Saturday, October 29, 2005

TWQ: Costume Parties

As Halloween is coming up, The Weekend Question (TWQ) is about costume parties.

What would be the 'ideal' Halloween outfit you would select?

What Halloween outfit have you chosen in the past?

What would be your 'ideal' outfit for any sort of costume party?

What costumes have you worn in the past?

My answer is:

For Halloween, I would like to wear a regal outfit, with a high coller, so that it covered my head, and I carried a false head that had been 'chopped off.'

Once, I went to a Halloween party as an undertaker, with a black outfit and top hat.

My 'ideal' costume would be a 'Las Vegas' studded Elvis Presley outfit, or possibly an Austin Powers costume.

On earler occasions, I have gone as a Chinese mandarin and also as a 'Twenties man' with striped blazer and straw hat.

Now it's over to you....


The Dormitory Boys said...

1. To be dressed up like Abbot and Costello
2. Laurel and Hardy
3. Bonnie and Clyde
4. Ren and Stimpy

Hi, Michele sent us!

Cheryl said...

I like fancy dress parties, but we don't celebrate halloween here like they do in the US, so I havent got an answer.
Michelle sent me.

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

the best costume i've ever worn was robin and my husband was batman, it was great. i usually go with my husband and we try and find something to compliment each other.

mar said...

don't like to wear costumes... I prefer the come as you are parties... If invited to a costume party I try to do a little only, I have dressed as a vampire when I borrowed a nice black cape, as a cook wearing just an apron, etc. Oh, I mean the apron on top of clothes, LOL!! Michele sent me today

mar said...

yes, it was an idea to save the non wanted comment! it's posted now!

Ciera said...

Don't generally go to costumed things. I dressed up as an angel once, for a church party one halloween. and later in college, a bunch of us just dressed in jeans and stuff and went as country was fun. {It was also the first time I ever got to go trick or treating.}

now, I would want to dress up as a princess or something. Sparkles and jewels ya know.

Jen said...

For my last costume party, I stuck name tags all over myself with different names on them and told everyone I was having an "Identity Crisis." That was kind of fun.

David said...

I went to a fancy Jewish wedding ( a friend of my mom's) in a Arab Sheik outfit, my big nose and dark sunglasses. I barely renember it but my brother tells me it was a riot.

by now you know that everyone is bailing on michele to come over here

Trinity13 said...

My ideal Halloween costume is to be dressed up as Violet Beauregarde (from the 1971 Willy Wonka) when she was full of juice...I just haven't been able to duplicate the outfit yet.

I was the Pillsbury Doughgirl when I was pregnant. I have also been a beaten up hockey player, Supergirl (last year), and a police officer.

I would love to go as Queen Amidala (from Star Wars) when she had the big funky hair!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

My past outfits have included Napolean (I am short and firey), the Elephant Man, and a cocktail waitress.

Now, I would want to be a ghost since I feel like being invisible.

puremood said...

What would be the 'ideal' Halloween outfit you would select? Something sexy

What Halloween outfit have you chosen in the past? Nothing sexy LOL

What would be your 'ideal' outfit for any sort of costume party? SOmething sexy

What costumes have you worn in the past? Nothing sexy


OK, you mentioned on my comments I was approaching 2000 but I'm not. I haven't hit 1000 yet. I have passed 2000 on comments tho. Not sure where you saw thaT? Just wanted to correct it LOL

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Some great ideas, so far.

Trinity, yours are very imaginative.

PureMood, sorry I misread your list of posts. It sounds like Elvira would be your Halloween choice.

mar said...

Michele sent me again this morning, to reconsider getting dressed up...

rashbre said...

The dressing up for Halloween isn't such a big thing here in England.

However, a previous costume I used to good effect and which you would approve in your official capacity was my Green Martian assemblage. I think I accidentally used the Phobos moon fleet badging, though, when I meant to do Diemos! An easy mistake.

Enjoy Halloween, but do check my masters of the universe post today - for some important transportation updates.


panthergirl said...

The best costume I ever wore for Halloween was "Old Spice" (I've posted the picture on my blog a few weeks ago). I wore a Union Jack t-shirt, red leather skirt, black platform boots, but a horrid old-lady mask and carried a can of Old Spice. People loved it.

