"How about the catering?" asks Deanna, "We need to have plenty of chocola...I mean food for the guests."

"I have arranged for Federation Foodies to take care of all this." I tell them, "Other starships speak highly of them."

"Were they the caterers that were on board the Excelsior shortly before they had that food poisoning outbreak?" asks Data.

"It was never proved, Mr Data." I inform him, "Besides, they are under new ownership now."

"What about security." Worf inquires, "We cannot allow for uninvited guests. Do you wish me to throw them in the brig?"

"Mr Worf," I calmly tell him, "Everybody is at the party to relax; let's just have a good time...including yourself."

I then turn to the staff.

"Now then, have you all got dates for the party?"

"Ensign Jennifer Baxter has told me that I shall be taking her to the party." states Data, "She seems to be most eager to go, so I shall be escorting her.

"I will be taking Counselor Troi." Riker says with the satisfied smile that he usually has.

"That's good, Number One" I say, "Although you may have to dance with some of the people from the Guest Quarters of the Enterprise from time to time."

"I shall be happy to keep Counselor Troi occupied when Commander Riker is busy." Worf states.

Deanna suddenly giggles.

"That's very generous of you, Mr Worf." I tell him.

"Captain Picard and I shall be going together." states Beverly suddenly.

Everyone looks round at me.

"Err...yes, I shall be very pleased to accompany Doctor Crusher to the party." I tell them. "Like Commander Riker, I may have to dance withy other guests, but the Doctor shall be my escort, and partner during the important Last Dance.

Beverly has a beaming smile.

"What about Geordi?" asks Riker, as he turns to him, "Who is going to be your date?"

"Err...I'm not sure yet" says Geordi, "So many women on the ship want to come with me, I'm having difficulty choosing one."

That might not be quite true, I suspect.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Aw gee whiz, Captain, quit beating around the bush and take Beverly out on a nice date already.

Professor Xavier said...

I agree with Jon. I think the cat is out of the bag at this point.

Minerva said...

Come ON Picard....

Get your lips round hers...*grin*


Running2Ks said...

Maybe Geordi can bring a laptop. Of course, it would be delightful if Will would play some trombone!

natasha said...

Could you pawn Wesley off on Geordi? Then he wouldn't be around to interfere when you play "Doctor" ...

-xtessa- said...

poor geordi!!! heehee...

i'll be looking for my invite, by the way.:)

Stationery Queen said...

He'll bring that halographic doctor he fell in love with.

Geordi -- moron.

Trinity13 said...

Geordi should go with the ship's computer. She sounds so lovely!

McSwain said...

Ahhh... what fun. Is the party to be on board ship, or will you be beaming yourselves elsewhere?

Raehan said...

So which part is not true, the women wanting him, or not being able to choose.

Can I come?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Those in the Guest Quarters will all be invited to come to the Enterprise Christmas Party.

Poor Geordi! What are you all trying to do to him?

Ciera said...

planning a party can be so much trouble.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Too bad Data's daughter did not survice. I think she and Geordi would make a nice couple.

Captain Berk said...

Remember that you give the orders.

The female crew members MUST obey your orders.

Whatever they may be..

Nic said...

Awwww, last dance!

"Last dance, last chance for loooove, yes it's my last chance for romance toniiiight..."

This should be doubly entertaining!

Anonymous said...

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