Monday, January 14, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Ah well, today's my birthday. Another mile on the clock.

Best not to think like that. After all, it is 'my day'. Never mind the fact that it's another digit.

I get a video call from Admiral Hollister.

"Ah, Captain Picard." he announces cheerfully, "May I wish you a Happy Birthday?"

"Thank you sir." I answer. I can see what's coming here.

"Another year older." he comments, "Before long, it'll be time to receive that gold watch and head off into the sunset."

"I have no plans to retire, sir." I answer sharply.

"Ah well." he answers, "I know we have many fine young officers here in Starfleet who are waiting to fill.."

"Thank you for your good wishes, Admiral." I say gruffily, and switch the viewer off. I I get any more of those sort of messages, there will be trouble.

I head out of my quarters. Deanna sees me and walks with me to the Bridge.

"Happy Birthday, Captain!" she says in a friendly manner and gives me a peck on the cheek, "It's good to see you're still here. After all, the responsibilities of being the Captain of the Enterprise must weigh heavily on a man of your age."

Aaaaggh! I say nothing.

We reach the Bridge, and everyone there wishes me a Happy Birthday. Riker congratulates me on reaching this age. Is he trying to say something?

"No one would have reached your age in the Terran Empire." comments T'Pol, "They are deemed unsuitable to command a ship and are removed."

I dread to think what 'removed' means to T'Pol.


A few hours later, we are all in Ten Forward, enjoying the birthday party that has been set up. The hologram Vic Fontaine is leading everybody in a song:

"Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Captain,
Happy Birthday to you."

There is a big cheer and Bev steps forward with a present.

"This is a present that we thought you would really like, Jean-Luc." she says to me.

I open it and see what it says.

Do you have a holodeck? Are you a pontential actor? Congratulations! Live out your fantasies in this, The Shakesperian Holoprogram. All the plays are here. You can live any role in them. This program is more real than typical programs. It's like no program you've had before!!

"It's wonderful, Bev" I tell her, "Just what I wanted." We kiss.

The dancing starts, and I lead Bev off in a waltz, while the others dance away.

While getting a Klingon Bloodwine, I hear Riker and Deanna talking to each other about something.

"Are you sure it's safe?" Deanna asks him, "I heard that you had to get it from someone in an alleyway."

"Don't worry, Deanna." Riker replies, "He assured me it was perfectly alright, just a little bit experimental, and hadn't been officially released. We were lucky to get the Program ahead of release time, or we wouldn't have had anything to give him."

Deanna notices I am listening, and she nudges Riker. They suddenly start talking about the good food that was served at the party.

I wonder what that was all about? Anyway, I'll be looking forward to trying the Program soon.

Time to get dancing with Bev again. The smooch numbers are coming up!


Author's Note:

As 14th January is my birthday, I''ve received the unabridged version of Philippa Gregory's novel 'The Boleyn Inheritance', as it is what I asked for. There were no Shakesperian Holoprograms available!


HollyGL said...

YEA!! I'm the first to wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday, Captain!

May the coming year bring you much happiness, jlp! xoxo

Titania Starlight said...

I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May you have a year of new discoveries and blessings. :o)

Take care.

The Curmudgeon said...

Felicitations on the occasion of your natal day, Captain.

And I hope you got a gift receipt with that program... TAKE IT BACK WHILE THERE'S STILL TIME!

(Even if you have to take it back to an alley.)

Else you may suffer the most unkindest cut of all... a birthday present that ruins your birthday....

John said...

Happy Birthday, Captain!

Fab said...

Happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday dear Captain and many light years to come (gosh that sounds cheesy - but I meant it)!

Chris W. said...

A wish for a very happy birthday goes out to the good Captain! Please don't have too interesting of a day!

Lavender said...

Yeah, Id wait till the Shakesperian Holoprgram is out of 'beta' first LOL!!!

Happy Birthday! And Many More!

When you have a moment stop by my place for a little something


Batman said...

Happy Birthday!

Jen said...

Aw, Happy Birthday! I hope the day just gets better and better :-)

That sounds like an interesting book. You'll have to review it for us when you're done! I just finished up "I am Legend," which was very different from the movie, but very good!

Hugs on your special day!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Happy B-day Captain. I've heard that book is excellent too! :)

a rose is a rose said...

happy birthday jean-luc

Amanda said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day.

susan said...

Happy Birthday dear Jean-Luc.

have a lovely day, God Bless.

Gordon said...

Happy Birthday Captain, at least you kinda get things over and done with for the year quickly instead of having to wait like me :P

Karolee said...

Happy Birthday, Captain! I enjoy reading your posts.

EuroYank said...

Ah to be or not to be. Unfortunately, my hologram birthday program malfunctioned, and I have reliving my birthday every day for years. Its not so bad. I mean its always the same program. I am stuck on this Borg cubicle of women, and not one ever has a headache, but these are a new generation of Borg women, and while my computer program no longer computes, these Borg women have really hooked me up! So much for a regular birthday, and I wish you a good read ... I have no time! (and I do not miss 7 of 9!)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks everyone for those good wishes.

I've had a super day, booking the day off and having a lesuirely day opening cards and presents. plus watching good tv in the afternoon.

In the next post, I'll be trying that Shakesperian Program, fool that I am.

Jana said...

Happy, happy birthday! All the best to you!

I can't wait to read about your adventures with Shakespeare!

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Happy birthday my friend!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Happy birthday.

UngaMan said...

Happy Birthday to you!

From the Crew of the USS Discovery B, a big hug!

Of course... we don't want to break your old bones...

:: giggles! ::

Nepharia said...

Happy Birthday today and for a thousand years to come! And may we all be there to count them!

Carl V. said...

Hey, happy birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful one and many more to come!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

happy birthday from florida captain!!! is there cake?

smiles, bee

Trunks said...

Thayt program sounds cool What could go wrong? Famous last words

Professor Xavier said...

Happy Birthday, Jean-Luc! Mine's in two weeks.

Michael Manning said...

Happy Birthday Captain! If that was Deanna in the photo, I would have swept her away so fast from the party ! I have a tough time keeping track of these beautiful women. It must be a delightful burden! ;)

Monica said...

Happy Birthday Cap'n! Oh happy happy HAPPY bday!

You are the best Captain EVER!

Have a good one Jean Luc! You deserve the best!


Linda said...

I am so sorry to be wishing you Happy Birthday a day late - damn those 16-hour shifts that I work on Mondays!

I hope that it was happy in many ways and that you have many, many more to share with us here and elsewhere!

Best wishes for a fantastic year!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thank you all for your wishes. It just shows what a great group of blogfriends I have.

Jaime said...

Happy Birthday, Captain!!! Sorry I'm so late with the well wishes! Been a bit tied up. Hope it was a grand day!

Mykol said...

Why isn't T'pol in the Brig?

Anonymous said...

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