I actually had a costume WEDDING (also posted those pics) where we were Rhett & Scarlett. It was great! Too bad the marriage didn't last!! LOL

Here via michele

kenju said...

I don't remember dressing up for Halloween except a few times. The best one was when I looked like Morticia Adams.

Ideally, I would be an Egyptian Queen in full regalia.

I love the idea above about the identity crisis. I may borrow that in the future!

Pearl said...

this year I'm a princess but ideally I'd love to wear a medieval style dress with lacings and huge skirt but it costs $250.

I've been a bee, a mouse, a sexy witch, a soldier.

Henry the 8th. All that rich velvet and mutton sleeves.

Professor Xavier said...

I once did something to you Jean Luc. I went as the Headless Horseman. I had a turtle neck pulled up over my head, a kind of puffed cape over my shoulders to make them look higher, and I carried a jack-a-lantern. I little child got so frightened that I had to pull my turtle neck down to show him that I really had a head. I couldn't quite get my costume back into shape after that.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me to your galaxy, Jean-Luc.

It's been a long, long time since I've gone to a costume party. I think I went as an Arab Sheik that time. Nothing special comes to my mind for a perfect costume though if I were to create one now, I think I'd go as a pirate with a wooden leg. I have a sprained ankle and the hobbling would fit into the costume.

Last Girl On Earth said...

I just LOVE Halloween! This year I'm going to be a ZOMBIE HIPPE! Complete with gunshot wounds to my forehead! They have a big parade in the West Village of NYC and we ALWAYS march in the parade. It's great fun! I love the fact that here in NY, Halloween is not just for kids! It's a VERY adult holiday!

Michele sent me. Have a great Sunday!

craziequeen said...

Over here from Michele's place...

Ideal? I'm tall so something striking and long in black or midnight blue with my hair up. Morticia Addams sounds about right.

I have never been to a Hallowe'en fancy dress party [you may sob for me now]

Something classic - medieval - dark colours, maybe some velvet.

I don't usually 'do' costumes, but I have appeared on stage in everything from rags to gold wedding gowns.


Running2Ks said...

I once had a blast going as Agent Scully--I only had to dye my hair red (at the time) and wear a comfortable pantsuit, and it was dead on.

dddragon said...

For the past few years I've gone as "The Church Lady" from past Saturday Night Live television shows. Grey wig, calico dress with white shawl, old glasses and old wicked looking shoes, and finally a white wicker handbag that I never put down.

I'd love to have something medival sometime.

Lori said...

I've been a Hersey Kiss....and I dressed up as grapes was really a cool costume...I was wearing purple and we blew up purple balloons and attached them to my clothes.....Hmmm what is my ideal costume....I guess I would like to dress up as Santa Claus...and go around and ask the kids what they wanted for X-mas....Just to see that twinkle in their eyes when they saw me.

Have a great day!!!

Captain Berk said...

I went as earthling Brandon Lee's character in the earth film 'The Crow.'

He died from a phaser blast.

Sara said...

would like to have had time to go out to my boyfriends dads office and had him make vampire teeth for me (hes a dentist) the ones you get at the store just arent cool or comfortable
I once went to a Halloween party as a security guard from a porn ("excuse me sir but im going to have to strip search you")
My ideal costume...i dunno, usually when i want to be something for halloween i can find a way to do it
I have been a vampire, a victorian prostitute, a pirate, Jessica Rabbit (with friend dressed as Roger)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You all have great imaginations, with some fantastic costumes. You would all look teriffic at Halloween!

Tigerlily said...

I guess I'm a little late for this one, but, here goes!

1. I've thought about being Willy Wonka for years (Gene Wilder, not Johnny Depp!) but never get around to pulling together the props and everything. one day, one day...I'll only do it if I can do it right!

2. In the past few years, I've been a geisha, the Spirit of Carnevale, a pirate, Britney Spears (that one was popular with the boys...!) and the Faerie Queene (yeah, I know, all very girly...)

3. I would love to have a proper Queen Elizabeth costume.

4. See above. Also a flapper and a vampire's victim.

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